Worked through my blocks and learned that I could charge what I wanted!


“Worked through my blocks and learned that I could charge what I wanted! Really supportive group and a safe space to share.” Interview with 10K in 30 Day program grad, Elise.

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Vanessa: Hey everyone, welcome. My name is Vanessa Simpkins from Joining me is the amazing Elise Grant, she is a recent graduate from the 10k in 30 day program. `

She’s from calling from all the way in Australia. Thank you for being here, thank you for joining us live. Her website is called Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with other listeners, let’s jump right in.

What were your results, what happened in the 10k in 30 day mastermind program?

Elise: A lot of it was around getting clarity, particularly myself. Being clear of my own beliefs and my own expectations of myself, firstly, and that’s where I spent a lot of time in the end because I realized that if I wasn’t there and clear about what I want and need for myself then I’m not really going to be good to anyone else; I’m not gonna be clear in the advice that I give to other people. So that was pretty big for me. Having done a lot of personal development on myself, there’s always more things to learn that I felt that this went really deep. And to the places I probably wouldn’t have gone on my own.

The other thing that was really amazing for me was about halfway through, I sort of realized that I’d ended up in a group of really supportive women in a space that was really safe where I could share what I was going through. And that was huge for me because it was right in my face but I was not even really utilizing it to its full potential engaging, I was sitting on the sidelines doing my homework. But being involved and allowing other people to know what was going on, it was something I’ve not experienced before. Because other courses that I’ve done it didn’t feel like I was in the right space to be able to feel safe to share what I was going through. So it really allows everything I needed.

Vanessa: Powerful! Powerful healing space right? And there’s no women there who are gonna think you’re weird because they’re all going through the same thing. So this is huge, to have that space and to have this kind of sisterhood, it’s what I always wanted; have a soul sister mastermind, women who got your back and won’t let you fall.

So congratulation, it sounds like you did a lot of deep inner cleaning. Especially for somebody who’s very spiritual, you’ve been on this journey. It’s not your first time around, it’s not your first inner self-inquiry program. Tell us a little about your business, where you started and where you are now after going through the program.

Elise: When I started it was very early stages and I would still say it’s in the grassroots like building foundations. I had a concept and a lot of understanding about how I should start to build it but what I really got clear on was even packaging my services so that I didn’t have to go through what I see a lot of people go through where they’re not necessarily charging their full worth, or coming out of the gates with this high frequenciness the people I’m working with sort of business and positioning themselves as well as an expert in a specific field and believing they can charge, or that I can charge, my worth.

Vanessa: Would you say that was a big part of it, is building the belief in yourself that you could charge high prices and get it?

Elise: Yeah, definitely belief and getting clear on what a package looks like of my services.

Vanessa: Yeah, how amazing is that? When you have the clarity, I say this all the time, clarity is power. So you got clarity in your package, you start believing you could charge high prices. Did you raise your prices?

Elise: As I said it was like I had no clients at the start, well I think I had one. So it came about right to support me so that when I stepped out it was like this is the price. It was not like I started here and then had to work my way up. I was fortunate that you came across my path right as I was building this so the conversations I was having from the get go were like this is how much it is, this is what happens; there was a structure to it.

Vanessa: Beautiful. That’s the kind of support and guidance that you need in order to start selling your services of a high priced coach. So, congratulations. I’m so happy that you found this group and that you had these amazing wins. You touched a little bit about the mindset work, what other areas did this mindset work impact in other areas of your life?

Elise: Actually what keeps coming up for me is an ability to receive because I’ve always been such a giver, and I give, give, give, give but then I’ve had this block about allowing myself to receive. I guess in business that relates to receiving clients, a high price for my service. I think the work around doing the radical honesty, something I now try to consistently do whenever I’m feeling stuck it’s instant when I ask that question “what do I have to believe to have kept me in this space?”. I think that’s a powerful tool will be with me for life and I can see when you say it’s a never ending journey because we’ve got all these things down there that you just have to continuously deal with as they pop up. But now I’m armed with these really effective tools to help move that so it’s not so painful and I don’t sit in it for weeks on end.

Vanessa: Yeah, you’re being this empowered, conscious, creator. You have the tools that if you do get freaked out, or self-doubt comes around, you’re not sitting in it for weeks on end.I love that, I’m so happy that you are empowered now, these new tools, and that you’re able to receive in every area of your life. Your beliefs affect every area of your life, not just business. It’s receiving, receiving love, receiving abundance, receiving nurturing, receiving peace; so that’s huge. Congratulations on that mindset piece. I love teaching mindset because it’s really the foundation for success in every area of your life.

What about the 30 day video challenge? Where you nervous about doing it? How did it work for you?

Elise: I was at the start. That brought up a whole lot of stuff for me too around being seen but not like that being seen for my own things, not for representing someone else. Because I noticed I’ve been a really good employee and really good at supporting other people and being an advocate for them and believing in something. But it taught me, and it’s still a process about believing in myself and that there’s people that want to hear about me and all that build up on the level that is me not some kind of filter that I’ve put on and mastered in a different aspect of my life.

Vanessa: You’re talking about people like seeing the real me and not like someone else.

Elise: Yeah and now it’s like, now I’ve had some time off just with life transitions, people messaging me like where are you, what are you doing. So I guess there was a little frustration that being a bit of a recovering perfectionist that I did want to get one out everyday and I set that challenge, and tried it a couple of times. A lot of it has just been accepting the timing of my life and that while I didn’t do the 30 days in succession or finish that challenge, it’s not over, I can go back and start again. And I’ll just do that, I’ll just keep going back and starting again until I complete.

Vanessa: And you notice that people are watching you. This is a huge piece, especially in the beginning when you’re a new entrepreneur, coach, coming out in this radical new way and you think no one listens, no one watches; and people are listening and watching. So that’s really cool, I’m happy that you have also these amazing mindset tools to help you take a look and not let that recovering perfectionist take you out of the game. Make decisions based on where you want to go and what you want to do.

So 30 day video challenge was a positive thing, you had people that are watching you.

Elise: I just want to add that from my personal learning, for me it was less about whether or not I actually complete the 30 day challenge. It was a different lesson that I had to learn based around that metaphor of doing a 30 day challenge because there’s a whole lot more that came out of it that I could have never known was meant to evolve from just being given that exercise. So maybe I would say on that, release any expectations you have on what the outcome is supposed to be to do with that it might everything’s a lesson I guess.

Vanessa: Yeah, it depends on your perspective. So was it hard for you to join the program, to commit? Did you have any fears, doubts? What was that process like?

Elise: The only fear and doubt that came up was around the financial aspect of it because I have spent buttloads of money on all different sorts of courses and you get to the point where you start to lose faith. But it’s just as much my responsibility to actually do the work, so that was something that came out later in the wash as well for me. So I do remember though having that conversation where I knew I wanted to do it and then it was like how much is it, just tell me so that I can figure out how to make it work. And regardless of whether I had that full amount in my bank or not, I knew I had to make it work. And I didn’t. So a lot of it was just trusting that okay somehow, this is something I really want to do and I will get the support and it’s probably going to a little bit of a strain but in the long run it will be worth it. So I was sitting there going I’m really scared and that’s how I know I have to do it.

Vanessa: Right. It can be terrifying. I want to know, was it worth it? Was it that thing that you were looking for? Did you get the results and the support that you wanted?

Elise: Yeah, absolutely. Without a doubt. Yes.

Vanessa: What would you say to other women who are sitting on the fence, would you recommend this program to them? What would you tell them about that?

Elise: I would say that if everything in their mind is saying yes and the gremlin that’s questioning is to do with money, then just do it because that’s just a really crap reason like money is energy and so there’s always going to be more of it, and even if in this moment you’re feeling that you just in a place where you’re struggling then these are the kind of tools that you need to arm yourself so you can change that situation. But not only that, be with people who are going to keep you accountable so that you can change the situation.

Vanessa: Beautiful. I’m getting that you got a lot of mindset out of this. And it’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous; thank you.

Thank you Elise for sharing, it’s been wondefurl to have you joining us today. And thank you everyone here joining us live, this is a Facebook live, I love this.

If you’re watching and thinking gosh I would love to get some mindset support, I’d love to join a community of like-minded women where I can actually do my healing work and not feel threatened or weird but really get the support and the accountability to grow your business, get clear on your packages, charge higher prices, be open to receiving in your life. Maybe the issues are in your head, if you’ve tried other programs and haven’t gotten the results that you want and you would really like to figure out how to do this whole law of attraction thing and actually have results then I’m gonna invite you to apply for the program at

Thank you Elise, thank you everyone for joining today. My name is Vanessa Simpkins and I’m sending you so much love, bye!

Elise: Thank you!


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