She went from no coaching business to over 10K in sales!

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Nikki shares her 10K in 30 Day Mastermind results LIVE. How she went from no coaching business to making over 10K in sales!

Read the transcript below:

Nikki: So I did not have a coaching business. Yeah I didn’t have a coaching business, my background is I’m a life insurance agent. I was in that business for over 10 years and I still have it, but I don’t need to show up in it anymore. I’ve been making 6 figures for the last 15 years but what happened is over time I just started developing back pain and it got worse and worse. I became fortunate enough to finally meet my soul mate and after a year of being together, I’m actually surprised he didn’t disappear, just because I was so unhappy.

So I was always passionate about women believing in themselves, raising their standards, and just taking action. Doing what it is they want to do. And I taught that in my insurance business.

I just felt a call that I want to focus on women and not selling life insurance. So found Vanessa, popped up in my feed. At first I thought I wanted to be a health coach and then I realized, after speaking with you in our Q&A’s, that wasn’t it.

Vanessa helped me get very clear on what my gifts are, what I’m passionate about; so I’m a confidence coach.

My very last call in the 8 week program, Courtney was doing the call, I booked my first paid in full client at $3,000. That’s cool, that’s pretty awesome.

Since then I’ve enrolled 3 other clients who have paid in full. Then I have 2 others that have put down good significant, I call it commitment deposits. It’s just amazing.

I’m very fulfilled now. My boyfriend ended up proposing to me like one month in to the program. He bought this ring a year before be proposed to me, probably because he was trying to figure out “do I wanna marry this miserable girl? Or am I just hanging out for a little bit?”.

So many things happened. An amazing man proposed to me, really got clear about what I wanted to do, built my confidence more, made a little bit over $10k so far. The videos, the visibility was huge.

It’s amazing. If you’re in the wealthy coach, awesome. But, I’m telling you those live calls are priceless. That is where the clarity comes from. And Vanessa, Courtney, Azim and the women you meet, like you’ve got to show up and do those live videos. Like you’ve got to. And you’re gonna need that all going consistent support, and just get clear and clear as time goes on.

I feel like I’ve been talking for a while like yeah.

Vanessa: Thank you, keep rocking.

So didn’t have a coaching business before. Did you have a certification?

Nikki: No.

Vanessa: Wow! Still made money, amazing.

So I don’t really care if you don’t have a website or have a website. What I really care is that you show up.


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