Vanessa Simpson Experiences Due To The 10k In 30 Days Bootcamp!


Watch Vanessa Simpson talk about her experience with Vanessa Simpkins and Take Your Power Back Now, our 10k in 30 Days Bootcamp and the Wealthy Coach Academy Event! This is a fantastic testimonial about her breakthroughs and incredible success she is enjoying now in her business.

 Read the transcript below:

Vanessa Simpkins: Vanessa Simpson. Like Vanessa Simpkins, but Vanessa Simpson; it’s amazing.

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah, that’s exactly why I had to do it. My business before, so when I graduated high school I didn’t want to make that financial investment with something I believe is constantly evolving; and that’s us. We’re always constantly evolving. And I didn’t want to go invest that much time and energy. And I have so many friends that are like “yeah I’m a dental assistant, I still don’t know what my purpose is I just had to choose something”. And they’re just not happy, they’re just stuck in the system.

And I was awakening this time right before I graduated high school, didn’t think it was the pressure, not really sure but I was just searching for something I didn’t want to do the normal go to college, get your degree, pay your bills, retire and die.

We did not come here to pay our bills and retire, no. So, I went into massage therapy school. I was guided to massage therapy after my awakening and it was amazing. I got introduced to Reiki healing, my instructor was a reiki healer.

And after my dad passed away, October 2017, the day before our Hawaii trip he passed away with an aortic aneurysm. He was healthy. Which is crazy. I met Tyler, who is now my fiancee, three weeks before he passed away, at a festival in Oregon and then my dad passed away.

My dad is my best friend, he’s still my best friend, and guides me. And it was the day before our Maui trip, and it was me and my dad’s trip, and we’d been planning it for 6 to 8 months or so. My dad was depressed and anxious for the last 4 years that he was alive until the last 6 months or so. Financially trying to get his head above water, so I watched my dad struggle financially since I was 13 until he passed.

Vanessa Simpkins: And you’re young. How old are you?

Vanessa Simpson: I’m 20 years old.

Vanessa Simpkins: Yes, clap!

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah, so watching him struggle financially was huge and being a kid I wanted to release the pain in whatever way. So I was 14 – 15 looking for a job just trying to help my dad with bills.

So I got into massage therapy school, then my dad passed away, and then my and Tyler ended up going to Hawaii together. Which was crazy because, when I asked my dad “hey can Tyler come with us to Hawaii?”, it was scary because I’m asking if this strange man whom I just met a couple weeks ago can come with us to Hawaii. Usually I would never do this, but something told me that I needed to let this happen. So it ended up working perfectly, all within divine timing. And then eventually I started channeling my dad and he told me why it had to happen the way it did.

What better place to spend your grieving time than at Maui, Hawaii. So I’m very grateful for it. Shortly after I was brought to medicine women school healing arts, my first spiritual teacher Sarah Walters. I was learning how to develop my psychic abilities, my intuition, learning how to conduct a healing session. It was all a very intuitive process from there and I started doing healings. First it was donation, then it was $20, and then $30 and $60. Then I was developing so much and getting these constant downloads I wanted to create a program. I know I wanted to do it I just wasn’t sure how, so I was asking I was ready for a business coach; that’s the way I wanted to go.

Usually when I would see Vanessa’s ads, it was bikini business coach. But then I was seeing Vanessa Simpkins and I’m like “holy shit, that’s weird”. And then her webinar was exactly what I was looking for. When I watched her webinar it was 10:37, my dad’s spirit number, he passed away at 8:37 so he communicates in 37’s. So it’s 10:37 when I watched the webinar and then I was done watching it the showers and tingles I was getting and my dad’s like “you need to do this”. And I was like “holy shit”, it was scary. And then I have never been one to make decisions for myself, I mean I was 20 years old learning to make decisions for myself. No one was home when I had my breakthrough call, and I was like “who do I turn to to make this decision for me”. And I also was using my dad’s life insurance to pay for the program.

Vanessa Simpkins: Smart!

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah, that’s what my dad wanted me to use it for. So I did it, and it has been the biggest transformational journey I have ever experienced in my whole life. The dedication, your program created a monster in me, just dedicated, fierce, just going for it. Definitely intuitive. I didn’t know what I wanted to create a program around, I also work with the chakras as well so I’m an intuitive soul purpose clarity coach and reiki master. I help souls find their soul purpose, that’s what I figured out to do at a very young age.

Right before I entered the program I signed my first client for $3,000, paid in full. Easy, piece of cake. No resistance. And then after I joined the year long, I was like “this cannot stop”. I told my mom “this is my college, don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for it”.

Vanessa Simpkins: Smart!

Vanessa Simpson: So that it keeps me responsible. And then right after I signed another client for $3,500 paid in full, and it’s just been this ongoing process of just transformation. And being able to be with ladies that are making close to $50,000 to $100,000 a month is just so amazing to be able to congratulate these ladies on their abundance and the impact they’re making in the world. It’s just amazing, and I’m so grateful.

Vanessa Simpkins: Big round of applause, amazing! Thank you for sharing with us. Can you imagine where he would be if you had done this at 20 years old?


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