Vanessa is the real deal, and 1st coach I worked with where I truly saw financial reward!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on December 12, 2019


Vanessa is the real deal, and 1st one I worked with where I truly saw financial reward! This was the pot of gold under the rainbow, wish I started sooner.

Read the transcript below:

Tammy: If you want the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if you really want to do something with the business and not just have it be a hobbie anymore; I’m telling you I’m Tammy Lee with and I’m telling you that Vanessa Simpkins is the woman to go with. She is the real deal.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars working with different enters, coaches, and I have never ever, and I’ve been working with different people over the last 10 years, accumulated, seen, discovered so much about myself and really implemented all the meat and potatoes that Vanessa gives us. She’s meat and potatoes man. You can eat up everything she gives you. Sometimes I wonder, and I have to be careful about this so I don’t beat myself up. Because I met Vanessa over four years ago and every now and then I’ll think why didn’t I get with her sooner. I know now I wasn’t ready.

So that’s why I say, if you’re ready don’t hesitate. Vanessa is the real deal. My voice even cracks because I can feel this emotion coming up at me. She is like taking her arm around me and saying come on Tammy let’s go I’m right beside you.

Having her, working with her, and with this group I’m in with her, her online mastermind group where she’s so accessible. Some of the coaches I’ve had you send them a question and they don’t get back to you for a week, maybe two weeks, maybe until the next call. I don’t want to wait that long, I want it now. Because that way it gets me going even further and faster.

So I really encourage you, if you’re thinking of working with Vanessa don’t wait, don’t hesitate. She has so much that she helps you. It’s like here, here’s the present, all you have to do is unwrap it, read it, look through it, implement it, start putting action to it, and it works.

She’s the first one that I’ve worked with that I truly saw financial reward in the thousands of dollars. I still am astounded. And sometimes I even think I can’t be working at my day job I gotta quit it so I can do more of my Vanessa stuff. That’s what I call it, my Vanessa time. So I can implement even more, so I can create even more. She’s the first one in over 10 years that I’ve worked with that has literally given me that option, that knowing, that oh my gosh all these things are coming to fruition and now I can consider leaving my day job and doing more coaching, more speaking, more implementing, more creating and it’s now.

She’s real you guys. She’s real, she’s raw and I love that about her. I love the fact that there’s no filters with Vanessa, not with me, and that helps me to uplevel myself, empower myself and keep it going.

So if you’re really serious about thinking about taking yourself to the next level, Vanessa Simpkins is your woman. She’s right, you do take your power back now with Vanessa Simpkins. This is Tammy Lee, with go for it!


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