Vanessa helped me step into my power & take my business to a whole new level!


Vanessa helped me step into my power & take my business to a whole new level! Vanessa is amazing, you’ll be lucky to work with her!

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Hi everybody this is Jeannie Russell of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center. We’re here in Kuai Hawaii, and just want to take a few minutes to talk about a really good friend of mine which is Vanessa Simpkins. She is a really amazing person, and a great fun person to be around as well. But she has really helped me to step into my power with her Take Your Power Back Now program and I have really expanded my business and taken it to a whole new level that I was shaking and trembling to move forward with. And she has just been a wonderful guide and she’s helped me start my private retreats and asking thousands of dollars that has already paid for her program tenfold and it’s just been incredible to work with her.

And she’s really on spot with what your issues are. For other people maybe dance around it, she just cuts to the chase and she’s just very gentle though and loving and guiding you through your fears and through your trepidations, including your beliefs that are standing in the way and she just walks you through it with a gentle hand and takes you there and says “you can do it” and cheers you on. A great cheerleader, a great confidant and a great channel for amazing inspirational guidance that she is tuned in, tapped in and gets this inspired message and just helps you get your word out there about who you are and what you’re here to do, and expand your business.

I’ve worked with other coaches and literally they just did not get me, because they didn’t have the spiritual aspect and they didn’t understand that part. And so when I would talk about my spiritual side, I do dolphin energetics which is healing sessions in the ocean and on our water massage table. And I would talk about connecting with the dolphin, energy while I do my healing and the only comment was “oh you help people’s back pain”. And I’m like no that’s not what I do. But she understands me, and she understands the spiritual side of what I do, she’s very spiritual herself, she’s been in the healing arts, she’s been in accupuncture, she’s been in a lot of different avenues, she’s been there done that, understands where I’m coming from and helped really expand my business. I mean, it’s just been incredible. I’ve been on fire out here on Kuai, doing personal healing retreats, allowing people to come and have some really transformational journeys and I’m just going and going and going into more now.

I’m going to start teaching the dolphin energetics that I do. So this is just a shoutout to Vanessa Simpkins from Take Your Power Back Now, she’s got some really great books, really excellent resources, she’s a great coach, a great person to be with and all out awesome lady to hang out with. We spent a whole day and a half at Kuai and we were up to 3 in the morning talking with her boyfriend Alex.

She’s just awesome, love being around, you’ll be lucky to work with her. Just be ready for the expansion because it’s gonna rock your world. Love you guys, this is Jeannie Russell at and wishing you all a lovely day from Kuai. Have a great day!


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