Vanessa helped me define my calling! I love what I do and I’m energized!


Vanessa helped me define my calling! Broke through my limiting beliefs – I love what I do and I’m energized! Kinga shares her 10K in 30 Day Mastermind results.

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Hi and welcome to this video, my name is Kinga Devit founder of Wellness in Mind the International Wellness Center and creator of the Breakthrough to the vibrant happy you program. Today I want to talk to you about seeking guidance because I know a lot of people are hesitant when it comes to asking [for] help. I want to do this video in the form of a testimonial for my own business coach.

So you might ask you’re a coach yourself so why do you need a coach? Well I think each and everyone of us comes to a point in our lives that we need someone to be there for us, to stand along side with us and to guide us. And it should be somebody who’s already been where you’re going through and somebody who knows how to help you. So I have a business coach and it’s Vanessa Simpkins and she’s my beloved coach. And I think that she helped me in more ways than she can ever imagine, so I want to talk to you about that for a minute.

You see, all of my life I have known what I wanted to do. I knew that my calling, my destiny, was to help people. And obviously you can help people in lots of ways, and for me it was by becoming a psychologist. And also I always dreamed of having my own practice so I worked really hard at achieving my goals. And as I was working as a psychologist some of the days were absolutely great, I really felt that this was my passion, this was what I was supposed to do with my life. And there were other days, even weeks, that I actually hated my work as a psychologist. So for many years I went back and forth on what is it about my job that I really love and what do I not love about my job. And each and every time that I stood at the crossroad of making a decision I chose the safe path. I chose being a psychologist because that is what people know, that is what people seek when they need help. And Vanessa Simpkins really helped me to define my calling more precisely, my purpose here on Earth. And she helped me to breakthrough my own hesitations, my own limiting beliefs.

I’m so grateful for that, I can’t even tell you. Because now each and everyday, I even get goosebumps right now thinking about this, for the last months I wake up smiling really enjoying life. I love what I do, I’m energized, feeling the vibration. So what Vanessa Simpkins taught me allows me to share even more knowledge than I already had with my clients; so I’m really grateful for that.

Vanessa is someone who is the no bullshit personality, she has a strong, powerful vibe around her, and I really love that because I’m a little bit like that myself. She really knows where to press, what the points are that you’re really struggling with so she can help you overcome your fears. You have a chance to talk to her, to ask her questions, to pick her mind each and everyday even so that really skyrocketed my own business. I can honestly and genuinely encourage people to obviously work with Vanessa if she’s someone you really resonate with, that’s she’s great for you I can testify to that, and to seek help, seek guidance, don’t be afraid just show up for yourself.

I want to invite you to ask for help if you need it and not only with your friends and family because they all mean well but they too want to keep you safe and they will try to keep you in your place and keep playing small. So when you’re surrounded with people with the same mindset, the same goals and the same kind of dreams you will really skyrocket your success. So I’m encouraging you to find those people, that kind of code that can help you with that.

Vanessa I love you darling, I’m very grateful for everything you’ve done for me already and I’m looking forward for the rest of my program, bye bye.

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