This program is amazing – gained 45 new clients in a few months!


This program is amazing – gained 45 new clients in a few months! So much like-mindedness in this group – I learned to OWN my gift! Interview with 10K in 30 Day grad, Diane

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hey everyone welcome to this interview. I am hosting the amazing and talented Diane Lang from Wisdom of the Akashics, welcome Diane.

Diane: Hello.

Vanessa: She is an amazing woman and she’s also part of my one year mastermind program. And so I want to thank you Diane for taking the time to be here with us today. Just share with us a little bit about your experience, why don’t you start by telling us about who you are, where your business was before you started this amazing journey and where it is now.

Diane: Alrighty! There’s such a vast change that is taken in my experience since I went into your mastermind program. I have studied soul information since I was 20 years old, I always tell people that’s when there was a book shelf of self-help or awareness so it was a bit of an odd bird. So I have a tremendous toolbox of studies of things that I’ve taken in certifications but I had a job, I was an executive secretary in my last career and I realized through some health issues that I wasn’t on purpose at all. I needed to step up into that. When I found the Akashic records that’s when everything really changed for me over everything that I’d studied and then I knew that if I wanted to become an entrepreneur with my gifts versus I just had them, I use them, I helped people through my healing techniques, spiritual psychic and I came across Vanessa.

Had a discovery call and that’s when I entered your 12 month program. So I can’t really say I had a business before, but I can very proudly say I have one now.

Vanessa: Yeah!

Diane: Yes, it’s becoming so amazing. I’m so passionate about it, I meet the most amazing souls. I’ve stepped on path. And when I met you one thing I can say that I knew, and we actually talked about this you may not remember, in our very first call I said if I could be doing this, I would be doing this. I wouldn’t be looking at a program to assist me and I didn’t want a program, I wanted something that actually committed to for a year that was going to create an entire pattern change in my life. And then where I had time to work it I was going to stick to it, commit to it, follow through with it, and that is why I stepped up to a full program with you, because I knew if I was already able to do all of this, because I’m extremely entrepreneurial, but I’d never put it into a purpose before. It was based on me being the product versus things I’d sold over the years.

Vanessa: So you went from having a wealth of knowledge to actually having a business now where people pay you, you have clients. So this is amazing. What are some of the results, what have you been able to accomplish?

Diane: I started out with a YouTube channel, I started to get a lot of views but I wasn’t putting my business out there. I work in two arenas, I work in Akashic records and soul information and I also work with twin flames. And it was when I met you and let’s take all that, package all that, and since then I’ve had between healing sessions, coaching sessions and my actual program I’ve actually have probably over 40 – 45 paid clients.

So that’s in half the year. I’ve developed a signature program, I do a couple different things in my business so I have a couple different ways people can come towork with me. It’s changing my life in so many ways. I get so humbled by the quality of people.

Vanessa: You get out there and do your purpose, and people actually pay you for it. And 45 clients, you got clarity, congratulations, amazing!

Diane: Yes, it is very amazing actually.

Vanessa: Well, you followed the system. You didn’t waiver, you just got to work, you put it into play, you put it into action, you were visible, you started this YouTube channel, you started making offers. What about sales, what you learned in the program about sales or mindset how did that impact your success?

Diane: Well it really did in a lot of different ways. For one is, the mindset kind of goes back to I knew there was a reason I hadn’t really stepped up to this before. Part of it was playing small with my gifts, I remember the first time I was going to use the words “I’m a spiritual psychic”, it was literally like “I’m gonna actually hurl, it’s what I’m gonna do”. Say this in front of people, in front of my computer, on my Facebook page, in my town, it was like alright. But I knew my mindset and assistance I got in this was if I don’t own that part I can’t expect anything else to really show up in the way I wanted it to show up.

So we’ve done a lot of that and your program is amazing at getting into the mindset and understading. I teach from the Law of Attraction but we’re still in our own jouney, we can still be why we’re not really getting everything I wanted yet and that’s where I feel my business is just expanded. I feel so grounded in it, and I really understand now that what it is the basis and the efforts I put into the business, and treating it like a business. Like I actually set my alarm clock and I work in my house. I’ve had 20 businesses over the years where I did either party stuff or whatever, they were hobbies and some I was good enough that I got a decent income out of them and some of them were hobbies that paid like hobbies. I never got up, I never had a set thing that I did in the mornings. I’m in my office every morning by 8 am, and people still say to me at home “well what do you do? What do you mean you work?”. I’m like I work, I work all day.

Vanessa: I’m so happy that you owned it. You owned your gift. You’re like hey I’m a spiritual psychic and I’m a freaking rock star and you’re treating your business like a business, not a hobby; that’s why you’re getting business results. And you got a beautiful website up now as well which is gorgeous, I’m really thrilled for you.

What would you say abou the women who are in the program and the kind of community that’s there?

Diane: Well for one there’s such like mindedness, spiritual entrepreneurship is the foundation. There is a difference when you go out into entrepreneurship that is really in a way some of your work is more otheric. You don’t go home with hairdo, you don’t get in, walk in the door, plug in the TV or whatever it’s an internal expansion, a personal expansion and growth. But there’s such a like-mindedness, and then what I also notice it there’s because we can throw you something we get this tremendous feedback from people that are basically doing the same thing we’re doing; stepping out into the world with our gifts. I just find there’s such a camaraderie in there and everybody’s willing to get all kind of input. It’s awesome, it’s awesome. [This program is amazing].

Vanessa: Thanks! It’s nice to be with other people who believe in you, who believe in the same purpose, who are on the same path or doing the same thing, you support each other; that really to me has been this is just a privilige to be with all you rock stars. It’s amazing, I absolutely adore my clients, I adore everything you stand for and I’m so happy that you are living your purpose now. You’re doing it. People are paying you, you’re putting this out in the world, people are being impacted by you. You see and feel that everyday, and it’s a real business now not just a hobbie, not just an idea, not just the toolkit but actually serving with it and making a real income which is awesome.

I really want to congratulate you and thank you also Diane for taking the time today. What would you say to other women who might be watching these videos or watching the webinars, poking around and kind of sitting on the fence, what would you say to them?

Diane: For one is recognizing that I started out with that total recognition that if I had all this in place and I had a successful business and I had a clientele and I had program
and I had prices that; you’re on track keep going. If you don’t have all of those you’ve lead me to every one of those things. Your program has lead it to me, the calls have lead it to me. Getting the clarity of what the wording is. I actually said to Vanessa earlier she is so fantastic at taking what I’m thinking and putting it into words to say. One thing you have to understand is that if you want this to be a business and not a hobby, I have to invest in systems, cameras. Everything I’ve done has been in the cheap so much. Remember in the group I would say I was the Queen of Free because I started out using free tools a lot. Now I have a webinar and what not, and that’s all come as a result of being guided by you.

And I really would be sitting here, I’d be either at work as a secretary, I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the [amazing] program.

Vanessa: Well I’m super happy that you decided to invest in yourself and treat this like a real business, and you sought after mentorship and upgraded your systems and all of the results now are yours.

Amazing! Again, the amazing Diane Lang from joining us here today. She’s been sharing her ideas, insights, wins from working in my one year mastermind program where I take your gifts, if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, a women’s empowerment leader, a coach, a consultant who’s been struggling trying to figure out how to get paid consistently, really put yourself out there in the world and make an impact and then income. Then I’m gonna invite you to apply at

You’ll speak to one of my team members and have chat and see where you’re at, find out what’s holding you back, maybe it’s a mindset limiting belief, maybe it’s a systems thing, maybe it’s a lack of clarity, help you understand where the next steps are for you to grow your business.

Again, thank you Diane for taking the time to inspire other women to get out there. I adore you, thank you and thank you everyone for joining us here live. Bye!


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