The support is amazing and this is an awesome tribe of women!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on September 18, 2019


Check out this interview with 10K graduate, Carter Tracy – she went from knowing nothing about Facebook marketing to signing up her first high ticket client! “The support is amazing and this is an awesome tribe of women”

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Welcome everyone to today’s call, my name is Vanessa Simpkins. Joining me is the amazing Carter Tracy, she is a graduate of our 10k in 30 day program. She’s also a professional astrologer, she’s the founder of Success is in the stars; her online program. You can also find her on Facebook, her group is called Success is in the Stars. And online, her website is

Welcome Carter. Tell us about, where your business was before joining this 8 week bootcamp and where you are now.

Carter: Well my business was really in infancy before starting the program. I have been a professional astrologer for 15 years and I had just worked on referrals only. I wasn’t really tackling marketing. And I wanted to increase how many people I was reaching, get beyond word of mouth. And I was doing a lot of online market research, and was impressed by your videos. Because everything I was thinking of doing was increasing blog posts, newsletter send outs and I watched your and was like “there’s an easier way” and I was like “I think there’s a lot that I don’t know”.

I want to do the most efficient way to get to a level of success faster than spinning my wheels on some of the things that I see other astrologers doing online which is little things here, buy my report for $12; that looks like a lot of time for very little return on my money.

Vanessa: Smart investment, you leaned in. What were your 3 biggest accomplishments?

Carter: Mastering how to do Facebook marketing was something I wasn’t using. I had a Facebook business page but I wasn’t using it at all. I didn’t really know how to use it. The designing of the group, I would had never thought of that. How to publish the content on the group, how to come up with offers, how to script things so they’re appealing to people so they get attention from the group members, how to design the ads and run them; all of this is such a learning curve that I had no clue about and don’t even know where you go to find that information if it wasn’t for you and your team.

Vanessa: Yes, for sure it’s overwhelming you have some many people out there online buying for your attention so this is a very simple one lane of marketing that we teach our clients, which is a simple $5 a day ad get your feet wet with Facebook marketing and then all the copy writing and the offers.

So now you have a group set up.

Carter: Yes, and I’m making offers in my group and I’m getting calls and I so excited to get my first client. We’re going into our 3rd together now, I got her right away right after I started the group. And she was struck by my about page. I published my about page in the group, she saw my program and it just spoke to her; that was really exciting.

Vanessa: Yeah, so we help our clients setup a simple sales attraction system. It’s a way to attract people that would not normally hear about you online with paid advertising and a Facebook group. And then educating people about your service, your program. Why you are different, some of the frequently asked questions that they might have but we answer those up front in advance so that when people get on the phone with you they know that it’s a sales call. They’re expecting an offer.

And you signed up your first client, congratulations.

Carter: Thank you!

Vanessa: And so, was it difficult. What was the hardest part of all this? Because we’re teaching you guys 8 weeks to do a lot of things like paid advertising, setting up a system, having sales calls .

Carter: The hardest part, some of the technical part of the getting the banners and stuff was a little bit tricky but it wasn’t really that hard. I think it’s just showing up everyday and making offers and coming up with content to excite the people in my group. I think if you follow the system it’s not hard, it’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of diligence and willingness to be in your learning curve zone which is uncomfortable. But just staying with it, practice makes perfect.

For me the live videos, it never would have occurred to me to do that. I’m having so much fun with it, it’s one of my favorite things to do is get in front of the camera and talk to people out there and it’s so exciting when they’re listening and waving at you, it’s just great.

Vanessa: I love that you’ve built yourself a platform. That Facebook group becomes your stage and it’s fun. Imagine being social on social media. Outstanding, congratulations!

What would you say about the support that’s offered?

Carter: The support is amazing! Your staff is incredible. You have built an awesome tribe of women. They’re the most incredible people, I wish I had them here in my life because I’d want to go out for coffee with all of them once a week, just because they’re energy is so vibrant, they’re so committed to helping, so selfless in that way. They’re awesome people!

The Facebook ads training with Jen are incredible. You can just tell that she’s deeply supportive and committed to the success of each person in the program.

Vanessa: High five to the team, they are absolute rock stars. What about the other women, did you make any friends?

Carter: I did! I made a really good friend. We actually talk everyday and cheer each other on and give each other little pointers. I’ve done some chart readings for people in the group because everybody loves astrology. It’s so great to get up in the morning and know that you’re part of this community of women who are spiritually focused and really trying to offer their amazing skills. Everybody is kind, enthusiastic and open. Yeah, it’s an awesome tribe of women. I’m so glad to have connected with so many of them.

Vanessa: I’m so glad that you showed up and got to work, followed the system. Now you have a group, you have paid advertising working for you, you’re connecting with people around the world that would’ve never have known you before.

Carter: That’s right. I’ve had 3 calls with people in the U.K..

Vanessa: Amazing! This is business, you have a reliable, consistent lead generation system to warm people up to your service offering and get on the phone with them, and make an offer and roll them into your high end program. Outstanding!

Kudos to you for showing up. You showed up on a lot of the live Q&A’s, always asking questions. I say that 90% of success is showing up, even if you’re confused or overwhelmed; show up.

What would you say to any women who might be on the fence watching, considering joining our programs?

Carter: I would say that this program really will streamline your offerings, and your talents in a way that you can attract a receptive audience. And that you can magnify what you’re doing by a huge percentage. Really being able to be effective in getting your name out there, finding clients that resonate with you, that become your fans, that cheer you and ultimately get on the phone with you and sign up for your program.

I think that for any women out there who have a coaching business, or some kind of spiritually based consulting work; this is really a way to hone in and have a marketing funnel to get you in front of the people who want to buy your services. Not just the people in a local community, but a global community.

Vanessa: Right on! Absolutely, we’d love to have you guys joining us if you’re tuning in and you want to learn more about our 10k in 30 day program, check out We’ll walk you through each week, we have 8 weeks in the boot camp, it’s strap your tits on and setup your sales attraction system. It is a lot of work, and the end of it is you have some real solid systems for generating not just leads but sales. A lot of clarity, and you do it in a real awesome container of sisterhood, soul sisters. You’re gonna meet some amazing women, get a lot of clarity.

We’ll post the link here if you guys want to apply for the program. We have an application process, you’ll get on the phone with a member of my team, ask us any questions that you want and if we can help you we’ll definitely invite you to be part of the tribe.


If you want to get your charts read, if you want to have some clarity about what to do and when to do it definitely check out Carter. You can find her on Facebook at Success is in the stars, and then on her website

Congratulations Carter, thank you again for being here, thank you for sharing, thank you guys for tuning in; I’ll see you soon.

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