The support I received in the group felt like coming home!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on November 19, 2019


Interview with 10K in 30 Day graduate, Kelly: “the support I received in the group felt like coming home! I got clarity, confidence, got what I wanted and so much more!”

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hey everyone welcome to another amazing interview. Today we have the fantastic and fantabulous KellyRae Brown from, welcome Kelly.

Kelly: Hi.

Vanessa: Kelly is a recent graduate from the 10k in 30 day mastermind. I think it’s the best program for spiritual women entrepreneurs who are ready to own their power, start charging what they’re worth, bring their transformational message out into the world in a powerful way.

I really want to thank you Kelly for taking the time. Why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about where were you before you started this program and what are some of the results that you’re having now.

Kelly: Oh my gosh. Where I was before I started this program is I had just been laid off from my job, they closed my program. I was teaching massage, and they closed my program and so that really put me in the universe kicking me in the pants saying hey it’s time that you do something. And I’ve actually been coaching for quite some time, like 14 years, but I’m gonna say it was kind of a volunteer position because I was not necessarily getting paid for it. And of course that’s not sustainable as a single mom to not get paid to do something. But the universe came along and said you now what we’re gonna kick you out of the nest and you’re going to need to learn how to fly and what do you want to do now.

I decided that I really needed to figure out how to make this coaching business work. And I needed to first find out what was keeping me back, what was holding me from actually charging money for my business, and I realized it was my adversity to sales.

So I had a really good long conversation with myself and said you know what girl you can either continue going down this road and continue doing jobs that you really don’t want to do or you can suck it up. I’m not kidding you, literally the moment that I agreed to do that I saw your ad come up on Facebook and I started looking into what you had to offer.

Vanessa: Wow! Isn’t that how life works so much synchronicity. You get laid off in your job, I love this coaching thing but for some reason I’m giving it away for free and then boom. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I love synchronicity and so happy that you showed up and said yes to yourself.

We do a lot of things in this program [offer a lot of support], we look at mindset, we cover sales, we cover marketing; we a lot. We get you clear on your program, your packages, we do online video, we help you with visibility. What was your biggest win or your biggest celebration?

Kelly: Oh my gosh! It was all a win and all a celebration. Because I got so clear on so many things and honestly I realized this big scary, my image of sleazy salesman wasn’t that. And in truth it was because of you Vanessa. And what it was that I liked about you is your authenticity, I really resonated. And I’m sure everybody that’s joined your program, or has read your story, because you have us do our about page be so personal, our stories, that we connect with one another. So there was so much of your story that I was like oh yeah she’s gonna get me. And that was a big win for me because then I was free to just throw down all of my fears, worries, concerns and get them addressed, cleared and out of the way so I can get shit done.

Vanessa: Yeah we get a lot of stuff done here in the program. It’s very common as somebody who moved out of a job where you’re shown what to do every day to now running your own business and selling your own services. And ideas, your concepts of sales people, this is very common. All of these blocks, all of these ideas, all of these concepts have to be cleared out if you’re going to own the space of rock star sales person you sell your own services. So I’m really happy that you were able to move through that. I’m also very happy that you enjoy my authenticity because I drop the f-bomb like nobody’s business, I don’t really care if you like me or not, here I am, here it is and I tell you the truth. I think my clients appreciate that, they always know where I am, lovingly, I’m very direct. And I’m also very happy that you got clear, it’s so important the stories.

Most coaches don’t know how to position themselves, so we help you get clear within the first 48 hours on your authentic story. I think that authenticity is the new currency in business, we don’t care about your certifications, it’s great if you have them, but people want experience. I think your stories connect you with your right clients, people who are wow she’s gonna get me.

I’m so happy that you had all this clarity now, you got your stories, you’ve got your systems setup, cleared all the gremlins around sales. Tell us a little bit about your experience with the 30 day video challenge. Was it hard for you, did you enjoy it?

Kelly: I enjoyed it. It seemed to be natural, I’m a Leo so Leo’s tend to be showboatie. I felt I did really well during the pre-recorded ones, before you put them up for people to see. The live ones were a little nerve-wracking because I felt like the comedian that goes out on the stage for the first time to do his act and you feel like you got this audience sitting there going make me laugh lady make me laugh. Because you can see people that come on and are watching you but no one is saying anything and so you just feel like you hear crickets in your head, so once you get past that I think it’s very valuable because it really connects you to your clients.

Vanessa: Yeah, beautiful. So you got some great results but now with the live you’re getting yourself on track with that as well.

Kelly: Right. Now people are starting to interact with me and you don’t feel like you’re standing in a room with people and nobody’s saying anything.

Vanessa: Well you know what they say all business is show business, so there’s a little bit of truth to that. Some of the best live streams, I’ve seen this one woman she’s putting on her wig and she’s combing her wig singing wails like what is going on here? What is this woman doing?

People want to be entertained, they want a sneek peek into your life. How awesome now that you have this tool in your business to connect you to people all around the world; they’re all around the world.

So good experience with video, what about the mindset work? We do a lot of clearing out the the gremlins, overcoming fears, has that impacted other areas of your life?

Kelly: Yeah it’s given me a lot of confidence. And I now this is probably a repeated common theme that you hear from your clients but it’s absolutely true. There’s something so empowering about being who you are authentically and letting the inner critic just taming her, telling her to shut the hell up when she needs to shut the hell up and take care of business.

Vanessa: That’s it, there’s something very empowering about it when you’re the one in control not your ego or the little gremlins or the little voices, but you being the master; so feeling empowered.

That really is what needs to happen before you can go out there and really empower other people, you gotta be empowered, you gotta be the master of your own ship, you gotta know how the mind works, how to really own that conscious creator thing.

I think for me for a long time I was always into this law of attraction and then sometimes it would work out, sometimes it wouldn’t. And I was like what the heck is it, how do you get this thing working all the time to give me everything I want. I’m happy that you guys enjoy the mindset part, it’s really the foundation for success.

Kelly: It is. I know in one of the calls that we had I had got earlier that day went into the bathroom and was doing louise ear work looking myself in the eye and I was having a good little tongue lashing with my inner critic saying look you can either go along with me on this program, I know we’re growing big right now or stay home. And she finally conceded and said well okay I guess you’re in charge and we’re going to go.

Vanesa: Wow, I love that. Taming your inner critic has to happen. And again this is what I think holds most entrepreneurs back they have these big ideas, lofty dreams, feel it in your heart and then when you go to actually do the act or whatever it is it comes up and it takes most people out of the game. So I’m so happy that you now have a process for taming your inner critic.

You also have your website up too, I think that’s something else you also accomplished.

Kelly: Yeah. I think I did a lot of that in the first week, wrote my about page, did my website, figured out how to create it, do my domain name. I mean, stuff was happening fast and furious which is of course why the inner critic came up. But what I loved about your program is you brought the elephant to the room the very first day, meaning busting your about page, get your story over with, it needs to be told, get it out of the way, let’s address the elephant let’s not look around it, let’s not look through it, let’s just say there’s an elephant and deal with it; and I loved that. That was like yes I’m in the right program.

Vanessa: Yeah. So this is something again that holds most entrepreneurs. That uncertainty holds people back for way too long, so let’s get it out of the way boom, day 1 here let’s go. We’re gonna get your marketing message clear, get you clear on who you are, what your position is in the marketplace, use your authentic stories.

I’m so happy. This is why you can get a lot done in an 8 week boot camp. This is no farting around.

So what was it like for you to join the program? Did this inner critic kick up a storm, what was process like for you to commit to the program?

Kelly: In all honesty it was not. In fact, it probably it was the easiest thing that I could do because I already knew that I resolved myself I needed to get over this adversity otherwise I was always just gonna be a free coach. Which in all honesty, to be a free coach might seem like a good idea to some but after a while you start to kind almost become a little bit worrisome and feel scarcity because you’re not getting any money to live on And then you’re not actually giving your best work to your clients. So there is a truth to the saying you get what you pay for.

And I knew I needed to not do that anymore. So this was the easiest thing after I felt like I connected with you from just everything I researched on you. I’m not gonna lie, I went looking through all the doors that I could find to find you and that was my inner critic saying you know what we gotta go find something wrong with her. And we didn’t and I was like hahaha shut up we’re going with this; and we signed up, it was awesome.

Vanessa: I love it. I love that you were resolved and decided. You told me that in a call once, I went and watched all your videos and I couldn’t find anything bad and I was like great. That’s why video works, it’s the next best thing to being with somebody live. Watching videos, you get to see their personality.

So it was an easy decision for you, you were decided and I’m so happy now. And it’s true, people value the things they pay for. They take it seriously, they take your work seriously. So you took yourself seriously, you joined this program, you started to take your business seriously and now all the results are yours. All the clarity, the website, the clients, all of this is yours.

So what would you say to other women who are thinking about starting a coaching business or sitting on the fence, what would you tell them about this program?

Kelly: There’s two things that I would tell them about this program. One, I absolutely got what I came for, what I wanted, which was to get over my adversity of sales. But I also got what I needed that I didn’t know I needed and that’s what your program offered. It was so much more than just the whole sales and marketing. I could have never in a million years guessed how much more I was gonna get out of this program. And even along the journey of this program there was times when you were just offering extra help for us and I was just like this lady is amazing and somebody that I truly would love to shadow after and mentor with because of what amazing service you provide your clients.

The second thing I would suggest for people to come with you, I left this program not only with confidence in myself, I left this program with a tribe of amazing women that I met along the way. Women who are in the same coaching business, and I can tell you for not one minute has it felt like a competition between us. Or it’s ever felt like a scarcity of I better not say anything because they might steal my idea. No, we were all throwing ideas in and we all have been a support for each other and it feels like coming home. It’s gonna make me teared up to think about it so I’m going to not do that. So I thank you.

Vanessa: I love it. This is what I always wanted. I always wanted amazing fun clients. And the method that I teach is about masterminds, I believe it’s the best business model out there because it’s so much more fun to learn together and you’re with your soul sisters. It’s all about collaboration, consciousness expansion, it’s about collaboration it’s not about competition.

There is an amazing tribe of women who are. There’s a saying, if you want to fly like the eagle you can’t hang around the turkeys. You can’t hang around your naysayer friends, your family, your uncle, aunt, sister, brother, sometimes even your partner; you’ve got to hang out with other people who believe in you, who are on the same mission and who support you. And that’s definitely what we have here, so I’m so thrilled KellyRae that you got more than what you thought you would. You got what you wanted and so much more.

I would be thrilled to be your mentor and I have so adored having you in the group show and just watching you blossom, it’s always an unexpected wow. This is why I do this, I love this feeling of watching women really blossom and own their purpose and get out there and live their dream.

So congratulations, all of the results are yours and thank you for joining us. Kelly Rae from, her Facebook group is called be your own hero.

I want thank you so much for joining us. And if you are tuning in and are like I would like to overcome my adversity around sales, I would love to join a community if rock star women who are making a difference and supporting one another. I’d love to get clear on my message and really get my business out ther, I’d love to have more confidence, I’d love to generate clients; go to

Apply for the 10k in 30 day mastermind, we have an amazing team. You might speak with one of my team members, it’s a free call and they’ll help you figure out what’s in your way, what’s stopping you. Is it a mindset thing, is it a clarity thing, is it a systems thing. We’ll give you some next steps, we may invite you to become a part of our mastermind. We may not, we don’t accept everybody, but we may invite you to become a part of the 10k in 30 day mastermind if we think it’s a great fit and can help you, if not we’ll give you some great resources; that’s my promise to really serve you.

I want to thank you again KellyRae, thank you for being here.

Kelly: Thank you.

Vanessa: And thank you everyone for tuning in, we will see you guys real soon on another video. Bye everyone!



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