The Importance and Power Of Mentors and How To Find The Right One


In today’s video I talk about the power and importance of mentors in your growth and stability growing your business (and in your life) and the important factors to make sure you get the right mentor for you. 

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 Vanessa: Hello lovers, it’s Vanessa Simpkins here. Want to talk to you guys about the power of mentorship and how to identify the right mentor for you. I’m here at Traffic Conversion Summit 2019, there are 7,000 of the world’s best internet marketers gathering. We pick up nuggets, that we bring back to our clients. So today I want to specifically talk to you about mentorship, and the power of mentorship. I remember there was a time when I first arrived here in Southern California from Hawaii and I wanted to give up on my business and I hired a mentor. It was inconvenient, it was like $800 per month, at that time I didn’t even have a place to live but I knew that I needed help in my business and so I invested in a mentor. Then my following mentor was a $60,000 a year commitment and it was the best thing I ever did for my business.

So I’m a big believer in mentoring. The power of mentorship really allows you to fast pace, to skip ahead, to avoid costly mistakes; to fast track. You’re either gonna make the mistakes yourself because, success is a lesson applied, but imagine if you could just hire a mentor and cash in on the fact that this mentor has already learned, has already made all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to. What would the value be, in your life, in your business, if you could jump 10 years of learning and fast track your learning curve. So I’m a big believer in mentors, and I’m a big believer in masterminds.

I’ll give you guys three keys to identify the right mentor for you, this is really important because not everybody is a right fit. So here are the three keys to identifying the right mentor:

1. They have to have proven results. They have to have demonstrated that they’re able to have results. The results here at Take Your Power Back Now is that we do $400,000 in cash collected; that’s great we make money. But more importantly we help women sky rocket their confidence and cash flow. We transform lives very quickly here, that’s what I’m the most proud of. Yes, we spend $60,000 per month on advertising. Yes, we have a team of 30 people. Yes, we do masterminds and retreats all over the world. Yes, we just did our first live event, it was amazing. Yes, I’ve written best selling books. Yes, I’ve been on national television. Yes, we run live and online masterminds. Yes, I’ve done telesummits. I’ve done all these things. But what I’m most proud of is we have a global movement that helps women overcome fear, money is great, but that’s really the core message of what we do.

So, number one, you have to be sure that whoever you hire as a mentor has a proven track record; that’s only one piece.

2. The second key is that, not only have they proven they can get results but they can teach other people how to get results; it’s very important. You could be a baller and a rockstar but a really crappy leader or teacher. So whoever you hire make sure that they are a great teacher, that they can instill results in other people.

3. And the third key you want to consider when hiring a mentor is that watch out, make sure that you’re hiring somebody that’s gonna take you down the lane that you wanna go in. For example, if you’re gonna tell me “Vanessa, I’ve been looking at your 10k in 30 day program, your bikini business, your mastermind, I want to make passive income.” I would say, don’t hire me. Here’s why, we’re really good at teaching people how to make cash fast. You want generate $10k – $50k in the next 30 days? This would be a good bet for you. I don’t teach passive income strategies on the front end, because it takes a lot of money. It takes a lot of strategy, systems, foundations and that is an expensive game. I’m in the game of helping entrepreneurs create quick cash infusion results with very little online technology and marketing. You don’t need to have a website, you don’t need to be a big guru, you don’t need to have an email list but you do need to use our proven social media strategies. Level up on your mindset, get you solid on a sales grip. Just with simple social media posts we can help you be visible, deliver value, and make offers to people who want to say yes. And so we’re mostly known for helping entrepreneurs sky rocket their confidence first, and then cash flow, using simple online and offline strategies that don’t require all of this complicated technology. And then I would tell you, when you’re $20k – $60k per month in revenue, then take a portion of that and start investing into building the foundations and the systems that passive income will require.

The problem with most entrepreneurs is they don’t have the clarity, they don’t know if their audience is the right audience, what their niche is, what their message is, what their offering is, what they need to do first; they’re so confused. So lets get some cash in the door first and then if you want to build all this fancy stuff go ahead; but cash flow is the most important thing in your business. Yes, impacting people is the most important thing in your business.

So, I would say that key number three to hiring a mentor is to make sure that the system they are teaching is in alignment with what you want to be having, what you want to be creating. And make sure that their lifestyle, I remember I was in a mastermind, it was very masculine. They were wiped out and burnt down; that doesn’t work for me. Even here at this event, which is amazing, I’m not rushing to get down here at 6 or 7 in the morning. I’m gonna follow my flow, and make sure that I look and feel really great; I’m gonna go for breakfast first, I’m not gonna rush or stress. Stress adds years to your life, and there’s no reason to stress for anything.

So make sure that the mentor that you hire also has the same values, the kind of lifestyle that you want to live, and that their processes and systems are in alignment with what you want to have as a business.

If you follow those three keys you’re going to have an awesome connection with the mentor that you hire.

And if you guys have been watching this video and you’re ready for a mentor, comment “I’m ready” below this video. Share this if you found it valuable. If you have friends and colleagues that are looking into hiring a mentor and would like to have some nuggets on things to avoid; trust me I’ve hired a lot of people and made a lot of mistakes in my business and I’m a big fan of mentors. They help you shortcut your learning curve and can help you get results in record time; months or days instead of years.

Guys, I love you so much. My name is Vanessa Simpkins from Take Your Power Back Now coming to you live from Traffic and Conversion Summit, and thank you for watching my videos, I love you!


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