She made over $50k per month since joining our mastermind!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on October 14, 2019


She made over $50k per month since joining our mastermind! She has exploded her business since joining us. You can too!

Read the transcript below:

Violet: Yes. I joined the year long program in November and I was averaging around $30k per month in my business, and now I’ve gone 4 months in row with over $50k per month.

Vanessa: Wow!

Violet: January was $73k in cash collected.

Vanessa: Ay ay ay!

Violet: I just started my business 2 years ago, so I was where some of you ladies are like “I don’t know what to do”, “should I join a group program?”, “what’s my niche?”.

The reason that I came to study with Vanessa is because the way that I was doing it before was so masculine and I would have really high high’s and really low low’s because it was just push, push, push and aggressive. It didn’t work for me, it wasn’t feminine and it wasn’t embodied so I really wanted to be with a woman that I trusted, that I respected, who was a total boss babe but still knew how to connect to her body and vulnerable.

So I came for the consistency, and I’ve gotten it. 4 months in a row, I’m super excited about that.

Vanessa: Tell us about your business.

Violet: I help women in love, dating and relationships. Connect their bodies, find that pussy power, become a queen of dating and relationships. They can attract a soul mate and create a healthy, lasting love based on their adult self and not dating from their inner child; who’s rooted in old pain, trauma and attachment style.

Vanessa: Amazing!

So I noticed both of these people are not selling money.

Violet: Yeah. I think that and then something around courage and coming from the heart and not the head, which is similar but I want to share that distinction because I felt like before I would set goals and would try to go after them, but they were’s necessarily authentic to me and what I’ve learned from you is have fun, be yourself, be visible and do something that you love.

And I’ve always done what I love but I’ve been approaching it from the outside in versus the inside out.

Vanessa: Right. Big round of applause, awesome.


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