She made $21K in 8 days during the 10K in 30 Day Mastermind – Brittany Shares Her Results Live


She made $21K in 8 days during the 10K in 30 Day Mastermind!! Had so many clients she couldn’t keep up!

Brittany shares her 10K in 30 Day and Bikini Business Mastermind results LIVE at the Wealthy Coach Academy event, check it out…


This is an 8 week GET IT DONE bootcamp for #driven #loveleaders and #rockstars (NO FLUFF) geared to help you create and sell your first $3000 – $5000 – or $10,000 high each coaching program ONLINE and create a portable profitable business you can rock in your bikini if you want to.

Read the transcript below:

Brittany: All right. So before Vanessa’s program, I was making, I think I spent my income on my tax return was at range from $13k to $15k a year. Yeah. I think that was my 2016 and 2017 income. I had left my government job in hopes of starting my own business and I was struggling, and basically the turning point for me. So the turning point for me was basically. So I was making that yeah $15k in a year and a big lawyers bill came down the tubes it was a ten thousand dollar lawyer’s bill that was due at the end of the month and then I had my accelerated biweekly mortgage coming down the tubes, and then I had all my living expenses. So yeah you know I had to come up with more than what I made in a year in a month.

Brittany: So. I went “Holy fuck, how am I going to do this? So I moved into my basement rented, out my whole house, rented out to AirB&B. So I dressed up as a mime went and handed out tarot cards and downtown my city made the rest of my mortgage there from all the drunk people, did a couple card readings, contacted all people who owed me money. Sold some shit. Yep. Yep. And I made 10k in a month and a half. On my own. That was all my own I hadn’t spoken to your team yet. And then after that happened I went “If I could do that once I can do it again” and I was so scared.

Brittany: And I’m like “I’ve been seeing this Vanessa Simpkins online. I’m going to need a little help if I want to keep on doing this because I’m really tired”.

Brittany: So it took me that was I think that was or end of August beginning of September end of August. Anyways I didn’t tell him when I joined the program. Yeah.

Brittany: So I used my mother’s life insurance which I vowed I would not touch to pay for her program. Yeah of course I didn’t tell the salesperson that I had that scene. But yeah I was acting like I didn’t have that money because I didn’t wanna touch it. I was completely scared to touch it because if I ran on my savings I’d be super fucked. So I touched it. Bought the program.

Brittany: Yep.

Brittany: So it took me about a month to get my mindset all figure it out and everything you were saying and then I did. Yeah. And she brought me through all the checkpoints I had meltdowns weekly. And even the week before I made my$21k I had a meltdown. So I made $21k. Oh yeah. So I tell people I made $21k in a month not to scare people but I actually made it in eight days.

Brittany: Yes. Yes it was it was all about mindset for sure. And then. And then I made the $21k and that was all good. And then I got out of the 10k program and got really scared again.

Brittany: “Oh my God I did it once”. So then I joined her year long right away because I needed the support so yeah.

Brittany: So October I made $21k. November I made $10k. December I made $20k. January I closed my program because, because I couldn’t keep up I had so many clients.

Brittany: So I had switched to the mastermind and then February so far so I’m just gearing up opened it again hired, I guess I have six people now. So I’m just getting my staff on board, it just super exciting yeah. Yeah. Sales team, mindset mentors. That was another scary thing.

Brittany” So I’m a shocker cleanse coach and a seduction profile expert.

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