She had 2 high ticket sales – made $6K during the 10K in 30 Day program!


Watch this interview with D.J. – she had 2 high ticket sales – made $6K during the 10K in 30 Day program! “Vanessa genuinely wants you to win – don’t hesitate getting in this program!”

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hey everyone! Welcome to this case study, joining me is the amazing Donna Jean. She is a graduate of our recent 10k in 30 day mastermind and online 8 week boot camp. Where we show coaches how to create their first $3k – $5k online coaching program and sell it at premium prices.

Donna Jean is a spiritual and intuitive life coach, she is the founder of a Facebook gorup called The Empower You Tribe. Her website is called, she’s a rockstar.

Welcome Donna to this call. Tell us about where you were before you started your business and where you are now.

Donna: Ok. Before I started my official coaching business I had been teaching yoga for 3 years and was traveling in southeast Asia and got the download that I needed to step into my calling even more. I was kind of playing small and dimming my light, and I decided to hire somebody for 4 weeks to get me up and started. And I literally started my coaching business while I was traveling through southeast Asia, I was in Vietnam and got my first two clients.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I just jumped right in, and realized very quickly that I needed guidance because what I was charging was unsustainable. I loved what I was doing but I needed to learn how to move forward.

When I got back to my hometown of Portland Maine, I found a coach and started working with her and quickly realized it was going to be a good fit. I was looking for somebody who was going to hold my hand and walk me through, “this is what you do, then this is what you, then this is what you do”.

Because when you’re learning a new skill that’s what you have to do. So a good friend of mine that I made while I was in Asia, the very last conversation I had with her prior to leaving, and she brought your name up.

Vanessa: Oh wow!

Donna: Yeah. I hadn’t seen you online at all. But she said to me, she’s a business coach as well, she’s like “you want to know the real deal, you need to look up Vanessa Simpkins” and I was like “Ok!”.

Vanessa: What a compliment.

Donna: I know. And I looked you up on Instagram and I was like “wow! I’m fascinated”. Watched your masterclass and that was it, I was sold. Oh my god, I’m so glad.

So that was the beginning, very small and not knowing what I was doing.

Vanessa: Well you’ve done some amazing things in the 8 week boot camp. I mean, Donna has shown up on every call. Hand raised, first in line, I have questions. Really showing up, I love it!

I want all my clients to show up like that.

You did some amazing things, you dialed in your marketing, you got some breakthrough calls, you started having sales, you raised your prices. Talk to us about top 3 big wins from going through this 10k in 30 day process.

Donna: My top 3 results, oh wow! What comes to mind right away is I had a Facebook group and I had no idea how to work a Facebook group so that you can monetize it; that is huge alone!

All the information provided to the women in the 10k and how to get that up in running was so valuable. It was epic learning how to engage with people, build the know-like and trust factor. A

Another big win is I had 5-6 sales calls already; so that’s a huge win. And the last one is I finally have my first 2 high ticket sales totaling $6k so I’m so happy.

Vanessa: Amazing, amazing! Congratulations! And that’s what you want to have as a business owner is a system. This is how to make an offer, this is how to run an ad, this is how to have a sales conversation, this is how to overcome objections, this is how to raise your price. So you did phenomenally well, you did all of those things within the 8 weeks.

What would you have to say about the team, the support for the clients on the inside?

Donna: I have to say, I was emotionally brought to tears in many occasions on the calls because I felt like it’s crystal clear that every single person in Take Your Power Back Now cares and genuinely wants you to succeed. I mean it’s felt across the ether, across the Zoom call, that alone is so phenomenal. There’s so many women out there that are struggling to do this and feel so alone. So to have that genuine support is beautiful.

I’d get excited for my calls every time. I cleared my calendar and made sure that this was my top priority and to be there for them. I think that was huge, the support.

Vanessa: Yeah. I have an amazing team, so blessed. Everyone is really a love leader, everyone on the team rock stars.

I want everyone to note, Donna had amazing results: generated $6k in sales, has the system, understands how to do offers to a group, you’re having more people join, you raised your prices; and it’s because she’s showing up.

Noticed she said “I cleared my calendar and made this a priority”. So it’s a lot of work jammed in 8 weeks. It’s like strap your tits on and we’re really gonna setup your systems, we’re gonna work with you on it, our team cares, we really want you to win, we give you a ton of support and to the extent that you really show up is really the results that you get.

So high five!

What else was a big challenge for you? The 30 day video challenge, how was that? Was it setting up your Facebook group? Was it sales?

Donna: I’m really fortunate. I feel like I have a really good skill set in being visible online. It’s something I’ve been practicing for the last year so the video’s been going really good. Putting myself out there has felt ok.

I think the biggest challenge for me was moving forward in this business with a mindset and a heart set of having my own back, knowing fully that I can do this. Mindset is a huge factor in this. I don’t think I ever fully realized the fear of success and it’s involvement in it and how your mind wants to swoop in and can take you down. So really working with that mindset was huge.

Again, the value of the company and me showing me that I’m capable of doing this. This isn’t something that’s reserved for special people out there in the world.

Vanessa: You’re right. It’s not reserved for special people, but we want people who are gonna show up like you did. Every week you showed up and you’re like “here’s what I’m dealing with, here it is”. Let’s take it piece by piece, “oh look there’s a fear of success gremlin”. We can have fear of failure, fear of success, and creating these new concepts of yourself, believing in yourself, trusting your decisions. You know, all of these concepts. All the funnels and this stuff, yes they’re important, but you yourself your own concept as someone you can trust, confident can do this, that has to be in place first.

The results are here. That’s really when you merge those two, the mindset and the systems, that’s when you have these big wins.

I’m so stoked! I love celebrating our clients wins. Donna is a super rock star.

What would you say to anyone who’s watching this video, or who have been watching the videos, thinking “maybe I should do this 10k program, it’s a lot of money, I don’t know about this”. What would you say to them?

Donna: I would say, “Don’t hesitate any more”. I hesitated, I did. It’s ok, whatever. I’m glad that I did it. But do not hesitate because Vanessa genuinely wants you to win; and that is huge. It’s huge when you are a brand new love leader, holistic coach, life coach, and you’re looking for someone to hold your hand and guide you through this. I trust you implicitly, so that’s what I would say to them.

Vanessa: Right on, thank you for that! If anyone is watching and you want to grow your business, maybe it’s getting clarity on your program, what to charge, how to find clients, how to know whether you’re selling something that people want, how to overcome your own issues around charging more, how do I get mindset right; apply for our 10k in 30 day program. It’s a free strategy session, no pressure, we’ll get on the phone with you and see if we can help you. If we can then you’ll become one of our tribe, soul sisters and love leaders here.

We love celebrating women. I love running masterminds, I love the magic that happens on the inside, I love seeing support one another and the results are outstanding for those of you guys, like Donna, who show up and do the work.

Thank you Donna. If anyone wants to find her head over to her Facebook page The Empower You Tribe or check her out at her website

Donna, amazing. Thank you for showing up and leaning in, strapping your tits on and doing the work. I cannot wait to see what you create moving forward.

Donna: Thank you Vanessa.

Vanessa: Thanks for joining, love you!

Donna: Bye!


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