Over $22K in her coaching business! Tai shares her 10K in 30 Day Mastermind results LIVE


Tai shares her 10K in 30 Days Mastermind results LIVE at the Wealthy Coach Academy event, check it out…She made over $22K in her coaching business!

Have you ever felt like you’ve been at this coaching thing for a while and somethings gotta give, somethings gotta change?

Watch this short clip from our Wealthy Coach Academy LIVE event of how Tai made a priceless mindset shift and enrolled 2 x 5k clients on a saturday AFTER a failed retreat launch.

Why our clients say “I would have paid TRIPLE for Vanessa’s program” (minute 5)

How being around other HIGHER vibration women leaded to exceptional growth and expansion in her business ( minute 3).

The WINS and celebrations in this short clip are totally outrageous if you ask me… too good not to share.


Read the transcript below:

Tai: So I’ve been at this a while actually, but I wasn’t having the success that I wanted to have. I joined the 10k program in September, right after I had a failed retreat. As a matter of fact, I still went through the retreat. It was on Thursday, Saturday morning before I went to my retreat was my first call with one of the people on your team. I was like “something has to give, something has to change”. So I took a leap and made an investment and I joined. And I was doing the numbers in my head that since I December I have booked over $22k in business.

Vanessa: Whoa! Sounds like good numbers to me.

Tai: It ebbs and flows as much as my confidence in myself ebbs and flows. I’m getting used to this mindset, and that is one of the most priceless things about that shift that you need to make internally about “ok, $10k a month”. And then I’m like, “wait a minute, it’s Saturday and I just booked 2 clients for $10k, $5k each person in two days; holy shit!”.

I love this program because of the authenticity. Honestly, when I first say Vanessa’s website I was like “mmm, I don’t know”. Because she’s beautiful and she looks like a mermaid.

And I was like, “she’s so beautiful like a Disney princess and mermaid”. And it was so far from anything that I had ever done before, but if you watch her videos, if you listen, if you enroll in the program and you watch every week.

I would watch every week people enrolling in this program. Every single week. And the relationships that you build, the people, that was one of the reasons why I joined this; I needed to be around women that had a higher vibration.

And this was it. I believe that light attracts light. The people that you see in this room are a reflection of you Vanessa, and of the team of people that you’ve assembled; so thank you.

Vanessa: Thank you.

Person #1: Can I add something really quick? I just wanted to say a special thank you to you. I’m from the most beautiful town ever close to Mount Shasta, it’s gorgeous. There’s an ancient language that they speak out there and one of the words that I learned the last time I went up there is Espabo; which means the ancient thank you for taking your power back. So I wanted to say, espabo motherfucker to you. Because none of us would be here if you hadn’t strapped your tits on. And if you hadn’t slayed your gremlins and taken your power back none of us would be here so can everyone give her a round of applause.

Vanessa: Thank you!

Person #1: Love you.

Vanessa: Love you. Thank you guys, thank you. Wow!

Tai: It’s been an interesting journey. I’ve got a lot of tech skills but what I love doing is help people figure out what they’re really brilliant at and then how can they take that and market it as an online course or signature program.

Vanessa: And now Tai you’re in our year long program.

Tai: Yeah, I’ve re-upped and I’m doing it. I need that connection, I need the energy and I wasn’t gonna let that go.

Vanessa: Yeah. The connection and energy, it doesn’t stop. Just because you graduated from an 8 week program “guess what? There’s Monday morning”. What are you gonna do on Tuesday, Wednesday when you’re by yourself?

So the accountability doesn’t stop. Even at my level it doesn’t stop. I’m still making mistakes. Yes, even me.

Person #2: I just wanted to say one more quick thing. I paid over double for a year long program that I was in and I got 1/4 of the value that I’ve already gotten in 4 months from working with Vanessa. I would’ve paid triple this amount for what I’ve gotten. And even just the team alone, helping me with my Facebook ads every single Monday, I’m getting over 100 calls a month booked for $50 bucks a call; it’s amazing!

So, this team alone, I would pay. I just want people to know market value of hiring someone like that is probably 2x – 3x that, not even including what Vanessa brings to the table; so I just had to say that.

Vanessa: Thank you. Thank you.


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