More than doubled my income and I am taking a month off to travel!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on October 31, 2019


“I More than DOUBLED my income and I’m taking a month off to Travel France Spain and Hawaii! I attracted 4 new high-paying clients in my first 24 hours THANK YOU Vanessa and the entire team at Take Your Power back now I LOVED your program!!”

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Vanessa: Hey everyone and welcome. This is Vanessa Simpkins from Take Your Power Back Now and today we have the amazing Yolanda who is a graduate of our 10k in 30 day program. She’s a rockstar. She’s a spiritual coach and life mentor, her website is called

Thank you Yolanda for taking the time to join us here today. I want to share with the viewers your experience. Why don’t you start off by telling us where were you at before you joined the 8 week boot camp, what were you up to, what was your business like and what is it like right now.

Yolanda: Sure. First of all thank you so much for having me Vanessa, I’m really grateful for this opportunity to talk about my experience. Before I joined your course it felt like I was drifting in the ocean. I mean, I had a pretty decent business but at that time I had achieved everything I wanted to achieve and I was drifting endlessly, I had no idea what to do next. I worked a lot because I charged by the session, not even by the hour, which was killing me; I spent a lot of time on that.

I had problems with setting my rates and I just wanted something new, because I felt stuck where I was and the business would bring me the same income every month. And still, before every month I was thinking “how on earth am I going to fill in next month?”.

Vanessa: So month to month, here we go, month to month.

Yolanda: Yeah, it was crazy. Workshops, maybe they will like this maybe they will like that. So your program turned everything around completely, and I’m so grateful for that because now I don’t have to worry about customers; my customers find me.

Vanessa: That’s amazing!

Yolanda: I doubled my income, and the interesting thing is that it doubled the month I joined your program.

Vanessa: Yeah, you hit it and got some high end clients in the first couple of days.

Yolanda: I actually did it, after the clarity call. So I wasn’t even in the program yet. I was just fired up after the call that the first thing I did was I sat down and repackaged my services, I tripled my rates, I put it out to my Facebook page and I got 4 high paying customers on that day.

Vanessa: Oh my gosh this is amazing! Congratulations!

Yolanda: Thank You!

Vanessa: So this happened right after the clarity call. So when we invite people into our 8 week boot camp, spiritual entrepreneurs like yourself who are in the healing business, reiki masters, energy workers, massage therapists, coaches, so we have a clarity call so you we get you really clear on who you are in the marketplace; your authentic selling story.

A lot of women they bumble around for years not knowing this fun piece, and knock it out of the park on day 1 right after that call you decided “screw it I’m gonna triple my rates and boom put an offer out there” and had 4 high paying clients on the first day; outstanding, congratulations!

And doubled your income. And you just told me, this before we jumped on here, that you’re traveling for a little bit, tell us a little bit about that.

Yolanda: Oh yeah this is part of my life purpose, which I really enjoy. And what I do is travel to the world’s sacred places, power places.

This year I’m going to take one and a half months off to travel to France, Spain and Hawaii.

Vanessa: Oh my gosh! You said the magic word right there Hawaii, yeah that’s the magic word.

So stoked for you, oh my god. Taking a month and a half off, how many of you guys would like to take a month and a half off in your business because you made so much money and you can afford to just travel around these spiritual vortex’s. Hello!!

So proud of you. Hey like super celebration congratulations, this is amazing.

Yolanda: Thank you.

Vanessa: Yeah. So you go tons of results, your business is booming, [doubled your income], you’re taking off for a month and a half, what was your biggest win or your biggest celebration, biggest takeaway from the program?

Yolanda: My biggest win was me. Because before the program, believe me, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I have a huge visibility issue.

Vanessa: Yeah, everyone does. Visibility blocks, that will stops you.

Yolanda: I mean I wouldn’t have caught dead on the camera, I would never allow that. I hate my camera.

Vanessa: You’re great on camera!

Yolanda: Sure I’m talking to you and I know that it’s going to be out there on the internet and I don’t mind. It was huge, it was really huge and it was a huge showstopper for me.

That is absolutely my biggest win. I also realized after the program is that it’s not about money because now money is not an issue. It’s about what you want to do and what you like to do and it’s not about what you have to do.

Vanessa: So it sounds like there’a a lot of gremlins, beliefs, that got shifted and changed.

Yolanda: Yeah, exactly.

Vanessa: And now you take a step towards what’s really yummy and juicy traveling around the world to energy vortexes. Instead of what you thought you had to do to make money. This is awesome, congratulations.

Yolanda: That was my concern, like whenever I went to an energy place it was like “oh my god how on earth am I going to earn money for that? How am I going to catch up?”. It’s not a problem anymore.

Vanessa: Yeah and now you have clients finding you, which is amazing.

Yolanda: Yes, clients are coming to me. I have a lot of referrals. And after I graduated from your course I repackaged my services again, so now the rates are even higher so my business is growing steadily and the growth is really sustainable.

Vanessa: Yeah! How amazing, congratulations rock star Yolanda.

We work with amazing rock stars. We talked a little bit about video, so we do a 30 day video challenge and we teach you a very specific process for being visible, delivering value, making offers. Because you have to know in order to create a 6 figure coaching business online. That’s why I call myself a bikini business coach. You can make it around travel if you want to. We teach you online and offline offers, how to generate sales but also visibility.

Was it terrifying for you to do the challenge, did you enjoy it? What was your experience?

Yolanda: I actually enjoyed it. I did the first video because you told me to. Let’s just break through that mark right now and I was like on day one and was so surprised that Vanessa herself was responding to my post; that was another big thing in the program.

You said “let’s break through it right now. Just do the freaking video and post it here!”. And we did it. And I was on a roll after repackaging my services so I did it there and then.

Vanessa: Amazing! This is what we look for. We get like 30 people applying for our program everyday and we have a whole transformation team in place and we just qualify people, for this reason: I want to mentor people that are like you who are like “just tell me what to do and they go and do it”.

Trust that this is a recipe and a formula and its worked for hundreds and hundreds of women, why the hell wouldn’t it work for you? That’s what you did. You were committed, you took action. And all the results are yours. You’ve doubled your income now. The results that our clients get really is because we actually do this shit we say we’re gonna do it. I’m in the Facebook group answering your questions, I’m on the call, you’re talking directly with me. A lot of folks out there are just like “here, watch these videos”. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know. People are getting lazier, they have this idea they’re going to make thousands of dollars in passive income that’s afraid to roll up their sleeves.

At Take Your Power Back Now, the entire team really thrives on holding our clients accountable and giving them massive support; that’s where all the clarity comes from, and then we’re getting action and the results are there.

Yolanda: Exactly. The amount of support is really tremendous and I’m so grateful for that. It’s just unimaginable. Before I joined the course I didn’t even know that this was possible, because I had other courses before but yours is truly unique with all the amount of support and people getting involved. And people doing the stuff for you. For me, as a participant, that was really a huge thing. That I wasn’t left there, just roll over it and come up with ideas; everyone was just readily available.

Vanessa: The Facebook group. I say you gotta be like Soul Sisters, we had to make a graduates group because people were like yeah we have to. We have another year long program that if you want to continue we move you to there but most people were like “oh my god all my friends”. So we need a graduate group you guys can still keep up these amazing relationships that you made with these soul sisters. These women who are like bad asses, are right on track, they’re so helpful; I’m amazed, I feel so blessed to witness all these other women supporting one another. They’re not competing, there’s none of that.

It’s really a phenomenal place where if you need an idea, hit people up about your marketing, “hey what do you think, is it a good offer, do you like it, give me feedback”.

If one of our team members doesn’t get in there you’re gonna get like, sometimes we catch it an hour or two later and there’s like 30 comments on there; so it’s a really supportive environment.

Yolanda: Yeah. It is a really safe and loving space; it’s amazing.

Vanessa: And this is why I say it’s the best program because then our clients get to be like “oh that’s how we create a real transformational mastermind. I’m gonna do that, I’m gonna do the same thing, I’m gonna make the same model, I’m gonna run this the same way”. In the coaching industry, that’s the model I think that’s been missing for a long time.

Again, this is why we’re kind of really picky with who I’m allowing to mentor. I don’t want to work with everyone, I want to work with people who are really committed. They’re hair is on fire for this. They’re like “I have to change my business now. I cannot wait, I don’t want this to take a year, this is not ok if it’s like this next month; now!”.

New standards, it’s time for a change. Those are the clients, like yourself, who are gonna show up and follow the recipe.

But we need people who show up, pull the trigger and do the things that work.

Was it hard for you to do that? What was that like? I call with one of our transformation mentors, they got on the phone with you, they told you about the program, did you just jump all in, what was that like?

Yolanda: I didn’t feel overwhelmed at all. I thought I would be but I didn’t. Because of the energy of the group and the shift that happened right at the very beginning right after that clarity call I got so fired up that I went straight in.

So it wasn’t a problem at all.

Vanessa: I’m glad that you weren’t overwhelmed. I’ve been doing this for 8 years, I’ve helped probably 1,000’s of women now. After 8 years this whole process, 10k in 30 day system, and I’m like “how can we make this so that it’s a system that we can put every persons and get the same results?” So we grab you on day one and we’re lie “ok, we’re gonna knock out on of the biggest problems that hold a lot of coaches back for years. Knock it out, day one, boom it’s off the table.” You cannot tell me who you are, what your marketing message is anymore; it’s over we knock it out in first 24 hours.

And that’s what it is, it’s the clarity.

Yolanda: Yeah, exactly.

Vanessa: Different results. Then you show up differently. Now you know what to say and what to offer. So congratulations again, your results have been outstanding; all the results are yours.

What would you tell other women who are watching this video, have been on our Facebook group and are on the fence about joining the program. What would you say to them?

Yolanda: What I would say is all spiritual people, like people who are following you in the group, everyone wants to manifest abundance. And they pray, and send out thoughts and intentions and once a miracle. I would say this course is a miracle they have been praying for. This is their answer. They’re not gonna get a fish, they’re gonna get a fishing rod. This is the place where they learn how to manifest abundance because this is what this course does; it opens up a pathway to abundance.

So I would say to them this is your sign and this is your answer. Let Vanessa and her team work their magic, and the miracle will come into your life just at it has into mine and into the lives of so many other women who have attended the course.

Vanessa: Awesome, I love it! That’s exactly it. There’s a story of this guy that’s like “the house is we’re all drowning. there’s water everywhere, he jumps on the roof to ask for help. A boat comes around to save him but the guys says he’s waiting for god. 20 minutes later a bigger boat comes around and they guys like he’s waiting for god. Next he’s up to his neck in water, a helicopter comes and he’s like waiting for god and drowns”.

You’re praying for an answer when a program that fits that exact thing that you’ve been praying for shows up you gotta act man, you gotta move.

Yolanda: You have to.

Vanessa: It’s a collaborative journey. You got free will, you gotta recognize this is it, what you’ve been asking for shows up and gotta act.

So congratulations Yolanda for showing up and saying yes. I’m so stoked. Please send me a postcard from Hawaii.

Yolanda: I will.

Vanessa: France, Spain and Hawaii. Dream trip for a month and a half. Everyone, this is Yolanda Cooley from

Thank you again for sharing your time with us, your results.

If your hair is on fire and you’re like “I gotta do something now, I want to get her results, I wanna have massive clarity within 24 hours and start doubling my income and take off for a month and a half travel with my new business”. Then I’ gonna invite you to apply, we get 20 – 30 people applying everyday, we just qualify a lot of people because we’re only looking for action figures. I want people who’s hair is on fire, new standard, not gonna settle for this anymore, coachable.

If that’s you then apply at

Thank you for tuning in, thank you to Yolanda for your time. Everyone have an amazing day and we’ll see you guys very soon.



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