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Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on October 31, 2019


Feminine Love Leaders: How would YOU like to get results like THESE in your business?

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: How would you like to get results like these in your business. I’m gonna share with you here in a moment some of our amazing client results in the last 10 years working with fierce, feminine, love leaders like yourself.

My name is Vanessa Simpkins and I’m gonna show you guys, I don’t want to blow smoke up your ass. A lot of people say “oh 10k in 30 days is propaganda, that’s not true”. I’m gonna show you what we have.

Take a look at this…

“Celebrating consistency. January was $63K in sales and $72k in cash. First time my cash has exceeded my sales in a month and I love it! Also my third month in a row over $50k in sales.”

“Between you and I guys, I’ve made over $14k this month. That’s the most money I’ve ever made in my life. Thank you God and Thank you Vanessa Simpkins.”

I’ve been taking these snapshots from inside our client groups and the results are freaking amazing.

“3 new clients today and $14k cash collected while I was out skiing and hot springing. Yes!”

How would you guys like to have results like this. Are you just busy in your business or do you want to be actually profitable in your business. You need to be taking the right actions at the right times.

If you’d like to connect with my team, it’s not just me, I have a team of 30 people that work here at Take Your Power back Now and we help entrepreneurs skyrocket their confidence and cash flow. The two have to aligned, you have to have the right concepts of yourself as a leader and you have to be in the right lane for your business, for your evolution as an online marketer.

If you get any of those two things wrong you’re out before you even start.

So I want you guys to thrive, I want you guys to prosper like crazy, and I want you guys to have results like this.

“I just booked a high paying client. As soon as I get clear on my mindset and got out of my own way bam! I booked 3 breakthrough calls and converted one of them to a $2,600 coaching client.”

If I were to show you all of the amazing wins.

“Got another full pay client yesterday with the new sales script and my new $7k price, thanks Vanessa!”

“Sorry I’m with clients can’t make the call Vanessa Simpkins. Sold another package today!”

What are you waiting for? Book a call with my team. Our clients are doing so well, getting results so fast, they can’t even attend our training calls because they’re having sales calls and they’re converting. If that doesn’t show you what’s possible I don’t know what is.

One of our graduates says:

“Hey friend how’s your day going? Me, oh, ya know, just booked another client and made $3,600 before lunch. How’s yours?”

So these are the kinds of results that I want for you guys.

“$104k in sales and $92k in cash in the last 9 weeks! Just had a paid in full to move us across the finish line. Boom!”

This is possible. You guys can do this when you have the right support and accountability and when you’re in the right lane, and I want that for you guys. So hopefully you will join me for your sake, I don’t believe there’s coincidence I believe in divine synchronicity. You found this video, click the link, book a free strategy session with my team and we’ll find out where you’re at, what’s working, what’s not working in your business. We may invite you to become one of our clients, we may not. We have like 30 people a day from all over the world applying, and we don’t take everybody.

We’re really looking for ballers and bad asses, women who are ready. Fierce, feminine, love leaders that are not interested in making excuses. They know it’s their time, it’s their purpose, it’s time to rise and grind.

So apply, it’s free. When you do just make sure that you take a time that you know you’ll be able to be quiet, present and focused.

I love you guys, I’ll see you on the inside!


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