Made a $12K Sale Right Away!


“Made a $12K sale right away! Got clarity and focus in my business & personal life. My kids are proud of me! Interview with Valerie, 10K in 30 Day grad.

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Vanessa: Hey everyone, welcome to this amazing interview with an amazing graduate, a friend of mine, from the 10k in 30 day program. Her name is Valerie Connell and she is the founder of the Facebook group Wildly Successful and Loving it, welcome Valerie so great to have you here.

Valerie: Hello, thank you. Nice to be here.

Vanessa: So Valerie just recently graduated from the 10k in 30, it’s an 8 week online boot camp that helps spiritual entrepreneurs skyrocket their confidence and cash flow. Where were you before you started this program, where was your business and where are you now?

Valerie: Where I was I had more of an idea than an actual business when I first started. In December I decided that I wanted to get out there as a private yoga instructor so I put together a Facebook page, Free Spirit Yoga and Realignment Coaching, and that was my starting place; and a bunch of my friends liked it. It was all very exciting, but I knew that I really needed to develop a proper business model because just working class by class isn’t going to make you very much money, and as a recently separated women wanting to be financially independent and be able to be a good example to my kids, especially to my daughter, it’s so important for a women to have her own livelihood.

So I knew that I needed help, and I figured while it makes a lot of sense to get help when I’m just getting started so at least I know that what I’m going to build makes sense. So try to avoid a lot of the trial and error that comes with a startup situation because I really needed to get to work and get something happening quickly; that was really what I wanted.

Vanessa: So this is important for people to hear because a lot of people think that they need to have an existing business to get help. This was just an idea in your head, you’ve been doing some piece meal classes one class at a time, you were recently separated and needed to get the show on the road. I love that you decided to ask for help and not sit around.

Valerie: That’s right. One of the many things that we learned from you is that when you’re an entrepreneur you can’t do it on your own, you can’t do everything all by yourself. You need to have people that you can share your ideas with who will give suggestions and support. And I just find that women were naturally inclined to help and support each other; so that was also that was very important to me.

And I think I had a real advantage of not having too much at the beginning. I didn’t have a website then, I still don’t have one because it’s really not that important.

Vanessa: Right. People get freaked out, they think they need ot have all these lists and websites, and fancy stuff; no you don’t.

Valerie: You don’t. You need to learn how to get the lists, you need to get clarity [and focus] on what it is that you’re offering and that’s super important when you’re an entrepreneur. That was a big thing that came from doing the program with you was really getting, [clarity and] focus. And then the delivery system just sort of takes care of itself, and when I do get to the part where it’s time to build the website and everything at least I’m gonna know what it is that I need so I’m not gonna waste time and money there.

It’s all a win!

Vanessa: It’s a win, yeah. So let’s talk about some of your wins. What are some of the specific things that you did? You said you got clarity [and focus] on your offering, what else did you accomplish in the program?

Valerie: I got clarity [and focus] on my offering. I offer a 90 day program for senior executives and other VIP’s who are experiencing cronic unmanageability and distress with respect to work-life balance. So that was what I was able to get. Because I learned about how people like programs and systems, and that’s what they buy, I was able to leverage an existing business consulting relationship that I had. Instead of working by the hour I created a business design and business coaching program for my client and attached a $12,000 invoice to it and he said yes.

Vanessa: Woohoo!

Valerie: That was great. I just felt so wonderful being able to take just that little bit of knowledge and be able to monetize it right away; that was so empowering. And knowing I can do it once I can do it again, and next time I’m gonna charge double.

Vanessa: Lol! Yeah girl, I love it.

Valerie: Next time I’m charging double.

Vanessa: That’s it. We’re only limited by our own thinking and our own limits.

Valerie: Yes, it really is true.

Vanessa: What you don’t know can cost you a lot of money. How easy was that, you’re wow I put together a $12k offer and the guy said yes. So what you don’t know can really cost you money, you can be leaving a lot of money on that table. You could leverage an existing contact that you have and create a high-end offer and serve and they’re gonna say yes.

How amazing you’re able to do that, this is phenomenal. You were able to create your 90 day program, leveraging existing clients, made more than $10k. What else did you do?

Valerie: The other big wins were all on the mindset and personal side which is what it’s all about, that’s what the work is for. So I was able to get some clarity and focus and courage where my estranged ex is concerned. I had been separared from my kids, I was seeing them regularly, but I’ve never been able to have them over for a meal, I’ve never been able to have them over for a sleepover, I wasn’t able to take them anywhere, it was all very oppressive and annoying and I was all scared, I didn’t want to rock the boat too much. And then it just got to the point where I am just not tolerating this anymore and I went to a lawyer and told her what I needed.

She sent a letter, a bunch of people had a chat with him, and much to the disappointment of my lawyer, who just wanted to keep going with everything, my ex said maybe we could sort this out among ourselves and save the money for Ariel’s orthodontics and work on a schedule ourselves. To make a long story short, I have had my kids over for dinner and we just had our first sleepover on Saturday, we played musical beds, it was a like a cuddle fest for hours. And the best part was that they were so happy to be here, they love being here, it’s comfortable. I was able to build a home for them, I got enough stuff together, all of the energy cleansing, getting art up on the walls and finally getting a couch in the living room. And to have my 11 year old daughter tell me that she’s proud of me was just wow, because she sees everything that mommy is doing. My son is asking me all these questions and now he wants to build a website for me; it’s really sweet.

Vanessa: You can’t buy that. A lot of people this is what they want to do. I love that you decided to not settle for this shit anymore, you took your power back.

Valerie: I did.

Vanessa: You’re a conscious creator, you set your intentions. The lawyer lost out but you won. You got to save a lot of money. Your partner didn’t take the reins anymore, you’re the one in control and command. You got your kids back, you built a home for them and they love you. They honor you, they respect you. You can’t buy respect. Every mom wants to be, every parent wants to be an amazing role model to their kids.

Valerie: Yeah, they just need us.

Vanessa: Yeah.

Valerie: Those were among my affirmations, I’m ready to be financially independent, I’m ready to be a good role model to my kids, I am ready to be a strong, loving, supportive mother to Harry and Ariel. I thought about having them here, I thought about putting up the art on the wall. I mean you have to do the work, you just can’t think about it you have to actually do it. But the thinking about it’s just amazing how I remember sitting here one night going oh yeah I actually manifested this.

Vanessa: Amazing! And now this opens the door for your son who wants to build websites now. What’s possible, you show your kids what else is possible. I’m so proud of you, congratulations Valerie.

Valerie: I’m really happy too.

Vanessa: This is what happens when you follow the recipe. In the 10k in 30 day program we have the best recipe for spiritual women entrepreneurs. It’s not just a pipe dream, it’s not just smoke and mirrors; this is real. Inner mindset games, also sales and strategy game; and it works.

You also talked about the video challenge, what was your experience of the 30 day video challenge? Did you like it, was it hard for you?

Valerie: I love it. I just love talking. Just give me a topic and I’ll go. It was a little daunting at first but once you start to get feedback from people. I started to post them on my LinkedIn profile and I’m getting like 20 – 25 views. And the nice thing about LinkedIn is that, they won’t tell you the names, but they’ll tell you what job titles people have. So the people who are looking at my videos are in my sweet spot for my offering. So I’m just gonna keep putting stuff out there and everything’s been going over really well. And people are loving what I have to share, meaningful and helpful and entertaining; it’s great.

Vanessa: That’s what’s the power of video does. I think it’s the next best thing to being live with your audience, people see you, they connect with you, they get to see your facial expressions, your energy.

Valerie: You really can create a relationship. It’s like you become one of your favorite TV characters.

Vanessa: That’s what sales is, buildig those relationships. I’m so excited for you, congratulations Valerie. You’ve had some amazing wins here.

Would you recommend this program to other women? What would you tell women who may be on the fence?

Valerie: Just get off the fence and do it. You’ll be really happy that you did. Just do the work, and it’s all going to come. And I remember the group of the women that I started with, all of us grew so much and everybody accomplished so much. Getting clarity [and focus] and making sales, and not always big sales but now they’re coming now that the program has ended and some of us are still in touch; it’s all happening for everybody. It happens in its time but I had to push myself a little bit to say yes but I’m really glad that I did, because there’s no way that I would be where I am personally, profesionally in my relationships with everybody if I hadn’t done the program. So just take a deep breath, have a little faith, do the work as long and you’ll get the benefits.

Vanessa: Yeah and I thank you for sharing that. This really is a program that supports women in skyrocketing their confidence and their cash flow and it’s a system. And once the program is finished, in 8 weeks, you’re getting a lot done in 8 weeks. And when it’s over you’re still working, you’re still implementing the system, it’s still working. You have this recipe for a 6 figure coaching business, and you got the right mindset, not letting fear take you out of the game, you’re clear on what to do, you know how to be visible to deliver value and make offers, closing sales, your confidence is growing.

So I’m gonna invite you. If you have watched this case study video and are on the fence thinking it’s too good to be true; it’s not. It really is the real deal.

Valerie: It really isn’t. You have to do the work, that’s the only thing. Do the modules, show up to the meetings, show up for the calls.

Vanessa: And we do have an amazing group of women that gather.

Valerie: Oh my god! That was the best part because there were times, and there’s time with everybody, I had some really tough times during the 8 weeks. There were a few days that I really couldn’t function, I could barely get out of bed just because of everything that was going on. But being able to see what my colleagues were doing, it’s like when I couldn’t do it there they were doing it and just reminding me “yes you can”; if she can do so can I. And everybody was just so generous and supportive and loving. They still are, we’re still talking, helping each other out.

Vanessa: You make some amazing friends.

Valerie: As a spiritual entrepreneur you need it.

Vanessa: This is what I always wanted, a real women’s empowerment program. Don’t just talk about it, it happens. And you get to connect and collaborate, you don’t compete with women you life each other up. It’s fun. You make these friendships as you go on and continue.

Valerie: Women collaborate, girls compete.

Vanessa: That’s right. So if you’re ready for clarity and confidence, if you’re ready for rock star support and guidance, if you’re ready to generate sales for your business and really treat it like a business not a hobbie, if you’re ready for that then go ahead and apply at

Valerie: If you don’t feel like a business woman now, you will in 8 weeks from now.

Vanessa: There you go. Take it from Valerie.

Valerie: Honestly, really.

Vanessa: You know a lot of people have been watching or they’re doing all these different programs, and it’s been years and they get a little bit desilusioned; this is the real deal.

So go and apply. We’ll get on the phone with you, it’s a free call, we’ll figure out where you are, where you’re stuck, maybe it’s a mindset, clarity or strategy thing. A member of our team will get on the phone with you and walk you through, see if you’re a right fit for the program. We want people who are ready, like Valerie says you gotta do the work. But if you’re ready for clarity, confidence, cash in your business we will definitely help you do that and may invite you to become the next winner, testimonial here for one of these videos.

Valerie, again I want to thank you so much. Valerie Connell from Wildly Successful and Loving it, thank you so much for sharing.

Valerie: My pleasure, thank you for everything, I thank you, my kids thank you.

Vanessa: I love it. Thank you guys for watching, we’ll see on another video real soon. Bye!


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