Lisa Lacy’s Results Speak For Themselves!


Watch her story and how she procrastinated when she  first found Take Your Power Back Now and her message for all you ladies out there to NOT make that mistake yourself! Her results speak for themselves. 

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hey everyone welcome to this video. My name is Vanessa Simpkins. Joining us is the amazing Lisa Lacy a recent graduate of our 10k in 30 program. Lisa is a self care recovery coach you can find her on Facebook. She’s got two groups, a group for men and a group for women: self care recovery for women’s group self care recovery for men. Her Web site, easy to remember, Welcome Lisa, to tell us a little bit about your business. Where were you before joining our program and where is it now?

Lisa: Well Vanessa honestly when I came into your program I came in with an idea and and that was about it. It was an idea that I have sat on for a couple of years and finally got the gumption to join your program. But man, it was you guys you and your team that really gave me the push to take this idea and turn it into a business. And within a short period of time I now have a business and it’s flourishing. And I’m so excited about it.

Vanessa: Awesome! We hear this a lot. People that are sitting on ideas and I mean this turned into real sales for you. So what did you generate in sales in the eight weeks?

Lisa: Well in a week’s time I’ve already got four clients. I generated eight thousand dollars in sales. I’ve got two Facebook group self care for recovery. That’s the women’s group. There are over two thousand members in that group. Self care for recovery for men, that’s the men’s group. There are eight hundred members in that group. So I have had massive success. It has grown so so fast faster than I could have ever imagined. And you know all I did was come and join your program and stick to the formula. You have a very stubborn person. Normally I don’t listen to people right.

I want to do things my way. That’s when you’re in recovery. That’s a very common theme stubborn and stubborn.

But I came in I emptied my cup and I was like I’m going to do everything I’m told to do. And I did. And again here I said like eight weeks later. I’ve got four new clients I’ve got people in this group saying that their lives are changing because now they know how to love themselves and care for themselves in recovery from a breakup divorce mental illness addiction. I mean it’s it’s helping so many people.

And I could not have done it without you and your team.

Vanessa: Thank you for showing up the way that you’re doing and leaning in and being stubborn with following the recipe because a lot of businesses don’t ever really become cash positive or may take years to become profitable. But in eight short weeks you’ve got your program together, you have clients, you have Facebook groups, you have paid advertising working, you have thousands of people in your group, I mean outrageous and congratulations on all the results!

Lisa: Thank you. Thank you. I will say this too. I’ve I’ve attempted to run businesses in the past and I just didn’t have the answers that you’d provide in your program. But beyond the business aspect of your program you have helped me change my mindset.

Vanessa: Let’s talk about some of the biggest mindset shifts that you’ve made or some of the biggest beliefs that you turn around.

Lisa: Well one I came in with more of a scarcity mindset than I even realized. Right. And so I started you know working with you guys. I didn’t realize that I was bringing all of. I was actually creating in my life the scarcity. This this this lack of abundance and it’s the mindset where I think this sets my success apart from people who haven’t seen this. It’s all about mindset Vanessa. It really is. I mean your program is spot on when it comes to the business aspect of it and the things that you teach the secrets that you teach. Oh my God. But it’s all about the mindset.

And now I have a mindset of abundance and you know again creating with our imagination. I had plistened to you in group talk about the other day that moment where you’re just praying on your knees just praying please please please please please and fucking nothing’s happening. Like nothing’s happening.

Because we were creating that scarcity. All of that negativity and so from the moment I got on the phone with you guys from signing up to the program to the group cause, it’s all about altering that mindset to a place of abundance. I believe in myself, I love myself. I am a winner. I deserve these things.

I am so grateful and happy that I am creating my massively successful, hugely inspiring, seven figure coaching empire. I mean these things are things that I did not come into this program with and I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I mean it’s completely changed how I respond to people too and people are noticing this difference.

I’m fucking lighter.

Vanessa: Well I think everybody can feel your states which is through the roof right now. And again congratulations. All the results are yours.

Lisa: Thank you. Thank you. All I did is follow the formula.

Vanessa: Yes. And that’s really key because we can give the recipes to a thousand people. But you have to show up and do the daily disciplines but if you do the daily disciplines your results are going to be similar to Lisa’s. And again, it changes your whole life. How you how you show up your vibration and your state especially because your state is going to dictate your actions. And as entrepreneurs you’re learning a whole lot of things, you’re learning how to replace your job income with your business income, your learning copywriting, your paid advertising, you’re in sales, you’re learning confidence, having sales conversations, being visible, putting yourself out there, there’s a lot of new things that you’re learning. Videos, talk to us a little bit about the video challenges did you like it. How did you do with it.

Lisa: It’s genius. I mean it’s so simple. You know we call it in my name a up there for every system we call it opposite action. And so right. So we have to in your program, we have to work through all our shame gremlins, like those damn shame monsters that keep coming up. So the 30 day video challenge man you just put yourself out there no matter how you’re feeling no matter what that internal dialogue is you put yourself out there and you realize “oh my gosh it wasn’t that horrible”. And then you do it again the next day and you tell yourself I’m going to make a video. And once I make it I’m going to go treat myself to that ice cream or whatever and you put yourself out there and while you don’t die the second time you do it right. And the third time you do it it gets better and better. But I will say people, you say it all the time, respond to video.

They love the video and they love you to be real in the video too. Like I mess up and have bloopers in mind all the time. Now before I would re film it. I’d spend five hours to make a 1 minute little blurb. And now Vanessa because I’ve overcome so many visibility blocks I can put one up and be like wow you know what good enough is good enough.

Isn’t that what you always say like good enough is good enough and I’m rocking it right.

Vanessa: You really are rocking it, like hat’s off to you. And again, hats off to you for doing the work. For showing up committed and disciplined everyday leaning in trying new things, trusting the process.

Lisa: Well I will say this though you’re going to put this video up for people who are like “oh I don’t know if I want to do the program or not”. So I talked to you guys two freaking years ago. I got on the phone and I talked to you guys two years ago. I didn’t do it, those two years were hell. OK. The stuff that happened to me in life and the price ldoubled by the time two years came by. So my lesson to everybody is do it now, don’t wait the two years.

I so wish I would have jumped, just take in the plunge two years ago. But I’m doing it now. I’m doing it now and that’s what matters.

Vanessa: Yeah that’s right. And and and doing it now. You know we can have excuses about why it’s hard. Where are we going to club with the money. Do it now. I mean if you guys are tuning in and catching Lisa’s via your vibration is amazing it’s off the charts today and I’m sure a lot of you might be thinking “Well sure if I had that kind of confidence of course my business would be booming” which is why you should join. We teach you confidence and cash flow strategies and the two of them have to be there in order for your business to work. But let me tell you one thing. And again you know Lisa brought up some of the books and some of the work that we work with. I’m not a big believer a big fan of Neville. I’m a big fan of self mass street mindset mastery and I’ve become obsessed. I’ve started a Law of Attraction many years ago.

My love attraction meets business. And I believe that there’s a reason that you’re tuning in and catching this video. You know whether you’re in our Facebook group or on YouTube we’re a part of our e-mail list. You know there is if you’re tuning in and you’re still watching this video what are you waiting for. You should tune in and catch us on the inside of the 10 came 30 day program. It’s an amazing eight week boot camp where we take you step by step through uncovering what your mindset gremlins are, the limiting beliefs that you may not even be aware of right. And we help you really show you how to use your mind like an oven. It’s always baking things out into reality but some people are baking a shit pot pie or some people are baked like I’m only good enough for thirty thousand dollars a year pie I’m not saying that’s what you were doing at set. But most people are just not aware of what they have in the oven. So we show you how to use the oven to cook out like lemon meringue pie or rhubarb pie or a hundred thousand dollars a year or month pie. You know what. Consciously and then we teach you how to package yourself and take your ideas into form and then we show you how to market yourself and how to set up a sales attraction system and how to run a five dollar at a simple paid advertising sales attraction system to turn people that are interested into actual buyers and we teach you sales and all along the math all along the way we have real life people to help you it’s a mastermind you’re going to meet some amazing woman in there.

What would you have to say about the women and the friends that you made?

Lisa: I’m so glad you brought that up because I was going to interrupt you and talk about that. I have made lifelong relationships with people there is something about you’re bonded going through the same thing and you know we as entrepreneurs what are we. You know the the the 3 percent. Right. So we really need to bond together, and that support was crucial. So it’s a team effort. And those ladies there are part of the team. I could not have done it without them. I mean there was a handful of days where I was like Oh my God I don’t know if I can do this. And it was the gals in there that gave me the extra gumption to get over that hump and just do it. So yeah, they’re vital, they’re a vital part of the process.

Vanessa: So I see this often that you know, the content, you’re going to learn some great things. You’re going to learn some new concepts, you’re going to have a ton of support with the friends that you make in the program are going to be friends for life and it’s just as valuable as the content, if not more valuable, you’ll have these friends for life, these soul sisters.

So if you’re catching this video apply today the link to apply to work with my team is You’ll get on the phone with a member of my team and they’ll really assess where you’re at. We may invite you to become a member of the program. We may not. Who knows. I don’t know where you are in the course of really being serious about this being a real serious income providing opportunity business for you. We may tell you to watch another video, we may tell you to buy a book. We may say come on in, but we’re really looking for people that are like Lisa and Lisa is now what it what happened you came two years ago and you’re like oh. Well this time around she was like fuck it I’m doing it.

Lisa: I took the plunge and I didn’t look back. Yes. Yes.

Vanessa: The amazing results you’re having. Congratulations again. Congrats.

Lisa: Thank you for what you’ve created, is it is so beautifully complete and covers everything that you know we need to feel supported as entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who have had other businesses like I. I again it’s like you say I’m glad I made it here, but damn I wish I had discovered it a long time ago. I’m glad I’m here now but yeah if anybody’s on the fence take the damn plunge, it is so much fun. So much pride.

Vanessa: If you guys are interested in finding out what’s provided exactly in the program you can find out more on our website The amazing Lisa Lacy, you can find her web site You can find her Lisa Lacey on Facebook. Also self care for recovery the women’s group and the men’s group on Facebook. Thank you Lisa and thank you guys for tuning in. Hopefully we’ll see you on the inside.


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