In 2 weeks signed up 3 new clients, doubled my income, overcame my barriers!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on November 19, 2019


Check out this interview with 10K in 30 Day Mastermind graduate, Susanne. “In 2 weeks signed up 3 new clients, doubled my income, overcame my barriers!”

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hey everyone, welcome to this live interview. I’m Vanessa Simpkins from Coming to you live is one of my amazing, awesome, fantastic, clients, she was a graduate. Sussan Jager from

Welcome Susanne.

Susanne: Hi!

Vanessa: I’m so happy that you’re here. Thank you for being here, for being willing to share. She’s a recent graduate of the 10k in 30 days skyrocket your confidence and cash flow program, the 8 week boot camp where we take new coaches, healers and women’s empowerment leaders and really to launch mode and help them get their first few sales, help them gain more confidence, overcome all the limiting beliefs in their minds. And really see them prosper, overcome fear and thrive.

I’m really excited that you’re here Susanne. Why don’t you start off by telling us what your real results were. What did you receive after going through the program?

Susanne: Yeah, I had some real tangible results. I hadn’t actually planned to join your program Vanessa. I hadn’t heard about you. One Saturday morning I was really upset about my needy clients and I realized I have to change what I’m doing. Plus, the phone wasn’t ringing anymore, I never had any issues. And there I sat on my sofa and up came up your Facebook message or your webinar invitation. And I listened to the webinar, I think the one that deals with fear. And I immediately realized you were the one for me. It was magic, it really was magic.

And we spoke, I don’t think she even had to convince me a lot to join your program because I realized you were the one for me. I had many subconscious barriers, I realized, issues talking about, asking for the right money, I think not being out there, not giving the right marketing messages, and trying to please everybody.

So that’s what made me join your program. And withing two weeks I had basically accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. Which was the phone rang again, I’ve overcome my barriers to making offers. I signed up 3 new clients and I doubled my income. It all happened very fast. I know it was phenomenal. And even clients I’ve lost they recently came back and they ask. I made a major deal, one of those wonderful value packages you advise me to design, which I did. And beforehand I would not have, I would have never dared asking for so much money in advance!

And they actually, they like it, and they’re happy and they’re willing to pay because they also see results. And the customer I signed up yesterday, he asked me for the bigger packages, we agreed a monthly payment plan will work, it’s given me so much confidence. The confidence is just phenomenal Vanessa. I think women out there, they really undersell themselves. I think that’s one of the big issues, they really undersell themselves. And I’m a therapist and I’m quite unique in what I do, so I know my value. But even that made it difficult to ask for money. And what I loved about your program is just you are this spiritual person, you totally understand the subconscious mind, but at the same time you are a business woman and it’s that combination which is wonderful.

Vanessa: Wow!

Susanne: So thank you so much. It’s wonderful, I’ve had a massive journey. It wasn’t always easy, ups and downs.

You go back to childhood and sometimes you can experience even quite painful moments. But it’s brought up a lot again, and ever since I’m so much calmer, I’m relaxed, I’m more confident. It’s been awesome, so lots of results.

Vanessa: Yeah. Congratulations. I mean, doubling your income, you got your first high end clients, you turned your mindset around, you got more confidence. Again, confidence, confidence, to charge what you’re worth. And you realize “I didn’t die!. People actually like it, they get even better results.”

This is phenomenal, congratulations Susanne you’re doing amazing. I’m so happy that you didn’t try and reinvent the wheel, you just followed the recipe because it works.

Susanne: It works!

Vanessa: And doing the mindset work. Listen, we’re conscious creators. We may not be conscious of what we’re holding in mind, but once we become conscious you can turn anything around, including how much wealth and abundance we allow in our lives.

There was a lot of wins and celebrations, what would you say was your biggest win? Or biggest celebration?

Susanne: I think the confidence. The confidence was good. The gremlins, getting rid of those gremlins. And definitely the income, Vanessa. In just having more money in the bank makes such a difference.

Vanessa: Yes it does.

Susanne: I think these are the biggest wins.

Vanessa: The money in the bank makes such a difference, isn’t it a good feeling?

Susanne: Yeah, it feels wonderful.

Vanessa: Good stuff. What would you say about the 30 day video challenge? How did that impact you, or how did you find it? What was it like for you?

Susanne: Well if I hadn’t done the 30 day video challenge I certainly wouldn’t be here on this interview today. I didn’t actually complete it, but I initially forced myself to do around 10 and I just posted them, and I only did them once and it is hard work. But my god, again, the confidence you get just from doing this. And beforehand I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing it. Even when people asked me, can you give me a testimonial on a video. I was scared, I wouldn’t do it. So I think it was massive, it was really massive. Because you taught me not to be a perfectionist, it doesn’t have to be perfect. What is important is to be out there, visible, making offers.

Vanessa: Yeah, this 30 day video challenge that I invite people to do it’s terrifying for some people they don’t want to do it. But once you overcome it and you realize “this is all in my mind, people actually love what I have to say, I’m actually really good at this, I’m a great teacher, look at all this feedback,” your confidence builds and that’s something that you’re gonna take into every area of your life, that confidence, not just in your business, but about your whole concept of self.

Susanne: Yeah. You made it look so simple. And it is simple. And that’s the whole thing, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Simple is good and I used to be a perfectionist, I grew up being German as well, Germans have to be perfect. Everything has to be spot on and it was great to know it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Vanessa: So we were talking about confidence, and we were talking about how you used to be a perfectionist because you’re German and everything has to be perfect and you’re like it really is simple, you just do it and getting over this perfectionism. Which I think is a huge issue for a lot of women getting started in business.

Susanne: Yeah. Absolutely. It was wonderful because all you have to do is basically do it; it was a simple as that. And I thought about obviously what I wanted to say, the day beforehand, or a few hours beforehand, and made a little plan. And I stuck to it, and it just, I didn’t even read from a script, I think once or twice I was reading from a book possibly. Quoting things from a book, but no it was quite beautiful. If you’re passionate about what you do, these videos will be quite easy to do. It’s just the initial, the first one is hard and getting the technology right. But it helps having an iPhone.

Vanessa: Everyone’s got an iPhone. You have a smartphone, you can do this. And like Susanne said, if you’re passionate about something in your iPhone I think it’s the best way to connect with people and you can be anywhere in the world, they can see your videos, it’s the next best thing to being live with someone is to be there on video. So I’m so happy that yo embraced that and just got over the perfectionism, you’re like “ah just do it here, get it done,” and the first one was hard but then wow, that visibility. I always say is be visible, deliver value, make offers; it’s the simplest recipe for cash flow and you did that brilliantly. So I’m really pleased.

You talked a little bit about gremlins, and how you did this gremlin work. So we’re looking at beliefs, so how would you say, we do a lot of mindset work in this, we do a lot of sales, systems, get your business ready, get your packages ready, get you really clear on who you are and how to market yourself in the marketplace. But more importantly, we work on mindset; mindset is everything. So you talked about working on your gremlins, how would you say the mindset work has impacted other areas of your life?

Susanne: Oh, massively because I still work part-time for example. And I also became a lot more confident at work, and I wouldn’t say it was necessarily unconfident beforehand, but my work has just, the part-time work I do, it’s quite strategic work, working for the government here, has really projected me into another level again. And people come to me and say “wow, what you have produced”. It was quite funny because in 3 weeks I ended up doing 3 big pieces of strategic work for the counsel I’m working for. These are massive pieces of work, we’re talking about the kind of documents which influence politicians, so I got that as well.

My boyfriend has benefited. Because we watch videos, and some of your videos really touch me. One which touched me most was the dig deep gratitude one. When I initially signed up with the program, that evening I said to my boyfriend, “you know, Mark, I’ve done something I’ve never done before, I’ve got myself a personal coach, and this woman is just perfect for me. Listen to here, listen, she’s so positive, she’s incredible.” And I sat there on the sofa and cried. And he was quite surprised by the response he had. And so we watched some of the videos together and he benefited as well, he has become more confident, I mean the exercises you do as well is where you teach us and how you teach us not to undervalue ourselves. And you basically begin to identify who benefits from the work we do, and it doesn’t stop. I mean, my son has benefited, my boyfriend has benefited, their friends will have benefited. And my work colleagues have benefited, my patients have benefited; it’s amazing.

Vanessa: Beautiful. That’s it, the confidence and cash flow; that’s the promise of this program. And Susanne I’m so thrilled that, this is why I’m so passionate about mindset work is that is changes and up-levels your whole evolution of you, your whole experience of you, you show up in the world as a different person and everyone gets to benefit. And I’m so happy that you joined the program, all the results now are yours, and of course that ripples out into other areas of your life.

And you also talk about owning your value and how massive that was, I think a lot of women need, we have a special exercise on how to own your value so you can show up with confidence and charge more for your services. And again, Susanne is telling us, her clients are loving it! They’re happy to pay more, they’re getting better results. They want to work with you. So this is amazing.

Susanne, what would you say to other women who are maybe watching these videos or who have watched the webinar, part of the Facebook group who are on the fence about joining the program? What would you tell them?

Susanne: Just go and do it. That’s what I would say to them. I didn’t hesitate a second, I just knew you were rght for me. As you say all the time, if your business is a hobby and you want to double your income, and become more confident and become a proper businesswoman, Vanessa is the deal. Go for it. That’s what I would say.

Vanessa: Well Susanne, I’m so excited that you’re here and that you’ve had these amazing results, thank you for showing up, thank you for being here today to take your time. I did not pay Susanne to say any of this. I did not. She’s coming here on her own volition, and it means the world to me because the next woman who watches this video might be like you were, on the couch thinking gotta change something, I can’t keep going like this, I don’t wanna have this experience, I don’t know what to do, and this video might be that person’s nudge or wake up call or tap on the shoulder invitation.

So if that’s you and you’re watching right now and you’d like to learn more about working with me in the 10k in 30 day you can apply at

A a member of our tema will call you up, connect with you and get on the phone with you and find out where you’re at, are you stuck with mindset, is it sales, a systems issue, is it a clarity issue, we’ll help you get clear and let you know the next steps to really help you grow your business and we may invite you to work with us in the program if we think it’s a good fit.

So, Susanne, I adore you, thank you for being here. Susanne from www.painreliefspecialist4 Keep up the amazing work, and I wanna thank you and all of our viewers here today. Thank you everyone, and we’ll see you soon.


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