I’m hosting workshops, getting paid speaking engagements and turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!


Angela: “This program changed my life! I hosted workshops, got booked as a paid speaker, gained CONFIDENCE & Clarity and turned my dream into a real BUSINESS!”

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Vanessa: Welcome to our live video here. My name is Vanessa Simpkins from www.TakeYourPowerBackNow.com, joining us is the amazing Angela Ford from www.YourSpiritualStrengthCoach.com.

Angela is a recent graduate of our 10k in 30 day sky rocket your confidence and cash flow boot camp; it’s an 8 week program. She is a lot of things, she’s got great hair. She is an energy healer, she’s a life purpose transformation coach, she’s an integrative holistic nutritional practice. She does a lot of amazing things, and thank you Angela for being here today and taking the time to share with our clients and people watching your transformation. So welcome and let us know what happened for you. Tell us a little bit about your business , where you were before you joined the program and where you are now.

Angela: First of all I want to say thank you so much Vanessa for having me on here, it is such a pleasure and an honor. And you were brilliant by the way, so thank you. Before I joined Vanessa’s program 10k in 30 day I just came home at leave and I worked for a natural supplement company but I was doing my business on the side, my energy healing, nutrition practice, life purpose transformation, but it wasn’t going anywhere; it was kind of one-offs and I needed help. And I wasn’t quite sure where the help was gonna come from, so I meditate and connect with the angels and the creator and after my daughter was born I was just like “okay I need help with this, I don’t want to go back to biomed. I know that I want to be my own lady boss, I want to be my own spiritual boss”.

So I went through a bit of post-partum at 3 months in and I still asking for help. So right at 6 months it was just like “boom!” that answer came and I went on Facebook and boom! the first thing that pops up in my newsfeed is Vanessa’s webinar; how to increase your cash flow for spiritual entrepreneurs. And I was like “oh my goodness, this must be it!” I was like “alright angel universe, I asked for it and this is what you’re giving me”.

So I signed up for your webinar and I watched it all. There was a phrase that you said that says “are you ready to take action now? Take your power back!” It was as though that phrase was designed for me. It was that sign that I needed to see, that I needed to hear, and it was boom! I didn’t even hesitate. So I signed up for a break through call, I had a beautiful interview with Carrie Anne and it was nice that she’s also Canadian so that’s kind of cool. I really connect with her and I felt heard and then my mindset mentor Annie just brilliant. You know, there are women who say they have to ask permission in life from the spouses and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you should ask permission. For me, I just knew that this was something that was important for my business, for my growth, and my husband was going to understand.

So I didn’t have to ask him for permission. I just knew that I needed to do this and he would understand.

Vanessa: You’ve got an amazing husband. You’ve had some amazing results throughout this 8 week process. Talk to us about what you’ve accomplished here in your business in the last 8 weeks. What are the top 3 takeaways, big wins?

Angela: Top 3 takeaways. One of the biggest ones was the worthiness. It was huge for me. In this program that you created Vanessa it allowed me to come out of the shadows in a sense that I was hiding behind fear and how my family was gonna disapprove. You gave me the tools to be able to realize, and the minsdet work, that I am worthy and that what I have to share with the world this gift that is divine people need to hear about it. You taught me how to come out and do that and embrace and be worthy.

So right off the bat boom!, the gremlin work, mindset is work and it is huge. So that’s the first major thing; I saw my worth. And no amount of money can cover it; that’s a steal.

The second, I realized that I’m pretty good at what I do. I didn’t realize I was good at what I do but I believe that and started coming out and showing up.

Last, I got direction and clear on my business. My business was actually, I felt, trully created. I had it on the side but it was really just a side. Now you helped me create something tangible, actually create my business.

You know the quote that says that life is not about fighting yourself, it’s about creating yourself. That’s exactly how I feel about this business; and that’s my top 3.

I got to create not just my business, but create the authentic me that can stand up in front and give this gift and help women in this world, in this lifetime. So that was huge. I got to create me and I got to create my business. I learned more in the 8 weeks than I’ve learned in my entire adult life of working. I’m 36 years old and I’ve been working since I was 15. But seriously Vanessa I learned more in those 8 weeks about business, about growing, about working, about presenting than I’ve learned in 20+ years.

So thank you so much for that.

Vanessa: You’re welcome! This is what we love to do. I wish somebody would’ve created this kind of contained for me to learn about planning, mindset, execution, strategy, marketing, sales, workshops.

Talk to us about how this has resulted in, you’ve had so many amazing wins, your enthusiasm right now. Tell us about your workshops, because you really have that knowing your worth. How many women entrepreneurs struggle with that? Everyone.

And then the clarity and creating a business but that’s allowed you to show up and give a workshop. So tell us about what happened from there.

Angela: So in the clarity that you created this program that I’ve learned the workshop seemed ot be my niche. You taught us the one-on-one coaching, the 90 days, then you have the bonus. I saw for me the workshops was just a resonance so half way through the 8 week program I put on a workshop with a friend and it’s called Empowering Women Create Your Sacred Box. So in that we got to design these beautiful wood pine boxes and their elements we added meditation, we had it crystals, we had it healing, there’s so many things in that box that is for any spiritual awakening woman to have in their repertoire. But it was so much more than that.

So in that workshop I was able to connect with more people than just the one-on-ones. I’m still going to do the one-on-ones, I just feel that the workshop is a calling and a niche that really works with me. I met so many people in the first workshop. I met a huge business owner, she is one of the chair of women entrepreneur board locally and she invited me after attending my workshop to speak at their luncheon 2 weeks after. And then she’s holding a women’s retreat in June that she wants me to be a speaker. I know I’m totally excited, paid to, not just speaking for free; paid.

I’m going to be paid as a presenter, as one of the speakers in June. And I split my workshop because there were so many people, I wanted more intimate. So now I’m having another workshop at the end of April. And I’ve been getting remarks from people like “you need to hold these every month”. So I’m in the process of working with another friend, a medical doctor that’s very spiritual too, kind of creating these workshops together.

So yeah Vanessa, you helped me really see that worth, see that I’m capable of doing that. And that I believe that I can do that. Before I never would ever. But now it’s like “yes, absolutely. I have something to say. I know what I’m talking about”.

Vanessa: Confidence!

Angela: Yes, and I have a business to back it up.

Vanessa: This is amazing Angela, high five, congratulations. This is really the basis, getting that confidence, getting out there with your message, seeing how it impacts people, and you get invited to come and do all these other cool events and speaking. And, you’ve also booked in some break through calls. Some people that wanted to learn more about your services, really well done; congratulations.

Angela: Yeah. And you know the thing about the services that you really helped clarify in the program is that I had all these things I was doing: nutrition, healing, life coaching. And I felt I was all over the place. My husband said to me “you need to narrow down what you’re doing, figure out what you’re doing”. And I just didn’t know how to.

So this program let me do that. Not only did you let me narrow it down, you allowed me to put it all together in a system that works that I didn’t have to just do one or the other; I could put it all together to make this beautiful program to help people transform as its allowed me to transform.

That’s the other thing, I’m getting clear and getting precise; you do that, your program does that. So people that have ideas all over the place, I knew for me I had a lot of things I was doing, you allowed me to utilize each of my areas of expertise and then put it into a manner that works in a system that works.

Vanessa: Thank you and thank you for implementing it. We can give everybody, 10 to 100 women, the recipe and maybe 7 out of 10 are going to put it into action. So kudos for implementing it. You can have a great idea, but if it’s just an idea there’s no action behind it nothing happens. You put it into action and all the results are yours.

It’s so awesome to see, I’m celebrating this confidence and this clarity and this enthusiasm and the big hair because I love the freaking hair.

Angela: I used to be afraid of the big hair. I used to always straighten my hair.

Vanessa: Make it bigger! I love it. There’s so many good nuggets here. This is what really happens when you put yourself out there.

There’s a lot of things that happen in this program. We talked about a video course, we work on mindset. Yes we give you strategy, a system, for how to create your first $3k – $5k high ticket program. And how to get the right mindset to get the message out there, implement systems, marketing.

What did you think about the video challenge? How was that for you?

Angela: That was hard because, as I said earlier, I was coming out the shadows. I present to naturopathic doctors but this was different, this was me, this was only myself; not presenting for a company. So it was putting myself out there and it was harder than I thought. However with that said, at the same time once I started and started getting responses from my group members and people it was as though people actually want hear what I have to say.

I got really good feedback, they’re like “you’re enthusiastic, we love what you have to share, your videos really help us”. I did a wellness Wednesday posts and it was about clearing negativity and toxic people out of your life and she had missed it on Wednesday but saw the replay on Thursday. She said “I’m so sorry I missed it but thank you. I’m struggling with stuff like that in my life”. In that moment something said to me “just tell her she’s not late, she’s on tme. She saw the video when she needed to”.

The video challenges Vanessa, when I do them there are things that just come out that I’m like “where is that coming from?” So now I’ve learned to accept it as a download and an upload, and somebody gets something out of it and they always comment that “oh my goodness this is what I needed to hear today”.

So the video challenge not only has allowed me to come out but allowed me to put content out that people want to see and content that helps people. You said, “you’re doing people and yourself a disservice by not putting yourself out there, not putting out the gifts that you are given”. So every time that I feel like I don’t want to do the video I remember that.

The video challenge once I got going, it took me about a week after you put it out to us for me to really jump in. And now I can’t imagine my programs without it.

Vanessa: You’re a rockstar on the video here. I love video. I think you tune into it because it’s the next best thing to being there live and like you said you have a natural gift to do workshops.

We teach you our workshop profit secrets system, how to generate an extra $100k a year by doing small intimate workshops; 15 to 20 people is how I got started in my yoga teachers basement. I give you the recipe, the formula, to get out there and then invite people into a coaching experience with you.

So video is just the natural next best thing to being live and like Angela said, you get all of this feedback. It can be difficult, so I love all the confident that you’ve amassed and the momentum that you’ve gotten in the 8 weeks.

You talk about the offer bible, that’s another big piece. There’s a lot of learning curve to getting a business out there, and that’s why we really I’m most proud of my team because my goal and focus is “how can we get our clients the best results? how can we help them get out there in 8 weeks and attract clients?” It’s by supporting you guys, giving you accountability and teaching you the habits, planning, actions steps; there’s a lot that goes into it.

So celebrating this outcome with you right now.

Angela: Honestly if anybody, any woman, that wants to be an entrepreneur, that wants to take their business to the next level this program is an absolute must. It’s not just about helping you build your program, your brand, your business, it’s about helping you create you. And often that’s the hardest part, and when you can master that and come deal with your gremlins that pop up, the self-doubt, the unworthiness; that’s a life-long journey and I get it.

This program allows you to tackle it head on in a loving, supporting environment that’s truly authentic. You’re not always gonna get that outside in the real world, so this allows you to create such a program that people are seeking your help in them.

That’s my advice. If any entrepreneur out there, men or women, and I know your focus is on women, any women out there that wants to do a business, that wants to show up in their business, this program is a must hands down.

Vanessa: Thank you for saying that. I second what Angela just said, this is really the best program for spiritual women entrepreneurs. We work on the core of you, who you are, what your thoughts are, what are your beliefs. We get you clear on your signature system and program, and we give you ways to get out there in the marketplace with online video, with Facebook advertising, hosting your own workshops and really help you create this expert platform and make offers, enroll clients.

Then the confidence that comes from actually not thinking about it but taking action and getting feedback, and results. Getting people signing up to do strategy sessions. There’s a lot that we do in 8 weeks, and I hope you guys catch this enthusiasm, this confidence that Angela’s got; that’s why we do it.

Angela: Vanessa, this program connects you with so many other women out there in the world. For example, Cary, she’s based in Maryland and I’m in British Colombia. We’ve now teamed up to do a once a month program that we’re charging and women get to log on and we get to share, they ask questions on spiritual growth, transformation. It’s like a membership date and they log on once a month and we get to share and help them with things like that. Like how to move on in their lives, how to show up and things like that.

So this program allowed me to connect with somebody with the same vibration. So now we’re doing a collaborative thing together and it’s amazing; I wouldn’t have that opportunity if I hadn’t been part of this program.

Vanessa: Yeah. We have rockstar women in here. Like Angela said, it’s a safe place. We give you a good swift kick in the bum with a hug. Strap your tits on, get to work but doing the right things. And you get to do it with other people who are on that same journey. They’re all serious business women, they want to do this as a business full-time, they don’t want to play around anymore and you get to meet some really cool women. We’ve actually created a graduates group because we want you to stay connected with each other. It’s so important, where else do you find people that are like you, that don’t think your dreams are crazy, they don’t think that you’re connecting with source and tuning into intuition is like a weird thing.

You want to keep people that get you close to you, makes the journey a lot more fun. And look at this awesome collaboration that you’ve had.

I am gonna invite you guys, if you’re watching this video and want to know more about the 10k in 30 day program. It’s an 8 week boot camp, you can visit the website www.10kin30dayprogram.com to find out more about it.

And again, high five Angela Ford. Thank you for being a rock star and getting into action. Her website is called www.YourSpiritualStrengthCoach.com.

Thank you Angela and thank you guys for tuning in today to this interview. I love you guys. I want to celebrate each and every one of you guys with this kind of enthusiasm, clarity and tuned on, turned on, showing up for your purpose.

Angela: Vanessa thank you because you too answered your calling because if you hadn’t you wouldn’t have created this program for women like myself, for the 100’s and 1000’s of women that you have helped in the last decade in creating this program and making it better every year. So thank you for answering your calling to do this because definitely your foundation for what we all needed to create our own foundation, so thank you. And I’m so blessed and honored that I got to meet you, that I get to be part of this sisterhood, this program and I want to join your year-long program. So I’m gonna talk to you a little bit later about that one, so thank you.

Vanessa: You are welcome! That is the best testimonial I’ve ever heard in my life. That’s what happens when we show up, when we lean in past all of the fear. We talk a lot about leaning into our purpose, it transforms the people around us. We get to be better moms, better spouses. It’s a magical freaking carpet ride.

Angela: Oh it is. Nothing worth it in life is easy, in the sense that it’s not just the straight road. There is no stright road. Everybody’s unique, you allow us to tap into our unique gifts. Which is really quite beautiful.

Again, the amazing Angela Ford thank you for sharing your heartfelt experience about this program. And anybody’s tuning in, watching this visit www.10kin30dayprogram.com.


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