I went from owing thousands to making 10K in 30 Days!


I went from owing thousands to making 10K in 30 Days, I took my kids on a trip to Mexico! She manifested thousands of dollars, a brand new vehicle, and her clients get great results.

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Tanya: Hey guys Tanya Clarke Marinelli here, creator of www.investinyourselfcourse.com for women and www.empoweringkidsprogram.com for kids. I’m just here to share with you my experience in the 10K in 30 days program with Vanessa Simpkins. Now the first thing I’m gonna share with you guys is tools, she teaches you amazing tools that you can use in your business. And I’ll give you an example of two tools that she shared with me that completely transformed my business.

The first tool that she taught me was how to attract my high-end ideal coaching clients, that is something that she teaches everybody who signs up in the program. I took this, mind blowing, and I am telling you to this day the only people that sign up for my program are my ideal clients. I don’t have to sound salesy, pushy or sleazy; none of that. It truly is people coming to me who want to work with me, who resonate with me. So that’s one incredible tool that she taught me.

Another incredible tool that she shared with me was how to make an offer at the end of a speaking engagement. So I was doing a lot of speaking engagements, I was doing at least two a month but I wasn’t getting anybody coming back and signing up for my programs and I couldn’t figure out why. While she shared with me a very specific tool and the very first time that I implemented it 17 out of 20 people signed up for sales calls. So that was mind blowing in itself.

Now this is why this is so cool. Vanessa Simpkins is all about collaboration, not about competition. She will give you every single tool that she uses in her own business so you guys can begin using it in yours; which is what I did. And then I began teaching my clients these tools and my clients started getting results; mind blowing. So here’s the cool thing, staying on the topic of collaboration, twice a week a hop on a mastermind call with 20 other coaches and healers who are achieving amazing results. I share templates that help in my business, they share with me templates that help in their business, and you got 20 other successful coaches and healers, doctors in this program that you can get kick ass material for. And you supply what works for you to them as well. Again, all about collaboration. We do that twice a week, I get a one-on-one call with Vanessa once a month, which is amazing, not only that I get daily contact with all these people every single day and Vanessa.

So here’s some of the feedback that I’m getting, this is some of the experience that I’ve been having which is why I decided to sign up with Vanessa for another year; because I got to experience my first 10k in 30 days. And a little bit of my history is I grew up in poverty, foster care, and I was a teen mom, I was an adolescent parent and I had a very strong poverty mindset. After signing up with Vanessa and implementing a few other things I literally went from owing thousands of dollars, from having my hydro cut off, you name it, into making 10k in 30 days; freaking mind blowing.

And then, I not only did that, I got to take my kids, I’m a single parent, on a trip to Mexico on my own. So that is a huge success. So not only do I get to travel, I’m making money in my business, I ge to be home with my kids, I get to be present with them; she teaches you exactly how to do that. And I manifested thousands of dollars, I manifested a brand new vehicle. And the cool thing is that like I said I get to share all these tools with my clients, so my clients really benefit by everything that I’m learning from Vanessa.

Thank you Vanessa Simpkins!

And one more thing, I’m gonna finish off with this, Vaness is really about collaboration not competition. And this is why it means so much to me, I’m very spiritual and I love working with high energy, action taking entrepreneurs which I’m sure that Vanessa does as well. But the tools that she learns she passes down, I pass down; guys we’re creating a ripple effect. And if you’re serious about making an impact in this world, while fulfilling your own desires and living the life of your dreams then this is the exact program for you guys.

I love you all. Again Tanya Clarke Marinelli, sign up for Vanessa’s 10k in 30 days program. I love you all, have an amazing day!



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