I raised my vibration and invested in myself!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on January 2, 2020


“I raised my vibration and invested in myself! This is my 2nd mastermind with Vanessa and loving it – best thing you can do for yourself.”

Read the transcript below:

My name is Tanya Clark Marinelli, creator of www.investinyourselfcourse.com for women and www.empoweringkidsprogram.com for kids. So I am out in Laguna Beach California for my second mastermind with Vanessa Simpkins with Take Your Power Back Now and I am loving this mastermind because not only do I get to connect with all of the other women, coaches and healers in my mastermind program but we spent literally, this is my 3rd day master mining, and growing my business and getting all of this amazing content to implement in my business when I get back home tomorrow.

Love working with Vanessa, she’s a fellow Canadian, I’m Canadian. And she’s just so down to earth and probably my favorite part about working with Vanessa is that I actually get to work with Vanessa. I’ve worked with a lot of high end coaches but I’ve never had the opportunity to speak directly to them and it’s a different experience when you get to have direct contact with your business coach.

My biggest takeaway from this weekend mastermind is number one putting me first and raising my vibration and investing in myself so I can take all this content back and give it to my clients and help them prosper in their businesses.

Being a single, homeschooling, business owning mom I can see how there’s a lot of women out there who are like I don’t have the time to take to myself, it might be selfish but I’m telling you right now it’s the best thing that you can do for yourself and your children because you’re gonna feel amazing, your vibration is going to be higher and you’re just gonna model success for your children and the loved ones around you.



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