I now have a thriving coaching business – made my investment back x 3!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on December 20, 2019


I now have a thriving coaching business – made my investment back x 3! The support, love and encouragement is amazing, truly life changing!

Read the transcript below:

Dara: Hi I’m Dara Fischetti, creator of Super Girl Fitness and the You Happy Ever After Empowerment program. And now author of my book You Happy Ever After, which is amazing because that is one of the things that I have accomplished while being under the wing of Vanessa Simpkins.

Vanessa’s program got me to not only focus on what I really want, but to actually believe inside that I could achieve those things. And I’m just so excited and so grateful that I was able to really focus on the steps to get me to where I wanted to go. And the women, the other people in the program that I met, have been inspiring. That’s another part that really helped, was the group dynamic and having the support and the love and the encouragement from my other peers and the other women in the group. And there are actually there are a couple of guys in the group, but it was amazing.

It’s the middle of a work day and here I am outside enjoying this beautiful weather in this beautiful place where I live and I’m not chained to my computer, I’m not in a job that makes me miserable and unhappy because Vanessa Simpkins has taught me how to design my life the way I truly wanted to be.

She’s taught me not only secrets of transformation in my business but personal transformation as well, and I’ve learned how to manifest everything I want and I’m truly excited for the business I’ve created and also for the person I’ve become.

And the best part, the most important part, are the results and I’ve received since signing up for Vanessa’s program. Not only have I learned to master the techniques to bring in leads, like making videos and Facebook, social media, all that stuff that she teaches you to bring in leads. But also to have sales calls and to actually sign people up for my program. It’s been amazing! I now have a thriving coaching business. I’ve definitely made my money back that I invested in the program times 3. I’m super excited because this has been a truly life changing experience for me. I’ve created the life I truly wanted and the career I truly want. Thank you so much Vanessa, I love you, I love this, I love my results and I appreciate everything. Thanks!

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