I massively increased my rates and my clients are happy to pay them!


Vanessa is the best teacher I’ve ever had, she helped me transform my beliefs and feel empowered, and helped me see my value. I massively increased my rates and my clients are happy to pay them!

Read the transcript below:

Amy: Hi my name is Amy Anglemark of Amy Anglemark Coaching. I want to sing the praises of Vanessa Simpkins because she is such an incredible business coach and I would say friend and supporter.

If you’re considering working with her, do not second guess your desire to work with her. And I’m going to tell you why. There are 3 main areas that she has helped me overcome, move forward in and fast forward my progress. The first is she’s helped me identify some beliefs that I had before that were really holding me back personally and in my business life. They were holding me back from having the success that I could have had before working with Vanessa, but that’s why I hired her, right?

Now I have beliefs and habits that I’m putting into place every single day that are empowering me inside, they’re making me feel healthier, more energized, happier and on track. So she’s helped me transform my beliefs and feel more empowered; that’s the one big area she’s helped me overcome.

The second is she’s shown me everything that she knows that I need help with. She holds nothing back about the technical details or every aspect of business. But this second area that she’s helped me overcome and learn more about is sales and marketing and how to take care of the back end of your business to make sure that you are consistently in action. This has been a really big deal for me and something that has taken some time to learn about but she has been such a great teacher, the best teacher that I’ve ever had in this area; so I highly recommend her if you need to know more about sales and marketing.

The third area is she’s helped me see how great my value is that I offer to my clients. I already knew that I was awesome at what I did before I hired Vanessa. But now I truly see how great my value is, I see the results my clients are getting and how worthy of an investment it is to work with me. And she’s helped me massively increase my rates, and clients are happy to pay me for my services because of the results that they get.

So she’s helped me own my value and that has been tremendously invaluable.

Like I said if you are thinking of hiring Vanessa don’t second guess yourself, go with your intuition. I’m a spiritual woman and so is Vanessa, so that’s something that really attracted me to her, and she has strong business skills from her years of experience and all of the training that she has paid a lot of money for; she gives it all to you, she doesn’t hold anything back. It’s quite exciting, she’s very generous.

So hop in with both feet, that’s my recommendation.



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