“I got my first high paying client – I OWN my value & my worth and have CONFIDENCE!”

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on October 31, 2019


ALOHA from Hawaii the amazing Kelly Weaver gives her recount of her experience in the $10k in 30 day mastermind: “I got my first high paying client – OWN my value & my worth and have CONFIDENCE with my business like never before!”

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hello everybody, welcome to today’s video. Joining me is the amazing Kelly Weaver, welcome Kelly.

She is joining us from Hawaii. From the amazing island of Kuai. She’s also a recent graduate of our 8 week boot camp, the 10k in 30 day mastermind. Thank you for joining us, we want to know all about it.

We want to know where were you before where are you now. Kelly Weaver is the founder of a Facebook group called Soul Viber 808, she’s a love attraction coach and founder of the program Activate Miracles Now.

Tell us, what happened in those 8 weeks? Where were you before and where are you now.

Kelly: Awesome! Well thank you for having me, ahola everyone. I’m so excited to be here. I cannot believe how in 8 weeks my life has changed. As a coach, and as a love attraction coach, and I started out the program not knowing a single step of how to build a business. I’ve been a teacher for 20 years, so the coaching has come very naturally and easily to me. And helping people has always been in my blood, but I had no idea how to get this business off the ground and I cannot believe in 8 weeks how much I have accomplished as a result of it. And how the business is now just rolling.

What I love about your program, compared to others, is the spiritual nature of it. As a love attraction coach I live the practices that I teach my clients, you live those practices as well and you teach those of us in the program that coupled with this very specific recipe that is so helpful.

Vanessa: Yeah, it goes together. The mindset and inner work goes with the systems and sales and marketing. I’m like so celebrating all of your amazingness but why don’t you tell people your top 3 biggest takeaways, biggest aha’s, biggest accomplishments that you got.

Kelly: There are so many. But 3 particularly is before you, I was not charging what I was worth and through exercises and through our calls you made it very clear about where my value was and so I have learned now what I should be charging and what I’m valued at, and what my time is valued at; I think that’s really important and getting very clear on that.

So that was a huge win for me because as a result then I was able to get my first clients. I also have tangible steps and that’s a big huge win. And just the confidence. I know when the program initially starts everyone talks about that, and I’m a very confident person to begin with but I realized I wasn’t confident in the business aspect. So now I feel much more empowered and have those tools that I didn’t have before. So that just raises your confidence when you know what you’re doing. And it’s simple, I mean I’m not a techie and I could figure it out so it’s worth it.

Vanessa: Wow! You know you touched on 3 great points. You number 1 were able to know your worth and start, this is a huge hurdle for a lot of new coaches “how can I charge thousands of dollars for my programs?”, “who’s gonna pay for that?”, “is it gonna work?”, all of this goes on. So getting really clear on that is one thing you did, and because of that you were able to attract your first clients; which is awesome.

And now you have a step by step system to follow, and that takes away all the overwhelm and really gives you the confidence. You have an action plan for your business, I love it.

We do a lot of mindset here. We talk about gremlins, hunting out the gremlins, really looking at beliefs. So what did you think about that, what do you want to say about that, is there any major aha’s that you had about the mindset work.

Kelly. Yes. Mindset is huge and as a coach I know that. Taking my clients to that, and I guess I didn’t realize the gremlins that I really had until I started this program and being in a group of very supportive women and being able to be vulnerable. I like kind of meltdown during one of the calls. After I was able to slay that gremlin, the next day had felt like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. I think I did a Facebook video on it actually called hatched, where something imploded in that call in a positive way.

And Annie, on of the mindset coaches, took me clearly through a process of releasing that gremlin and slaying it once and for all. And ever since then I have been absolutely a new person. And just the confidence after that call, having that moment and having the support of that group; that was it, there was no holding me back anymore.

Vanessa: I love it! It is a safe space. The purpose of this program is yes to help new entrepreneurs get your first $3k, $5k, $12k high paying client, get you clear on your program, get you clear on your marketing. A simple marketing plan that works to bring you clients online and offline but the in between there’s a container that has to happen. You have to arrive to a place where it’s safe for you to go in an look at all of this.

So I’m super happy that you had that experience. And it is a safe space and all the women there are just like you, they’re really serious, committed. It is kind of like being with your Soul Sisters, so I’m so happy that you had that breakthrough; and now all the results are yours.

So you also talk about a video now. Tell us about that process of the video challenge, a 30 day video challenge, what was that like for you? Easy? Hard?

Kelly: I love the video challenge. I think it’s my background though in fairness, I know that’s pretty scary for most people. I was a speech teacher and I also did TV in both high school and college so for me that part was very easy. But I can see how that’s very much a gremlin having taught students for many years who are terrified of public speaking. But what I have found through the videos genuinely is a lot of people won’t comment on your video but I would love to show you how many private messages I got from women saying “thank you for saying that”, or “thank you for being authentic”, or “thank you for being genuine”.

So just those of you that are out there that are afraid of that visibility, afraid of getting in those videos, the bottom line is people want authenticity and they want truth. They don’t care if you have a fancy camera, they don’t care if you’ve got great lighting or sounds; they want to hear your message and they want to relate to you. So I think if you don’t have all that stuff it’s probably better because it becomes more authentic and real. And I actually, one of the clients I got from that.

I do a weekly video, self care Sunday. I had done that before I started the program and a woman private messaged me and was like “that’s it, you’re the one I want. I’ve seen how you manifested this life and I love your messages, I know that they’re truthful and honest”.

So that’s the advice I would give. Get yourself out there and be honest, people love that.

Vanessa: Yes, you’re right. And people don’t care about the fanciness and they just want real and rock give it to them. How amazing that we live in this age where with an iPhone you can basically run Facebook an online business and attract clients from all around the world. So kudos for doing those videos.

What would you say to women who may be watching this video, or maybe some of the videos, or found me on YouTube, or looking at this program, are maybe on the fence, what would you say to them about this?

Kelly: I thought about this a lot because it’s the truth. I know what it’s scary to make a huge financial investment but I’m being very serious when I say this: every single time when I have shown up for myself, and I have invested in myself, the universe invests in me every single time.

Before I met you I got my law of attraction certification through another program, the actual coaching, teaching, practices and my husband was furious with me “I cannot believe you spent all this money!”.

And I just kept living my practice which was “it’s going to come back somehow, it’s going to come back to me”. And you know what’s amazing and one of the things I love teaching my clients is “how is none of your damn business”. How you get that investment you have no control over. You can imagine things and you can have ideas but sometimes you can’t even dream where that money will come from, or whatever you need.

So for me, for my business, for my certification program the money came through a stipend through my husband and it was the exact amount that I needed to pay off the program.

After that he was like “oh”. He’s not a firm believer, but even in your program, as you know I told you one of the things that you always do is celebrate our wins when we get on our calls. And if you remember it was only a week I signed up into your class and manifested $2,000.

And that was completely a check I got in the mail through a family member. Like with a note being like “we just love you and want to give you money”. I’m not even joking. If that would have been on one of the multiple choices of how the money was gonna come I would have said “you’re crazy! No way it’s coming that way”.

So when you invest in yourself, the universe will invest in you. It’s absolutely worth every single penny.

Vanessa: I love it. Thank you, yes. And I agree. I love that nugget, the how is none of your business. Just keep leaning in and trusting and making it interesting.

Kelly: Yeah.

Vanessa: Talk to us a little bit about your Facebook group. You’re the founder of a Facebook group and the name is really interesting. It’s called Soul Viber 808.

808 is obvious the area code in Hawaii. But Soul Viber 808, why that? Talk to us about the name of the group.

Kelly: So I had a very traumatic past as a child. There was a lot of physical and emotional abuse, my parents where divorced. My father and my stepfather are both recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, so my life was chaotic my entire life.

And thankfully because of education and amazing teachers I was able to graduate and become the first person in my family to go to college; that was really important to me. And after I had my spiritual awakening, which if you come and visit my website you can read about, I realized something: there’s a lot of people that survive physical and verbal abuse, but a part of their soul doesn’t survive. Part of them just dies and with it their dreams and hopes die.

And I realized the I am not only a survivor but a soul viber. Because a piece of me actually didn’t die, actually those experiences guided me and helped me on this path to serve others. And so that’s where the name Soul Viber 808 came from.

Vanessa: I love it. You remind me of a friend of mine who’s a psychic who talks a lot about that, about your soul’s calling and how it pulls you forward.

The amazing Kelly Weaver, thank you so much for sharing here today Kelly.

And whoever is watching this, thank you for showing up. If you want to get similar results, if you are like Kelly you’ve been a teacher for 20 years, and you got all these certifications, and are ready to make your business a real business and start having high paying clients and really get get clear on your marketing and have that confidence to charge what you’re worth and to own the value of your services. And to create a marketing plan and know what to do every day so you’re not overwhelmed and really launch your business.

I invite you to apply at www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com/10kready. When you apply you’ll be able to book a time, it’s a free call with someone on our team and then we’ll have you fill out a quick questionnaire and then we’ll get on the phone with you and find out what’s going on with your business, what’s holding you back from having the clients and the results that you want from your coaching business.

Again, thank you everyone for joining. And thank you Kelly, we’ll see you on another video.

Kelly: Aloha!

Vanessa: Aloha, bye everyone!


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