I got CLEAR on my signature program and attracted a $4000 client!


The Amazing Melissa Dafnis shares her experience of the $10k in 30 day mastermind: “I overcame some mindset gremlins, got CLEAR on my signature program and attracted a $4000 client!”

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Vanessa: Hey everybody, welcome to this video. My name is Vanessa Simpkins from Take Your Power Back Now. Joining me is the amazing Melissa Dafnis, welcome Melissa.

Melissa: Hi, thanks letting me be here. I really like it, I’m just so excited.

Vanessa: Yeah and we’re here having a really candid, open conversation today about your experience in our 8 week boot camp. We have a 10k in 30 day sky rocket your confidence program for new coaches. Melissa is the founder of www.BreakFreeandBe.com. She is a rock star, she’s the founder of Freedom Movement and can’t wait for you to tell us more about that. Why don’t you start, tell us where were you before you started this boot camp, where was your business and where are you today.

Melissa: When I started I had been trying for a year to start an online business, and I know I wanted to work from the road because I sold my house and everything I owned and bought an RV to live the freedom lifestyle. So that was big for me. And I knew that I wanted to work from the road and I had been trying and just couldn’t get my footing, I just didn’t have the proper steps to take to get where I needed to be and I want to help other people to do the same thing, to be able to live the lifestyle they want to be free.

So I was trying and basically I was stuck. Not knowing where to go next, and I asked the universe one day I wrote in my journal “I now ask the universe for everything I need to make the money and have a successful business that I want from the road”.

And the very next morning I woke up and looked at my Facebook on my phone and there was your ad for your webinar, and I thought I just asked for it the day before I woke up the first thing I saw your webinar was 40 minutes later and I knew you were the one and I signed up and joined the program.

I’m so happy that I did.

Vanessa: Awesome! This is a real rock star here. Sold your house, bought an RV launching; that’s committed. So you all know Melissa’s a really committed rock star and it’s been a total pleasure watching you throughout the 8 weeks grow your business.

You started out wanting to have this online business, you felt stuck. What would you say are the biggest top 3 accomplishments that you had or 3 big takeaways from the program?

Melissa: The biggest 3 I’d say number 1 was mindset. You really worked with us and the group on that, and that really helped me to get over the hump. The next thing was just being in a group was really important too. Sometimes I wouldn’t know the right question to ask, or ask the right question, or I would just be sitting there with my face hanging out but somebody else would ask exactly what I needed; so that was a huge help being on this journey with other people in the same boat.

But the biggest thing for me, because I was stuck and I didn’t know what the next step to take was is that you laid it all out, you said do this, this, this and this. You didn’t let us get overwhelmed, you gave us the steps and that’s what I needed; it got me where I needed to be.

And that’s exactly what I needed, it was so important; it’s what absolutely worked for me.

Vanessa: And you were able to attract a high paying client, true?

Melissa: Yes. I had been trying for over a year and finally with your steps and with the program I followed exactly what you told me and boom. I mean, just the ideal client right at my door.

She was really my ideal client, and thanks to your process I was able to attract my ideal client.

Vanessa: Yeah, which is really cool. We hear a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with similar things. You want to start an online business, you’re totally committed and then now what do I do?

So the top three takeaways, the first thing you said was mindset. We see this all the time, mindset is key. What were some of the gremlins that you were struggling with? We see people struggling with how much they charge, where to find clients, what to do first. What were some of the biggest mindset, gremlins, hurdles that you finally were able to overcome?

Melissa: All those things that you said I have a to-do list for all those. I want to write a book, I want to do public speaking, I do some YouTube videos. But really following your program got me to just follow the program. In other words stop running off in different directions and follow the program. And the biggest gremlin for me was worthiness and accepting the guidance of the universe.

And I had a pop while I was in this program, and I know I’m ok with everything. Whatever happened I just washed all of everything away and I stepped through that doorway. And I no longer have the fear, I no longer have the unworthiness, I no longer have any of that. I’m just here and I’m working with the universe and I really believe it’s because of your program that I got where I am.

Vanessa: Ah well listen, I’m celebrating that you did the work. And this is what prevents a lot of new coaches from attracting high paying clients; these gremlins we call them. Everyone has them, and they’re just old decisions that haven’t been visited yet. No one teaches you actually how to create new beliefs about worthiness.

So if you’re looking to charge $1k, $2k, $5k, $10k for your coaching program, first of all you gotta believe it, you gotta believe it’s possible, you gotta believe that you’re worth it. So the worthiness gremlin is a huge piece of the puzzle and hallelujah you were able to break through that and attract a client.

How much was it for again?

Melissa: $4,000.

Vanessa: Right on! So amazing. Now you break that glass ceiling of what’s possible and again and again and again using the same system you can do that. So mindset was key for you, next you talked about being in a group. I love women’s empowerment, I think women are magical creatures. I think that when we get together magical things happen. You’re talking about the mastermind, this is an 8 week program that we run. Women are coming in at different times,some people are graduating, some are coming in. What was that experience like for you?

Melissa: The biggest thing I think was being in the group calls, and they’re video calls, and I love the way you and the other coaches take a list of names. I’ve been on other group coaching phone calls before and it’s just like who has a question and either everybody jumps on it once, or you wait for somebody else and you don’t get your questions answered. All the questions were answered, and if I didn’t have a question or I already asked my question somebody else would ask a second question that I needed to know. Or I didn’t realize I needed to know, that’s what’s more important.

So just having the other ladies on there and seeing what they go through, following some and some are following me, it’s just an amazing experience; I loved every minute of it.

Vanessa: Yeah you were really active. I got a really high five for Melissa. What I loved about you is you always showed up, asked questions, 90% of success is showing up. We really create a space for you guys, it’s a safe space and a lot of you are doing this inner healing work on your belief systems, on your systems. But you’re also getting crystal clear strategy on marketing and sales, and all these different edges you got to soften in order to become an online expert who’s generating 6 figures in sales.

So we create that space for you, and you’re showing up, you’re always the first person to put your name up there and sometimes these calls can last hours. The goal is everyone gets clarity, you get clarity when you push an answer then you get into action you get the results.

We created this space so that everyone really gets the clarity, gets your questions answered. You always showed up and you’re always the first one with a question. And that’s exactly what we want to see, you can’t hide out here. We really strive to give people a lot of clarity, and that’s why I believe masterminds are so powerful. Because when you bring people together that are all setting up sales attraction systems, simple funnels, whatever questions you have other people are using that as well.

So I love this model. I’m so happy that you showed up and took advantage of it, and showed up on all the calls.

Talk to us a little bit about the steps. We talked about your systems Vanessa, your program, you were able to create your high end coaching program. Talk to us about why that was helpful.

Melissa: I had an idea in my mind. Was just been floating around, all these pieces and all these things in my mind. And I sat down in front of a blank piece of paper I don’t know bow many times and I couldn’t spit it out. And your very first step, the first module, is like here’s how you create your signature program. And it all came up and that was it, the foundation for everything else in the program. I could see there were modules that other people were doing but I didn’t want to jump ahead, I wanted to do one step at a time.

I think that was very important because I see other people star to freak out. To me that’s the ladder I needed to climb to get there.

Vanessa: This is really important. We’ve take hundreds of women through this process, the last year about 300 women to be specific. We actually revamped the program to just give you guys enough information in each module, here’s one week, here’s what you do, and the foundation is getting clear on your signature program. A lot of coaches have a hard time, they don’t know how to sell it because they don’t know what it is. There’s all these people saying to do a little six week program and charge this and do this.

We teach you here how to start where you’re at. Don’t rush off and start doing all crazy complicated automation when you just need to get your first 3 to 5 one-on-one coaching clients. We’ll show you exactly how to do that. And that confidence allows you to take the next step, then you go on the next level of the ladder and start showing you about marketing, Facebook, driving leads.

Super happy that you had this all fleshed out.

Melissa: They’re made from shiny object syndrome.

Vanessa: Lol! Listen, this is a boot camp. Coaching industry is booming $2.4 billion industry. It’s booming. And everybody has their hands in the pie, they want you to write books, they want you to be a speaker. And all those methods are great but they’re one spoke of the umbrella. And what you need in order to generate sales and have a consistent business is you need to hold on grow up. And that’s what we aim to do, is we want you to get really clear about what your whole umbrella is, what your brand is, your marketing, and each piece of those spokes. We want to give you the whole formula, not just one spoke. Otherwise you’re running around with a bunch of sticks in your hand and you’re getting wet; you’re still getting rained on.

Talk to us a little about the video challenge. We help a lot of our clients break through visibility blocks, we help encourage them to get out and start using video. What was that like for you?

Melissa: I really like a video challenge. I had done a few videos before and it made me up my game and continue to think about new things and to come up with new ideas and thoughts, and just be more comfortable every time. It’s so nerve wracking to get on there, I’m still a little hesitant about the live, but it just works you through that process and helps you get over that fear; it just makes things a whole lot easier.

Vanessa: And you really are a rock star now with these lives. I saw a lot of women in the group asking questions.

Melissa: I like the videos. At first you kind of want to have a script and then you start to flow. And now I can just turn it on and talk to the phone or the camera just like I’m speaking to you. Because that’s who I’m speaking to, I’m speaking to you.

Vanessa: Right. This is the key, this confidence and this naturalness and this authenticity. This is what your clients want. I’m so stoked, congratulations.

And you generated a $4k sale, which is amazing. More to come. A lot of our clients say that “oh my gosh, what I’ve done in 8 weeks I haven’t been able to do in 2 years!”. What we’ve done here in 8 weeks is really a lot of clarity, confidence and cash flow; that’s our aim here in the 8 week boot camp.

Any words of advice that you want to share with women maybe watching these videos who are on the fence. What would you say to a woman who’s kind of where you were 8 weeks ago, struggling, felling a bit stuck, having all these ideas.

Melissa: My biggest breakthrough was the mindset of finally accepting universal guidance. And I truly believe that if you’re here watching this video with me and Vanessa, that universal guidance has brought you to this point.

When I signed up for your program Vanessa I didn’t have the money, I had to use 2 different credit cards and scramble. It was scary as hell. I was like “oh my god what did I do?”

That’s your first thought, it’s natural to feel that way. But the only way. I just did a post on your Facebook group today, “the only way to fly is to jump off that cliff and flap your arms as hard as you can and your wings will appear and you’ll start to fly”. But it’s scary, it’s gonna be scary. You just can’t start flying from here. You have to go. So if you’re on that fence, you know what you want and you know what your heart says; follow your damn heart. Your heart knows better than your head. Your head is gonna come up with all those stupid excuses.

If your heart says “this is for you”, then your heart’s right.

Vanessa: I love that. Just talking about leaning in, it’s gonna be scary but you gotta use your wings before they develop; you’ve got to test them out and not listen to the gremlins, don’t listen to your mind, follow your heart, lean in.

I love that advice.

If you’re watching this video and you’re wanting to have the same clarity, confidence and cash flow like Melissa and our grads are generating, you can apply for an 8 week boot camp. We work with brand new coaches, we work with healers, massage therapists, reiki masters, people like Melissa who have been struggling to create their online business for a while and really want to see some results.

They want to create their first high ticket sale, their first 1, 2, 5, 10 sales for $1k, $3k, $5k, $12k; we can show you how to do that. And the place to apply is www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com/10kready.

When you book a call you’ll have a chance to book in our calendar and then fill out an application, and we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a rock star like Melissa, she’s committed balls to the wall. Her website again is www.breakfreeandbe.com, Melissa Dafnis thank you again for being here.

Melissa: It was my pleasure, thank you so much for helping me reach that next level and to be able to live the freedom lifestyle I want. That’s what’s it’s all about. You have been so important to that and I thank you, and I honor you as my teacher and coach and I really appreciate you.

Vanessa: Thank you Melissa! And thank you everyone for joining us today, have an awesome day and we’ll see you soon.



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