“I AM now attracting international contracts! I BELIEVE I can do anything!”

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on November 14, 2019


“I AM now attracting international contracts! And I NOW BELIEVE I can do anything!” Check out the amazing Niki Borger results in the $10k in 30 Day Program – from IDEA to full blow coaching business making an impact, moving to LA from Germany because she is attracting now international contracts – in 8 short weeks!

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Welcome to this video, we’re doing a case stude interview with the amazing Niki Borger from the Phoenix Squad. She’s a transformation coach, she helps people heal, believe, act and repeat. She’s also a grad of our 10k in 30 day boot camp. Welcome Niki!

Niki: Hi.

Vanessa: She’s coming all the way today from, are you in Germany right now? Where are you?

Niki: I’m in Germany right now. .

Vanessa: So taking note, I love your accent and thank you for taking the time to share with us. She’s got an amazing story. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about where you were with your business before you started the program and where you’re at now.

Niki: Sure. So I finished my studies in music and theatre and I failed my finals and then I decided to go to the U.S. because I like when I’m gonna feel what I want do to with my life. I was in L.A. and I did not find out. So I came back and I realized that I really want to help help and inspire people, what I’m doing as an actress. But I want to also see the results and get more in depth, so I started blog. Started working on this, and then I got into your course and I was like “oh my gosh this is it! This is so cool!”. And I just rushed into this, started from scratch and I’m running a business 3 months later.

Vanessa: Pretty awesome! So you got this idea again, you’re in L.A. you felt you’re gonna have your big purpose there and then came to find out that the clarity didn’t come but when you did the program you were like “oh wow, this inspirational stuff, this is where the juice is at”. And now you have a business.

Niki: Exactly. Because clarity is never on the outside, it’s on the inside. You can go anywhere in the world you’re not gonna find out unitl you are ready for this.

Vanessa: Yeah, I like that. Was just having a conversation with another girl today and she’s like “I had an idea and and now I have a business”. Seems to be the theme of the day today. Taking a thought and wrapping, promoting it, and getting it out there. I love that. I love that you got clarity. Tell us about your biggest wins in the program.

Niki: The first thing is I started from scratch. I didn’t even think about having a business 3 months ago. Now I have it, and it’s all there, fixed and running. This is incredible. Apart from this, it feels like everything else also changed for me. Also as an actress right now I’m getting international engagements straight away after failing my finals; that’s incredible right?

Vanessa: Wow, congratulations!

Niki: I’m going to perform in Ukraine and Russia. I’m moving to Los Angeles in January.

Vanessa: You’re gonna be close to me, I’m in Southern California; so like 3 hours at the coast.

Niki: Yeah. Exactly. In the sunny state, I’m so excited. What is most important of all I think I believe now that I can achieve everything that I dream of; that’s the biggest thing. And it opens a whole new universe of opportunities.

Vanessa: I was thinking of this driving the car the other day. I was thinking, what do we really do here? You help people believe and I’m like “that sounds so 101”. But it’s those cliches that are these simple things that really lead to all of this expansion. So I love that now you have this unshakeable belief in yourself that opens up new possibilities and your acting career is taking off. Congratulations, I didn’t know that.

You’ve gotten international contracts and you’re moving here to California. I’m celebrating for you, for the sunshine and the all the opportunity here, congratulations.

Niki: Thank you!

Vanessa: Yeah. Because I can show the recipe to 100 people but I can’t do the recipe for you.

Niki: Exactly. It’s everyone else, it’s your own responsibility what you make out of it. You need to address your attitude to get there.

Vanessa: Right. So we have this recipe. Tell us a little bit about the mindset work that you’ve done in the program. Obviously it’s impacted you, you got this big smile and you’re out there getting international contracts, and moving. What would you say about the mindset portion of the program?

Niki: Well I started my insight into spirituality only a few years ago. I never heard about evidence or manifesting stuff. That was a completely new area for me to get to know and I love the way the program started with cleaning, clearing and really getting your mind ready. Because that’s where it all starts with.

That’s also what I thought before what my kind of original progress that you have to have your mind clear, your whole being clear into what you want. And that was incredible to see in the program because we were all sitting in the same boat, all having the same struggles and we could support each other getting through apart from the incredible support that we got from you. I think I said it to you before, I learned stuff that changed my life.

Vanessa: That’s great. You’re right, there’s a lot of collaboration with the community of people that are just like, who have these big dreams and it scares the freaking pants off some of them. I was terrified when I was thinking of being this empowerment leader and author.

So it is great to have the community of other collaborators and helping you. Again, Niki is a rock star. So this really is a place for spiritual rock stars who have done a lot of the work already to get the last little piece, the last nudge to wrap it all together and put it out there.

You talked a little bit about implementing this recipe, mindset, cleaning and clearing, getting in alignment. What was the 30 day video challenge like?

Niki: Oh! It was so hard at the beginning you can’t imagine. I was really freaking out when I started because I felt like the youngest in the group, I was the only not native english speaker. I was the only one from another continent at the moment, and I felt like the only one not having a business yet. So there was already a lot of it coming together, which also goes against the principles that I grew up because in Germany you conform with the rest around; to be convenient. And during the 30 day video challenge was a complete break with this and it was so difficult at the beginning I stopped. I did the first video, I uploaded it and then next I was nervous. It took me another week, and today is a day to do something you’re scared of and I started again. I from then it got a lot cooler but I was dying in front of the camera.

Vanessa: Yeah, and then you were rocking in front of the camera. Posting videos all the time and having a ball with that. You’re blossoming, this is awesome. How interesting that everybody, your visibility dictates your ability to attract clients. If no one sees you how do they know they can hire you? How do they know what you stand for?

So the first thing we do is we work on your visibility blocks and give you this template for a 30 day video challenge. And you’re facing all these cultural ideas, that’s so interesting. In Germany you’re not supposed to stand out, you’re supposed to conform. So this is rattling all your major concepts of what’s acceptable, what’s ok. And again, entrepreneurship is kind of like that, it’s an energetic expansion of you; that’s all it is. That energetic expression of you, that’s the other thing called your business. It’s very much related to your concepts of yourself, to what’s acceptable, who you are, what you can and can’t be.

So I love that you embraced the challenge. I remember seeing wonderful videos in our group, so amazing.

What about starting the program, would you recommend it? What if other women are watching this, what say to them about doing the 10k in 30 day boot camp?

Niki: When I had my breakthrough call, if I do this I’ll talk to anyone around here about this very crazy, or you know to reach for something that high up or anything. And Walter said to me “don’t worry, you’re gonna find it”. And that was it. When you start you really have to enjoy the momentum of doing these things and then you take off. And basically the questions that you have to ask yourself is do you want to make a change for yourself in this planet or not? Because this is what our business is about, we help others.

Even if they’re not clients, even if we do webinars or blog posts or anything; we help other people for free. So we help the society. And the questions is do you want to do this or not?

And then you must want to because you wouldn’t be watching the webinar, you would not be in this group at the moment, you wouldn’t keep track on things if this idea had not already nested in your mind or something. So then the question is, what the heck is holding you back? And you ready to let go of this now?

Vanessa: Yeah, I love that. You’re touching on synchronicity, it’s one of my favorite words. How is it that you found your way here and that intuition it keeps knocking . You also talked about embracing that and asking the questions are you ready to change your life?

A lot of people say this is so much more than a business building program. Yes, we work with spiritual entrepreneurs, yes we help you with your programs, yes we help you with marketing. A think this is the biggest piece, undoing all these gremlins and beliefs.

Congratulations again Niki on all of the amazing expansion, all of these opportunities that you’re creating for yourself. You launched this business, you believe in yourself and you’re seeing results in this acting career. You have engagements all around the world and you’re coming to the U.S.. Yeah, I’m so excited to see you.

Everyone, Niki Borger from the Phoenix Squad, that’s her Facebook group name. She’s a transformation coach, and she helps people feel, believe, act, rinse and repeat to get results.

Thank you again Niki for sharing. It’s really inspiring, this video might be the video that a woman watches and says “you know what I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna lean in!”.

Thank you everyone here for tuning in and watching. I’m Vanessa Simpkins the creator of the 10k in 30 day boot camp, which is an 8 week light a match under your ass and snap crackle pop get into business and get out of your own way and have a lot of fun collaborate with other spiritual rock stars that are also ready to change the world.

I love you guys, thank you Niki again, and I’ll see you really soon!

Niki: Thank you!


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