Got confidence, clarity and discovered so much about myself!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on November 27, 2019


Got confidence, clarity and discovered so much about myself! Watch this interview with 10K in 30 Day Mastermind grad, Rebekah

Read the transcript below:

Leslie: Hi guys, this is Leslie Jackson. Personal assistant to Vanessa Simpkins with and I’m speaking with the amazing Rebecca Star. Founder of Bekstar coaching, she is a grad of the 10k in 30 day mastermind program, which is an 8 week boot camp that helps spiritual entrepreneurs skyrocket their confidence and cash flow.

Welcome Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hi Leslie. Thank you so much.

Leslie: You can speak with me today.

Rebecca: Thank you, I’m excited too. It’s good to be on the other end of the program.

Leslie: We’ll start by having you tell us a little bit about where your business was before the program and where you are now.

Rebecca: Yeah sure. I actually had another business that I’ve been in for 8 years and it’s a personal training and fitness coaching business. I had that with my business at the time, we were together 15 years and we broke up, we’re not together anymore. In the last two years of that separation I was getting clearer with the kind of things that I wanted to be doing with my business and a different direction that I wanted to take it in. And to be honest, when the last 6 months I’ve been sitting on this coaching for that time and not really doing anything with it; it’s just an idea that I had. And when the opportunity for the boot camp came on I just had all this stuff waiting for the perfect time to launch my coaching business but I never actually did it.

So it was kind of stuck and waiting for something and when I took the program all this stuff started to happen because of my commitment to do it. It was just kind of just waiting, I had all these ideas waiting, and I had a website and I had my logo, all this stuff was just sitting there waiting and I thought when it’s going to happen.

Leslie: Sure, I understand. So what were your results in the program? What did you accomplish?

Rebecca: I got myself out there. I launched my Facebook business page for the coaching business. I started a group on Facebook, I got really clear on my actual program that I want to sell in the business. And I started marketing it, and just in 8 weeks I had all these things clear and ready to be delivered after months and months of it all just sitting there.

Leslie: Great, so you got clarity?

Rebecca: Yes, yes.

Leslie: So what do you think was your biggest win? What was your big celebration?

Rebecca: For me it came a couple of weeks ago I was delivering all my stuff and getting out there, but I hadn’t made an offer. I was still unsure about how to make an offer, and I finally made an offer and the first one a woman booked in on my first time to make an offer to book somebody for a call with me; she booked in straight away.

Even though she didn’t sign up for the program, I was really prepared for that phone call and I felt so confident that I knew what I was talking about; I had never felt that way before. So for me the booking someone in for the call, and speaking with that woman on the phone was an absolutelu huge accomplishment for me; so I’m really happy that that happened.

Leslie: Awesome! So far we’ve got clarity and confidence to help prepare and ready to take it on; that’s awesome.

Rebecca: Yeah, exactly. It’s really good.

Leslie: How did you enjoy the 30 day video challenge? Did you find it difficult, exciting? What was your experience like?

Rebecca: I was both of those things. Yeah it was hard getting out there and being visible, having people see me. That was probably one of the biggest things for me as well is feeling. I guess the more visible you are the more likely you are open to be more vulnerable, criticized, judged.

So I think all that sort of stuff was holding me back from being visible, not only visible with me on video but visible in my business and promoting it. Once I got over that I found it was tricky to do the videos and know that people are watching me. But it was also exciting because people were giving positive feedback, it was unbelievable. My friends were also supportive of me, and I just felt even better because I had that positive support from people; it just made it easier each time to do it. So it was exciting and it was hard as well. And I’m still on the end of that, I still got about a week to go of doing those. I’m getting better with my message, I’m feeling better about talking so it’s been an interesting process.

Leslie: I love it! So you came to realize there wasn’t anything to fear. You have all the support, people are encouraging.

Rebecca: Yeah, exactly.

Leslie: So mindset was a big part of the program, how does the mindset work you’ve done impact other areas of your life?

Rebecca: It was interesting it helped me identify the limiting beliefs that were going on and I didn’t realize them before. So to actually identify those things that were going on was super important for me to be able to move forward, help me do some digging but I discovered so much about myself in all aspects of my life, not just my business but my relationships with family and friends; just in generals getting stuff done in life. And I actually ended up feeling more confident in myself, just more positive in general and really clear about what I want to do, who I was, and what I believed in and all the things that are important to me.

What I realized was all the limiting beliefs that that I had had manifested themselves in all areas of my life. So now that I was clear and I felt okay and really positive about what I wanted and who I was that’s been manifesting itself in all aspects of my life. And it’s been only 8 weeks, when you think about all these years a lot of time of feeling crap and it doesn’t take long to move through that crap.

Leslie: Yeah that’s powerful.

Rebecca: Really powerful, it feels good to feel good.

Leslie: Absolutely. Was it hard for you to jump in, begin and commit to the program? Did you have some hurdles to overcome?

Rebecca: For me it was a financial thing to be honest. And I think with a lot of people when we have big decisions to make, and we do need help, there’s always something to overcome; even thought you know you need to do it. For me it was a financial thing, but I knew that to get what I wanted I needed to make a commitment to getting it done. And I made a decision to move some money around and I found it. It’s not that I didn’t have, I just needed to make some decisions about making it available and getting it done.

I knew this is what I wanted. When I was talking with Denisse, the woman who called me, I knew it was a lot of time she was really patient and I knew when she detailed what the program was about I knew this is what’s gonna get me from where I am now to where I want to be. It’ going to launch me into this, it’s what I need it’s what I want, it’s crazy not to do it; it just made sense.

Leslie: Awesome. Would you recommend this program to other women?

Rebecca: Hell yes I would! The value of what Vanessa provides in the program is just phenomenal, I can’t believe it. And that evident in the phone call itself but then having access to all this stuff throughout the program. Just the time that you get with her and the information that you get in the program itself, the work; there’s just so much value.

Then on top of that the support that you’re getting from the Facebook group and the other women in the group, emailing, Facebook messages.

And the content of the modules, the fact that I now have that sort of stuff that I can still go back to and use again is great as well. So it’s a fantastic investment and decision for sure.

Leslie: I really like what you said about the group and how supportive everyone is. I’ve heard how great it is to have a like-minded group who are also supportive and helpful with each other; it’s a sister hood.

Rebecca: It really is. It was so beautiful. You put a question up there about things you’re struggling with and you get responses from other women encouraring you. The fact that having that space where you can feel safe to talk about what’s going on and other women have either been there, have gone through it, or can see what’s happening for you to help you as well. And Vanessa’s on there as well , she’s helping you as well. The group is one of the best things about it, it’s a great idea.

Leslie: Awesome! Well what would you tell other women who are sitting on the fence, thinking about joining the program?

Rebecca: Do it, do it, do it! One of the things Vanessa says is clarity comes from doing. I think that’s so true. Don’t wait for things to be right and perfect, just do it. Goof enough is good enough and you’ll make changes as you go through and you get clearer on what you need to be doing as you move through it.

So if anyone else is stuck in that space, thinking that you have to get all this stuff done first you don’t have to do it. Sometimes you need someone to kick you up the bum and say hello do it anyway!

Vanessa takes all the things and shows you how to move throught it, to get to where you want to be so it’s a fantastic decisions and investment. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough, do it.

Leslie: Awesome! Thank you so much.

Rebecca: You’re welcome.

Leslie: I want to tell everyone out there who’s ready for clarity, confidence and more cash in their business to visit And I want to thank you Rebecca for speaking with me today, I really enjoyed our time together.

Rebecca: Thanks Leslies. It’s been great to talk with you.

Leslie: And I will talking to you guys soon, bye bye.

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