Danielle shares her experience with the 10k in 30 Day Mastermind

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on October 14, 2019


Watch Danielle Ferguson’s testimonial on her experience with the 10k in 30 days bootcamp. You will be amazed by her fantastic success as an example that YOU can do it too! Danielle gives a stellar review and testimonial for Vanessa Simpkins and Take Your Power Back Now, watch it now!

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Welcome to this video. My name is Vanessa Simpkins, joining me is the amazing Danielle Ferguson. She is a holistic nutritionist, an intuitive eating coach. Her website is called www.detoxingwithdani.com. She has a Facebook group called Food Freedom, welcome Dani.

Danielle: Thank you for having me.

Vanessa: It’s a special day today because Dani is a graduate of our 10k in 30 day program, our 8 week boot camp. Why don’t you start by telling us where your business was before you joined and where it is now.

Danielle: Before I joined I had a couple of clients but was charging very minimal because I just wanted them to say yes. So I was giving them a number that they couldn’t say no to.

I was giving away 8 private sessions for $400. I enjoyed it but that doesn’t pay the bills. That’s where I was.

I was enjoying the work I was doing with the person, but in the back of my head I still had that mini resentment of “there’s no way I can do this for the rest of my life. You should be paying more for these amazing nuggets of wisdom I’m giving you.”

So I had that handful of clients but I didn’t know how to scale. I didn’t know my worth, I think it’s pretty much how to summarize it. I didn’t believe I could be charging what I deserved, I didn’t believe I had enough experience even though I had 10 years of personal experience doing it on myself and basically giving away free advice to family and friends. I was doing what I always wanted to be doing but I was doing it for free and didn’t know how to scale.

And then I saw your webinar on Facebook, jumped on it that night folding laundry. And I think joined 2 days later. I had kind of seen your webinar, or your face in Facebook, but I didn’t know you out of YouTube; I hardly knew you. But I have this weird thing, when I know this is what I need to do; it’s like an intuition type of thing “like yeah, you and I align very well”. I really appreciated your bluntness, like this is what needs to be done.

So I joined the group and was scared shitless because I didn’t tell my husband what I invested in. On Monday I made two sales and made up the cost of what it cost to get into the program, and it’s just crazy. I told Lauren this too, it’s worth every penny as far as the mindset shift that you’ve helped me change. And helped me realize who I am, and who I want to become. Be that fearless feminine leader that you talk about, and it was very scary to step into that. So now I portray myself a little bit more with more confidence and I know my worth, and people see that and they resonate with that, they want that as well as getting to a place in their health where it’s a feeling of health.

I’m not about you want to get healthy because you want to look a certain way, you want to get healthy because you want to feel a certain way.

So yeah, you helped me do that. And it was a roller coaster, I had days where I just about cried all day long but it was needed, it was so necessary. So I am so grateful for you, so appreciative that you have put this together. I think so many times people have ideas and don’t do anything with them, and if you had had this idea and never did anything with it I’d probably still be charging $400 for 8 sessions.

It’s amazing, it really is. Thank you.

Vanessa: You’re welcome. Thank you for showing up. We always say that 90% of success is showing up when we’re afraid. When we feel that call, like oh my gosh it’s a lot of money, what if it doesn’t work. What if it does work? Then what?

There’s all kinds of beliefs.

Tell us, what are you charging now for your programs? What have you been able to accomplish? Did you make sales in the program? Do you have a Facebook group? Tells us about what you’ve built.

Danielle: While in the program I made one sale. I charged $2500 for a 90 day program which is so much bigger than I had ever been charging. I did that in the program. And then I will say the gremlins took over and I kind of like spiraled. Like “this is never gonna happen again, this is a fluke, oh my god.”

Vanessa: Watch that inner dialogue, that happens.

Danielle: But I did make a sale in the program, and then made 2 sales on Monday; two since I’ve been out of the program. I had 2 sales calls and made both of those sales.

Vanessa: Woo hoo!

Danielle: Oh my gosh! And both of those were $2500. So that is what I’m charging for my 90 day program. I have a Facebook group that I call Food Freedom Live Guilt Free and Gorgeous. It’s basically helping women find their food freedom.

All of us are individuals, all of us a different when it comes food or weight, our body. And helping them figure out what works with their their body, what doesn’t. If you want to go out and have a good meal and have dessert, wine, and a big fat steak do that but you know your body and you know how to rebalance that. And you know how to listen to your body and get back in tune with it.

So many times we look to others to tell us what we should be eating, and what we should be doing with our own health when we have the answers inside of us; we just have to listen to them.

I help women work though that. And a lot of times you call it a gremlin, I call it a food demon, it’s just something that constantly is in the back of our head telling us “you don’t deserve to be thin, you don’t deserve to be healthy, you don’t try enough, you’re not strong enough, you always quit”.

My group is up to 150 people from 0. I didn’t have a Facebook group. And it’s great, I love having that community. I didn’t realize how nice it is to have that, even if they don’t end up buying. It’s just nice to go in and have people that you can talk to.

Vanessa: Where you can give and show up and give everyday.

Danielle: Yeah, it’s been awesome. It’s been so much fun, it has brought the fun back into my business. I’m a hustler, and I will work my tail off because I know I can succeed.

Right now I’m resting. The other day I took a nap in the middle of the work day. So yeah, it’s been a huge change. Even my husband has seen a change, I did end up telling him that I invested in the program. It was a heated conversation, and then he got over it. And then he saw me making these sales, he would be home because we’re both entrepreneurs, and I came out from a sales call one day and he’s like “did she teach you that? Wait you did really good in there.” Then I told my family, I didn’t tell them how much I invested but I just told them I was working with a coach and had made my first sale.

I have to show this to you, it’s hilarious. My mom and dad got so excited that my mom bought me this bell to ring whenever I make a sale.

Vanessa: I love it!

Danielle: So she’s like “ring the bell”.

Vanessa: Oh my gosh, how beautiful.

Danielle: It’s a lot of fun. Yeah, and I think having your own business and doing what you love is part of life and it should be fun.

Vanessa: And it is work. It’s an 8 week boot camp that we have and it really is “strap your tits on and get to work”. Do the inner work, and then when you have that foundation we’re gonna teach you the outer process, the group, the Facebook ads, the sales, what to do the first, the contracts, how it works, how to onboard people. So there is work involved but it’s only for those 8 weeks.

Danielle: Yes. And I love what you would say to us in the group of like “you’re building a plane, and it takes work to build a freaking plane but once it’s built you get to soar”. So I would remind myself. Sometimes I would have to push through my tiredness but I’ve also learned through what you’ve taught us there’s an intuition telling you you need to rest, and then there’s also fear that’s making you not go forward in whatever it is you need to accomplish.

Vanessa: The voice of resistance versus the voice of intuition, versus the voice of fear. How to dissect those 3. And you know, a lot of entrepreneurs, I tell them “you should be overwhelmed, you’re building a business, it’s overwhelming”. But it’s overwhelming, and it’s catastrophic when we don’t put it in a time period like “it’s 8 weeks of hustle, it’s not for the rest of my life. It’s pulling the pieces of the plane, there’s the wing, there’s the engine, put the cockpit in, put the seats it. Then when the plane gets off, then you can stop in Chicago to pick up some clients, get off in Hawaii pick up some clients, go back to Lake Tahoe, go wherever you want”. Get a few more planes in the air if you want to build your fleet.

So it should be overwhelming, but just for a short amount of time.

Tell us about the support, in terms of our team and also the other women in the group.

Danielle: Oh my gosh! I was one of those course junkies who would buy course after course after course, and they would have Facebook groups that you would join and what not. But this group is like such a furnace of empowerment, and like firery women who aren’t like firery women who you have competition it’s just like “you go girl, you made 8 sales; amazing!”. I’ve never seen anything like it and I think especially now in society where everyone just seems is at each other’s throats and it’s all this competition. It was so refreshing to be in a group where you’re accepted as who you are, supported in everything that you wanted to do, and then the support from your team was amazing!

I feel like you’re all my friends now and if I ever needed something I could go into Facebook and ask Kimberly, Vanessa for help; and you guys answered! In some Facebook groups it’s like “yeah you have that Facebook group but no one’s there”. The Facebook support that you guys give is incredible. I’ve taken Facebook courses and I have floundered on Facebook, and have been off Facebook for a while, which is why I didn’t have a group. There’s something very magical you got going on and I don’t know how to put it into words but it’s true genuine support.

I think genuine is like the biggest word I can explain as far as your team, the women in the group. I stay in contact with some of the women even today, and we graduated and some of them are still in there. And it’s still so supportive like “hey you need to practice sales calls, let’s jump on a phone call together.” Or like “hey can you make sure my link is working, that would be great”. It’s continuing on and it’s so needed.

I like having a tribe of women I can speak in to, but it’s also nice to have a tribe of women that you can rely on and go to for support who can speak into me and I can speak into them; it’s this partnership and it’s great.

Vanessa: This is why I encourage our clients when they’re in the program to make friends because that’s the most valuable thing; maybe even more valuable than the content and the learning. And the transformation are the people who are gonna be your soul sisters for life. The people that I’ve met in masterminds, my friends, you’re a thoroughbred when you’re an entrepreneur, a lot of times your family, your spouses, you’re lucky you have a husband who’s also an entrepreneur but a lot of times the people close to us don’t really get us, they don’t see us, they don’t get our struggles, they don’t understand our fears, they want to keep us safe.

It’s so valuable when you can reach out to your friends and say “hey what’s going on over here, do you have an idea about this?”.

It’s one of the most things I’m most grateful for in all the investments that I’ve made are the relationships that I’ve built; so that’s a big part of the program.

We have a graduates group for people once you graduate so you’re all in continuous collaboration and connection with one another.

Danielle: Yeah, it’s been fabulous. I would say, even though I do have a husband who’s an entrepreneur, he has a true brick and mortar; he owns a gym. Being online is different, like you get trolled by different people all the time and you get different from people. You also get praise from people but you know, people like to harp on negativity.

And having those women who also might have experience, they get it; they understand you. It’s a different breed. And it doesn’t mean my husband or my family loves me any less but they just don’t get it.

Vanessa: When you’re a thoroughbred you have to hang out with thoroughbreds. They get in the track everyday and they run, they train and they win. It’s a different breed, it’s not a pony, it’s not a zebra, it’s not a mule, it’s a thoroughbred.

There are no apologies for being a thoroughbred. They have special exercises to do, they eat special food, they hang out and race with other thoroughbreds. Everyone’s a winner in our tribe.

I’m so thrilled to hear all of this, congratulations once again on all the results you’ve created for yourself by leaning in facing your fear, doing the work. I’m really excited to watch you continue to blossom.

And if you like to find out more about how you can get in the inside of our 10k in 30 program, apply today for a free strategy session with my team at www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com/10kready. You can book a free strategy session, a member of my team will get on the phone with you for about an hour and actually take some time to listen and find out what you’re struggling with.

Is it a mindset problem, is it a systems problem, maybe a lack of clarity, maybe the gremlins. And we’ll give you the next 3 steps to help you grow your business.

Yes, may become part of the program. But you may not either. We may tell to watch this video or read this book.

I encourage you to apply, it’s a free call and hopefully see you on the inside. Thank you again Dani for sharing today, thank you for tuning in. My name is Vanessa Simpkins and I send you guys a ton of love!

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