Cyndi Shares Her Results in Our Programs – She Had Too Many Clients!


Cyndi shares her experiences in the program; she ended up having too many clients! What an amazing problem to have! Read her testimonial below.

Are YOU ready for some fun in the sun meets business building? Who said working on your business had to be in some stuffy conference hotel room environment. Pack your sun screen and come on a workcation with me in Kauai Hawaii.

Read the transcript below:

Cyndi: I’m Cyndi Williams, I’m a travel career coach. I run a program called Careers on Vacation so I teach people how to create their own travel businesses from home so they can have great income, travel the world, get travel discounts; really have freedom to do whatever they want with their life.

Cyndi: I went through Vanessa’s 8 week program which was amazing, transformational. And I got so busy so quickly in my coaching business I needed to convert to a mastermind format. I literally had so many clients on my schedule I had no spots left. So I had to get to a place where I could do a mastermind so I could have more students, which means more abundance and I can help more people run their travel businesses.

So I really wanted to come to Hawaii spend time with Vanessa to get clear on how to run a mastermind effectively, how to put it in action to get results quickly, just like the 8 week program did for me.

I have to say, it’s been amazing.

Cyndi: I’m not new to Kuai. I’ve been several times, but what’s been so amazing about this particular trip is Vanessa lived here. So it’s like being able to get a behind the scenes from Kuai, get a local perspective. Find out what you can do here, cool places to go that no one knows about. And having been a travel agent for 20 years I got to learn some things about the island that I never knew. So it’s been a real insiders perspective and relaxed approach to doing business, a workcation if you will. It’s been amazing, it’s so beautiful here.

Cyndi: What are you waiting for? I told my clients this too, like you can have your best life right now you just have to make the decision to do it. A year ago I was running another business that was very profitable, super profitable, but I hated it; I was burnt down on it.

So the process of going through Vanessa’s 8 week I decided to let that business go. We ended up selling it and allowed me to transition into my coaching business super quick. And I started the program in July, by December I had sold the other business, successfully launched coaching, was already booked for the mastermind in Hawaii. Moved my life and my family to Austin which has been a life long dream for us.

My goal was to do it in a year and I did it in a matter of months. Have that kernel of bravery that you have inside that goes “you know I think I can do that”. Trust in that, go for it. It’s all in you. You wouldn’t have the desire to do it if it wasn’t possible. So what are you waiting for? You could be here in Hawaii, you could be next.


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