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Cindy Witmer Testimonial: I Tripled My Income With  Take Your Power Back Now! Cindy talks with Vanessa Simpkins about her amazing success and how she tripled her income with theBikini Business Mastermind!

Watch and listen to what she has to say and the amazing success she has achieved with the help of our program  and soul sisterhood!

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Vanessa: Hey everyone! Welcome to this case study. Today I’m joined by the amazing Cindy Whitmer who is a graduate of our bikini business program. She’s a personal, professional success coach. She runs the Inspiration Center. She’s the leader of Confident Women You Can Have it All. She has two programs called the 90 Day Confidence Coaching program and Your Time To Thrive Mastermind Experience.

My name is Vanessa Simpkins and welcome to this live case study.

Cindy, tell us about your business. What was it like before you joined the bikini business program and where are you now?

Cindy: Well, I’m 52 years old and I’ve been a therapist for over 2 and half decades working for other people. And then about 14 years ago I added coaching to my professional repertoire, I got a certification in coaching and also trained extensively. But I was always working for other people and had some side gigs once in a while. But a couple of years ago after my children graduated from high school and moved away, I moved. I took a year of sabbatical and then I moved to a new community and started my own business and was clicking along, doing my thing, doing what I love, charging by the hour, going to all these networking events. I was doing what I new how to do, doing the best I could. I was doing ok but I knew I needed to do something different.

I mean, being in my 50s I knew the world had changed a lot when my career started decades ago and that I needed to get comfortable getting online and doing things differently. And I wanted to work from home, I was determined to have my own schedule and freedom. Then I heard about you and I thought “ahh that’s it, she’s my teacher!”.

I was doing ok, but I knew there was more if I would dive in.

Vanessa: And you’ve done amazing! In the last year it’s been an honor and blessing to watch you blossom this amazing coaching business you run from home. You have a high end program, you have multiple programs, you have a Facebook group, you have funnels. Tell us about what are you charging for your program as to before, what are some of your financial wins, what are you most proud of creating in the last year; fill us in.

Cindy: I tripled my income in the last year which really excites me and I’m nearing the 6 figure mark which I’m on track to achieve this year; which was my goal for 2019. And what I’m loving is my impact, I can have clients all over the country and outside of it. They’re spread far and wide. I have clients in some many time zones that I have to pick and choose how I sprinkle my group times so I can be respectful of all these people all over the place; so that’s exciting to me because I like the large impact.

My Facebook group has grown from just me to 1,800 women in a year and I’m very proud and excited about that. One of the greatest things about this for me of all is that I haven’t even begun to implement everything that your program taught me. I’ve implemented several foundational things that you teach and its really stretched me to do some of these things but it’s been such a good growth opportunity professionally and personally. I’m excited to see what’s possible when I keep adding more of what you taught me.

So I feel like in a way, even though I’ve done all this in a year and changed the framework of my life, that there’s a ton more to accomplish so I’m excited.

Vanessa: Yeah, that definitely is the case with marketing. There’s always something more we can add. But you didn’t have paid advertising when you started your business, you got started with $5 per day ad, you started your group, now you have this tribe of 1,800 people which is awesome. You did one on one clients and now you have a group program and a mastermind. You were also doing a lot of speaking as well and you used some of the workshop profit secrets system to get clients for your speaking events.

This has been really amazing, and tripled your income in a year. Phenomenal, congratulations! Cindy is a bad ass, she would always show up to the calls asking questions to get clear and get into action. So congratulations on the results, they’re all yours.

How would you rate the support? Because in the bikini business program you have calls with me, you also have calls with Courtney on sales, you get trained with a new sales script, you get Facebook advertising support, so what was that like?

Cindy: It was fabulous! First of all there’s the membership site, which is very thorough and very detailed. Really anything that you teach organically ends up there. I love that because 24 hours a day, whenever I needed to I’d go to the membership site and get clear on some things that I had learned in an online training with you directly; so that’s a fabulous constant.

Your team is available. I always felt I could reach someone on your team when I needed something. They’re there and everybody knows what’s going on, they know what they’re doing, they’re competent in their jobs and you can see their delight in serving as well. I felt so much support and I did make an effort to consistently show up to the group coaching calls, whether they were with you or with the Facebook team or with monthly mentors or the sales and leadership team. Because I did that consistently it was a commitment of time to make sure I made time for those training’s but I benefited from it. And I was surprised some times, like where is so and so, because this is the journey.

It’s very much a journey of what you put into it is what you’re gonna get out of it. And I’ve seen it time and time again with people.

Vanessa: Hats off to you for showing up. Glad you found it a great investment. I think if I go back to when I started as a coach 10-12 years ago I would have loved to have something like this: experts you can reach, and also a plan and membership site to follow along.

What would you say about the other women, because you came to one of the Soul Sister Masterminds in Laguna Beach. What would you say about the caliber of women you met there?

Cindy: It’s funny how being on group calls how you can really get to know the other people in the program with you and how much you feel bonded to them going through this process together. It’s the cherry on top of the program. I think having the group to grow with and watch them, we’re all in different stages and just watch that arc of experience for everybody.

Going to a Soul Sister Mastermind weekend or retreat and being in your presence and the other women’s presence is nothing like it; it’s definitely worth the additional effort to get there and the little bit of travel money that it costs to get there. Because there’s nothing like being right in the energy with other people that are on a journey with you; and I’ve made some lifelong friends. I know it. There’s definitely women that I’ve connected enough with that we will sustain those relationships. In a way the support from the program continues because you have a special bond when you’ve gone through a year long program like this that’s so intense, that you can share and support each other in ways because you know where you come from in a way that other people out there don’t.

Vanessa: It’s a journey for sure. Personally, the friends that I make in Masterminds is worth the investment because I want to continue that relationship; you get each other, you get what the journey is all about.

Tell me about the technology piece because I know that was new for you. Tell us about that, how you worked through it.

Cindy: Oh my! I’d never written a Facebook ad, never been on Facebook’s ads manager, never run a group before, never created a lead magnet, never made a webinar, never used these tools that are now my office. This is part of it, you want to be an online coach where you can impact anybody in the world, you gotta be willing to invest the time to understand some basic technology and what tools become your office. So that was one of my toughest transitions, because I’m not a technically minded gal and I know my core genius is in writing, speaking, relationship building and coaching people.

I have become so much more comfortable. I wouldn’t call myself a technical person, but I certainly navigate things much more than I used to. There are some things that I never care to learn and I hired them out; I’ve got plenty of money to do it. It works itself out because there are people who are beautiful at those things, and it’s their core genius.

One of the best things you taught me was the “what you’re no longer willing to-do” list. Because I live from to-do lists, but I never thought about what I’m not willing to-do list. That’s when you sort out when your business is building what you want to do and what you don’t, what you still need and can hire it out. And that’s another part of the program you give lots of education on who’s out there that does these things that you know do quality work at a reasonable price.

So, I got through it.

Vanessa: Yeah, this is what I like more than anything is that you’re speaking like a business owner. Because a business owner doesn’t do everything, they hire things out and you have money now to do that. And that you have confidence in understanding how some of these systems work because it does become your office; your online office.

I love hearing you talk like this, it’s amazing.

What would you say to anyone who might be like you were before thinking you need to do something different, technology is a little bit off my radar, nervous about that; what would tell somebody considering doing the program?

Cindy: I would say to them to think carefully about what they really want, and have a vision for their life because it is a financial and energy investment to do it well and to maximize the experience.

I would say to people to really make sure you’re ready to invest in yourself in every way, and if you’re gonna do it, do it. Be all in. They record everything, listen to everything. Soak it in. Other people’s questions that you listen to are your questions as well, everybody’s contribution matters.

I would also say that you’ve got to believe in yourself. One of the big things that they work on with you in this program is mindset. So if you’re not sure you can do it, they’ll help you get over that hump to. But really, if you’re gonna do it, do it. Don’t dive in and then sort of show up or half do it.

Anything worth having that’s big in your life is worth investing. That’s what this program is: it’s a financial commitment, a time commitment, it’s an energy commitment, it’s a willingness to stretch beyond where you’ve been before. And I don’t say that to scare you, I say that to say be real with yourself. If you have a vision for your life you’re gonna have to do things differently than you’ve done before. And this program can certainly help you, hand hold you through a lot of things you may not know right now you need to do.

Also, you’re not charging what you’re worth. And that’s one of the biggest things you learn right away that’s easy to implement right away and get you going.

Vanessa: Awesome! I wholeheartedly agree you have to believe in yourself and sometimes that mindset shift, charging what you’re worth, raising your worthiness, I love everything you say here. Strap your tits on and get to work folks because that’s what this is.

I’m so stoked for you Cindy, congratulations. It’s amazing to see how you’ve blossomed and helped so many more people this year. You got your online business going, you tripled your income, you have a Facebook group called Confident Women You Can Have it All.

Check her out on Facebook everybody, the amazing Cindy Whitmer. Thank you again for being here, thank you for being such a rock star and for showing up and doing the work. These results can be yours as well.

If you want to find out more about the bikini business coach program, go to www.bikinibusinesscoach.com or www.bikinibizcoach.com for more information. And we’ll see you on the inside, thanks lovers!

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