Brought in $4500 within 2-3 weeks of starting the 10K in 30 Day program!


Brought in $4500 within 2-3 weeks of starting the 10K in 30 Day program! “I gained the confidence to pursue the freedom I now have!” Interview with Kelsey Eigler

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Vanessa: Hey everyone, this is Vanessa Simpkins from Joining me is the amazing Kelsey Eigler, she is a recent graduate from the 10K in 30 Day skyrocket your confidence and cash flow mastermind program. Her website is called

Kelsey I want to thank you for joining me here today.

Kelsey: Thank you for having me.

Vanessa: I’m so excited that you’re here and thank you for taking the time. I’m so curious as I’m sure people watching are, the first question is what were your real results in the [10K in 30 Day] program? What actually happened for you?

Kelsey: So confidence I think was the best for me. Having confidence to be able to actually talk to people about what I do and to be visible. That brought me my first 2 high paying clients, which is really exciting.

Vanessa: Woo hoo!

Kelsey: I think the biggest thing is getting out of the 9 – 5 dollar per hour trap that we get into. My results were awesome.

Vanessa: So you got your first two high paying clients. Congratulations. How much money did that bring in for you?

Kelsey: So between the 2 it was about $4,500. That was huge. And that happened within 2 to 3 weeks of starting your program.

Vanessa: Yeah that was really fast. Kudos to you for taking action because it’s not the ideas but following the recipe, and you really showed up and took action and the results were there. $4,500 within your first couple of weeks [of the 10K in 30 Day program], congratulations!

And you said confidence was big for you, right? Getting out of this visibility block and just confidence.

Kelsey: Huge. I’ve always been so insecure of my past and who I was. And you really taught me to own it, own your authenticity. There’s nothing better. So yeah, that was huge for me. And I feel like it’s changed my life not just in business but in who I am, it’s amazing.

Vanessa: To be authentic because authenticity is a new currency in business. People don’t care about your degrees or certifications, they want to know who you are, what your stories are. So now you have this confidence to just be you, not just in business but in all different areas of your life. That’s amazing.

We cover a lot of mindset in the [10K in 30 Day] program. How did the mindset piece impact other areas of your life?

Kelsey: I’ve read so many books on mindset and how to really cultivate it. And I don’t know what it was about the way you brought it out. I think it’s just your raw “no bullshit, just do it” kind of attitude and it just really stuck. I literally in the morning, the moment I come into consciousness I’m already starting to loop through my mind my success plan, my affirmations. Even some days where I do feel a little negative or I feel overwhelmed I acknowledge that it’s normal, just be aware of it, and do the affirmations and realize it’s not always going to be like that. I think before I used to get really stuck in the negativity and just think “I can never do this” but through the work that I’ve been doing my ego is now saying “yes you can do this”. And that only took 2 months compared to 8 years of trying to get a grip on it, so it’s affected all areas.

Vanessa: Right, because now you’re the conscious creator, you’re the one programming your ego, your mind is not dancing you around; you’re the one holding the puppet strings.

Kelsey: Yeah exactly. But I will say not everyday is like that, there are still times of being overwhelmed and I don’t want people to think that you shouldn’t feel negative sometimes. It’s totally normal, it’s just actually being able to pull yourself out of that and take it out.

Vanessa: So you learnt the tools to be able to no let yourself get overwhelmed and stay overwhelmed. You learn the tools to be able to pull yourself out. It’s so important if you’re going to be a business owner. I’m going to be the first one to tell you, I’m still terrified sometimes, I still get afraid; new level new devil. But they key is you stay in action. So this is awesome, I’m so happy that you found empowerment not just some good ideas but things that actually work and that you’re still working with you everyday in your life, this awesome.

Kelsey: I’m so happy to, I feel happy. And I catch myself saying now “I’m so happy” just randomly and it’s such such a good feeling.

Vanessa: It’s a good feeling to be able to do what you came here to do. What about the video challenge, were you nervouse, how did it work for you?

Kelsey: It was really weird. A lot of what you taught I had already like a week before I started thinking I should put myself out there on video and so when the 30 day challenge came up I was like kind of ready for it, so I wasn’t too nervous. But it was a good challenge because I’m aware I’ve always been a 90% doer. So I’ll get really excited about something and I’ll jump into it the whole way and then I kind of fizzle out. So the 30 day challenge was really good for me personally to actually finish it to the end and some days it was like I don’t freaking want to be on camera, but I did it anyway and I think it was just good discipline and practice. The feedback was so amazing, I had people who I haven’t talked to in 10 years messaged me and saying “you’re such an inspiration, thank you so much.” And it made it all worth it, it’s really beautiful when you can impact people just from talking about your story or some crap that you went through. So I really like the challenge.

Vanessa: And it helped you stay consistent, which is a key to success in business; you have to be consistent in marketing yourself. And you did great. I love that you jumped into it and stuck with it to the end, and the results are yours.

What about sales? What did you learn in the [10K in 30 Day] program specifically around sales, and was that helpful?

Kelsey: Sales is an awkward thing for people. Especially I think I came from being a massage therapist so I never wanted to do sales but it’s more fun now because I don’t really feel like I’m selling. You have a good script to follow and it doesn’t feel like selling, it feels fun. It feels like a conversation and I feel excited because I know that I’m going to be able to help somebody. So it’s more like a conversation.

Kelsey: I asked because a lot of people, a lot of women, who are coming into the arena of charging high prices for their coaching, one of the big blocks that stops them is around sales. They have a lot of hang-ups around it which can hold them back, and so I’m always curious. What was the real big takeaway, you mentioned confidence in the beginning and I’m seeing that come through everywhere.

Was it hard for you to begin the program? Did you have any hurdles in saying yes and just committing to doing it?

Kelsey: No. I usually just jump in headfirst. I’m a sagittarius and so some people might call me reckless but I classify it as being fearless. So I just ran in full force and I knew I have to give it my all.

Why would I only give it 50%? So I found it really fun and exciting, and I was working through it really quickly so I didn’t find too many hurdles.

Vanessa: Great! That’s the perfect attitude for success, jump in, do it. That’s exactly what you did and got amazing results. Would you recommend this program, the 10K in 30 Day mastermind, to other women?

Kelsey: Yes, absolutely 100%. I don’t know if I would if it wasn’t you. Because you totally make it, the information is amazing but you’re just so hilarious and it’s the way that you teach it that I think it’s really easy to have good takeaways. But I would absolutlely recommend it to anybody, it changed my life; I can’t imagine where I would be right now. I’m at home today working on a webinar, drkinking my coffee. Had I not done this program, I don’t think that I would have this freedom or the confidence to pursue this freedom. So yeah, if anybody is on the fence absolutely I totally 100% would recommend it.

Vanessa: Rock star Kelsey, thank you so much for taking the time to share these nuggets and congratulations again on all your success, for showing up. I say it all the time, I really believe it, 90% of success is showing up. I’m glad you think I’m funny and am so happy that you said yes and that you joined the program because now all the results are yours.

You’ve got the recipe, you’ve got the confidence and clarity. And onward and upward so everyone Kelsey Eigler thank you.

If you’re watching and want to know how to get in on this, how do I start making $4,500 in sales and getting this confidence and having clarity. Find out more information at, it is an 8 week boot camp where we help you get really clear and focused to start making sales because it’s business, not a hobby.

You also get a lot of me time, you get to talk with me; an actual mentor. Not somebody else. It’s not just videos, you actually get to connect with me.

What would you say about the level of coaching, support and accountability?

Kelsey: I really love doing it with a group of women, I found that really helpful. The phone calls were always really beneficial, and I also love that we have them to listen back on because sometimes I still while I’m doing my webinars or doing some work, I’ll just plug them in and I’ll listen and I always learn more.

Vanessa: And a mastermind function is you get to do this in a group. I think women learn better together, I think people in general learn better together.

I want to thank you again Kelsey for sharing today and if you’re watching this video and you’re on the fence thinking this sounds really good, I invite you to apply for the program and one of my team will be in contact with you and who knows this could be you in the next video celebrating your success.

So thank you Kelsey, thank you everyone for watching.



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