$8,000 in New Coaching Clients & $30,000 in Sales!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on October 31, 2019


“$8000 in new Coaching sales and $30,000 in my yoga biz” catch Cindy Olah’s results from graduating the $10k in 30 day boot camp.

Read the transcript below:

Vanessa: Hey rock stars! Welcome to our live stream broadcast. My name is Vanessa Simpkins and we are joined here by the amazing Cindy Olah who is a recent grad of our 10k in 30 day 8 week boot camp. Welcome Cindy.

She is an amazing woman. We just had a big long chat about how she is the owner of Sacred Garden Yoga in Georgia. She does shadow work, and she also guides people on spiritual retreats from Peru. We’re talking about some important places she’s got cooking this year. And she’s also the owner of the website www.cindyolah.com.

So Cindy tell us about where you were, obviously you’re a business owner before you started this program, what was going on in your business before and where are you now.

Cindy: I’ve owner Sacred Garden Yoga for quite a few years now and I’ve taken it through different levels of growth but the past few years it’s been doing okay but it was like kind of stuck in the place, it’s fine it would pay the bills and able to pay everybody but just kind of stuck in this surviving mode instead of really thriving. So I knew there was probably some kind of block inside of me which is part of the reason I wanted to do the program. And also I knew there is something more that I wanted to offer personally. So there was the yoga studio business but then there was something I felt personally that needed to come from me that I wanted to offer as well.

That’s kind of where I was before I joined the program. And then of course going through the program it definitely helped to give me clarity about what it was that I wanted to offer. I mean signature program wasn’t even anything that I thought about. It was just like very divinely driven I thought, because I didn’t even have the concept in my head but then you offered it and I was like “okay well yeah that makes sense, that’s what I need to do”.

I just followed the program, trust, guidance and intuition and voila you’re here. And I felt that going through the program there was a lot of mindset work. Facing my own scarcity mindset for instance, and my own gremlins about sales and all that stuff. And by going through that not only was I able to grow my signature program but the studio as well.

Vanessa: Awesome! Let’s talk about you because you did amazing, like $8k in sales attracted your first high paying clients and that is helping the yoga studio which is awesome. You worked through some of the mindset gremlins.

So what were your top 3 biggest wins, takeaways, things you loved about the process?

Cindy: Well one is the idea of sales. I think that was a big nasty thing I had about what sales is. I think that this is also has prevented me from growing the way that I wanted to because inside of me I had this idea that sales is sleazy.

Vanessa: I think a lot of spiritual women really are stuck and sticky with this. You’re right, yes, getting a new concept of ourselves is service and weaning all of that out. It’s a big block for a lot of spiritual women like yourself.

Cindy: Exactly. Yeah because the idea that I had about it too and I don’t know where the programming comes from like you’re taking advantage of people. I just had all sorts of crazy misconceptions about what it was, which is one of the reasons why it kept me from putting myself out there. But then just realizing I have something valuable that I want to offer and the only way that I can do it is if I can make myself visible and tell people about what I’m doing.

And that, in fact, is what this is all about. And so just being able to wrap my mind around that and not see it for what it really is, that I am of value and that I have something valuable to offer. And by going through that whole process it’s like it helped to switch the abundance switch on. Now it’s really allowed me to step into my own value.

Vanessa: Owning your value and breaking through your visibility blocks. This is the craziest thing right now with social media, the internet, with the way technology works, it’s even about you being really good it’s about people seeing you.

Th 18 year old kid that’s got 20 million people on Instagram is making more money that somebody who’s been doing yoga for 60 years; they’re just not visible. I think a lot of this is intertwined, being visible. If you’re not out there and telling the world all about your services, it comes full circle. Owning your value, that allows you to get out there and make offers, be clear on your offer and all the results are there.

So you cooked up your high end program, you were able to make a few sales. How many clients do you have now?

Cindy: I have 3 right now. And that was just in the matter of the 8 weeks that we put the program together. I have some more breakthrough calls scheduled, so it’s percolating. Yeah, when you mentioned the $8k now that was just from signature program but if you combine the signature program, because I also have other training programs along with the yoga studio. So I started your program in November, so from November to now it’s been over $30k total.

Vanessa: So this has helped you make more sales in general period.

Cindy: Exactly!

Vanessa: Congratulations!

Cindy: Thank you!

Vanessa: It feels great to be of service to your tribe, to your audience knowing you’re helping more people. Amazing, congratulations.

We also work in our 8 week program, whether you’re a brand coaching or maybe you’re like Cindy and you have a business already, we teach you how to make an offer but we also teach new entrepreneurs how to create their own plarform. We teach you to create a Facebook group, like the one that you guys are in here. So tell us about that experience for you and how’s that shifted your business.

Cindy: Yeah because before the program that didn’t even cross our minds about establishing a Facebook group. Of course I’ve seen Facebook groups but it just didn’t cross my mind this is something to do. But being able to integrate that, especially with the clients that I’ve previously had. Because suddenly I’m getting new people but clients that came to the yoga studio long time ago they joined the group, and suddenly they’re aware of the Facebook group; just a lot of interest.

So it’s said well with what I was already offering. And plus, also bringing in people that I’ve never met before from across everywhere.

Vanessa: All over the world! So you see that it’s brought in people and your audience together, as well as gotten your older clients involved.

What would you tell women who are maybe watching this video and are on the fence, thinking they got some mindset stuff to do here, who’d like to increase their income by $30k in a couple of months, or are maybe like you were didn’t think about a Facebook group or really the idea that is was a signature systems that you could program that could help you reach more people, make more sales. What would you tell them about the program?

Cindy: I would definitely recommend it. If you’re on the fence, because I was definitely on the fence. When I first decided to do it and join, I kind of freaked out about it because it was an investment and for about 3 days I was really freaked out about it but then it was like that gremlin didn’t have anything to feed off anymore. That’s when the first healing took place, the first real healing for me took place just by making the decision to do the program. It’s like I had to break through that scarcity mindset and just trust in the process and the fact that I felt I was divinely guided and to not let fear begin to come in; which is what was happening. Whenever you’re at the precipice of change and you’re gonna make difference in your life and that’s when all the insecurities come in.

I felt that at the beginning but by going through it I realized how it was just all made up. I got through that, and that was a huge deal; that was the big break through moment.

Vanessa: And leaning in and trusting yourself and trusting your intuition.

When I’m talking to women I’m really curious, I want to know what life circumstances brought you here. I’m always amazed and I love talking about synchronicity. So that in itself for you to lean in and not listen to the fear but instead to listen to your heart and just go for it.

Cindy: Yeah, and that’s what I would say to the women who are thinking about this. The thing about your fear is your fear is never gonna give you permission to go do that thing so you can’t. And if you lean into the fear that’s exactly what it’s gonna do, give you all these excuses as to why you shouldn’t do anything. But then if you think about it, your fear’s never gonna give you permission and if you’ve been investing in your fear all this time then you’re never gonna get anywhere; you’re gonna stay exactly the same.

You make the choice that you’re gonna invest in your dreams, intuition, yourself and then the universe opens up for you.

Vanessa: That’s great! You’ve got it. We all have free will so I love what you said, your fear is never gonna give you permission; that is so true.

Yes, lean in. This year, 2018, is the year of having. 2016 was the purge, 2017 is restructuring and 2018 is a year of having it now; actualization is the word.

Cindy you’re a rock star, from www.cindyolah.com. She is the owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, thank you for joining us.

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Again thank you Cindy Olah for joining us today.

Cindy: Thank you! I do have to say your team is great. You have some great mentors, mindset mentors, they’re always there to support. Lots of wisdom and knowledge, so very giving in time.

Vanessa: Thank you for mentioning that. The team is what makes this work, we have amazing mindset mentors. You have a personal mindset mentor that works with you through out the course and I think that helps you stay on track. It helps you make sure that you’re right on track and don’t fall off the ledge. Because your business is really an energetic extension of you. And how do you work through that to get back into action to set up the systems.

There’s a lot of mindset with entrepreneurship, it never stops. Even when you want to stop.

We really have an amazing team, I’m very blessed. They put up with me, I have like 5000 ideas all coming up like a fire hose and they put up with me. They are amazing. We have a copywriter, Leslie, who’s amazing. Annie, Penny, Megan. We also have an amazing ad expert Nazim who works with our clients. For people who are technically challenged, who have never done Facebooks ads, social media terrifies them, they get in and in 8 weeks they get a Facebook group going and they have people coming in.

It’s awesome when your marketing in the business works. Yes, you work with me I’m there I might send questions but you also get to pick the brains of some phenomenal genius, talented, wives, people who know things are experts in areas I’m not. I really believe that’s why our clients get such great results; it’s a team effort.

Thank you for mentioning that Cindy. And thank you everyone for joining us again, if you’re like to check out the program go to www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com/10kready.


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