8 New Clients in Her Coaching Business!


8 New Clients in Her Coaching Business! Samantha Shares Her Bikini Business Mastermind Results Live.

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Samanth: Aloha! Ok where do I start and what version do I share? I joined the year long program at the end of October. I would say that the biggest thing that I have taken from this program so far is really just a whole new level of embodiment of what is possible for myself. A whole new embodiment of truly, it’s one thing to hear all these quotes that we’ve seen all weekend here and we’ve heard them for years. But when they anchor in, and you’re like “holy fuck this is a power that I can access and it’s inside of me and I can do this”. It’s a huge switch that happens.

I had been really stuck. Knowing it was in there, hearing all these things and knowing it exists but not really being able to embody to the degree of wow; it’s always been in there.

Samantha: You shared the story of how you created a $10k website, well I created like a $25k website. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on different things trying to make my business work being an online yoga and fitness coach. And I had been unclear on who my target audience is, exactly how I could communicate and structure my program so that I could speak to the needs and pains of my clients; speak to what they need but really be able to give them exactly what it is that I feel I’m gifted to be able to share with them.

Samantha: So I’ve had such a process and spent a lot of money in trying to figure that out. I’ve always known that I was amazing at what I offered, and the transformation, and that I could support women in achieving when they step in to my circle. But the beliefs that I didn’t have is that I could be a successful business woman.

That it would be ok, or that I could be successful at actually being, that I was totally worthy and deserving of extreme wealth, joy and romance.

So thank you.

I’m just fucking taking off you guys. It’s just happening. I just recently followed my intuition to start a 40 day fast lane to fast loss program, I have my first batch of women, 8 women, 8 new clients in there. And we haven’t even made it to day 20 yet. They’re experiencing amazing results, and I feel like I get to share what I love.

I totally support women in loving themselves completely and deeply and falling in love with this lifestyle.

Samantha: I have a program I can get behind. I getting more and more clear on my message everyday. Really being able to speak to women’s pain

There’s just so many moving pieces of this puzzle, so many moving pieces. To be able to have this program that supported me in being around women who are consistently rising up, to slay their inner demons; fuck we’re demon slayers. There’s no way I could do it by myself, I would have given up many times.

It is being in the circle of these women, led by this fucking fearless love leader. That’s put me in place where I really feel like “holy shit all of these pieces of the puzzle are anchoring in, and I can do this”.

Vanessa: And were you afraid to sign up?

Samantha: That’s a whole other story. Yes, I was terrified. I guess you could use the word “terrified”.

I didn’t tell my husband. I literally broke out in a full body rash of terror after signing up. The homeopathic doctor said “that’s terror, you’re terrified of stepping into what you’re stepping into”.

I was terrified of my own ability to succeed.

Vanessa: Anybody ever felt like this?

In order to do our purpose we have to be out there and be visible. Safety, needing approval, needing control really causes a crack in our core beliefs; these three major primal root values and core beliefs.

And now all the results are yours.

Samantha: Yeah.

Vanessa: Big round of applause!

I used to Samantha’s class at 5:45 AM 5 days of week, a couple of years back when I was writing the Take Your Power Back Now book; this was me back in the day in my red bikini.

She actually got me into my first fitness competition, it was awesome. Samantha’s a rock star, total rock star.

They say when you feel resistance melting, that’s fat melting. You melt a lot of fat in her yoga.

Samantha: I’ve melted a lot of resistance.

Vanessa: A lot of resistance. Awesome. Big round of applause, thank you Sam!

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