20K a month in her business! Tina shares her 10K in 30 Day Mastermind results LIVE


 20K a month in her biz! Tina Buchanan shares her 10K in 30 Day Mastermind results LIVE at the Wealthy Coach Academy event, check it out… If you want to attract high end clients quickly and consistently, this is a video you need to watch!


This is an 8 week GET IT DONE bootcamp (NO FLUFF) geared to help you create and sell your first $3000 – $5000 – or $10,000 high each coaching program ONLINE and create a portable profitable business you can rock in your bikini if you want to.

Read the transcript below:

 Vanessa: Who wants to start? Let’s start with Tina Buchanan. Miss Tina Buchanan from sunny San Diego.

Tina: Hello. Hello.

Vanessa: So tell us a little bit about your business. Tell us where your business was before you started and tell us where it’s at now.

Tina: So my business before I started was very minimal, if anything. I graduated over a year ago so I was probably at about $2k a month and currently I’m at $20k a month.

Vanessa: Came on. So it works even a year later?

Tina: Even a year later.

Vanessa: Wow. Give her a hand everybody it’s amazing.

Vanessa: Tell us a little bit about your business. Tell us. What you do.

Tina: Yeah so I’m an elder care consultant. So I work with the elderly and their family members to help them create the best plan of care for their loved ones. So and I also have been coaching other professionals who want to start their own aging care business. So I have two different models.

Vanessa: They’re very cool. And you did not only the ads but you also do a lot of networking, local speaking.

Tina: Mm hmm. I do a lot of local networking speaking events. And now it’s just referral. From past clients, past clients, past clients. So word of mouth right when you do a good job people start talking and talking.

Vanessa: Did you find that helpful, the workshop profits secret system?

Tina: Yes. The workshop profit secrets was very very helpful. It just gives you a very clear blueprint of how to do workshops, how to make the offer from the stage. And so super easy super simple.

Vanessa: And one thing you would tell. What’s your what’s your favorite. But it was a favorite part about you know working with the team and the program because you were in the 10 K program and graduate last year.

Tina: For me the biggest thing was the mindset switch that the light bulb went on for me there. And I’ve been able to maintain that ever since. And so once you begin with the mindset switch, with the support of the team and the accountability, and you practice it over and over again it just becomes second nature. So it’s just constant. I have that mindset, I never doubt it, and people look at me now and they’re like “I remember you two years ago you are a completely different person”, in the way I present myself and the way I talk to people, in the way I talk about my business. You would agree with that.

Vanessa: Absolutely!

Tina: So it is just the proof is in constant accountability from the team from yourself and practicing it day in day out every single day.
Vanessa: Yeah.


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