$20,000 in sales in her coaching business in the last 2 weeks!


Helen’s Results: $20,000 in sales in the last 2 weeks, webinar UP and running! Here’s whats possible when you get into ACTION in your coaching business on the right activities!

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Vanessa: Hey everybody, welcome to this live stream my name is Vanessa Simpkins and joining us is the amazing Helen Vandenberghe. She is part of our year long program, the Bikini Business breakthough.

Helen, thank you for being here. Tell us a little bit about your coaching business, where you were before and where you are now.

Helen: Cool! Thank you so much for having me, it’s great to be here. It’s amazing to be in the program. My company is www.GetClientsFast.net, and what I help is coaches rapidly grow their coaching businesses and get clients that will pay quickly.

I have been in business for a while so I’m probably not typical, I didn’t come from the 10k in 30 day bootcamp. Prior to coming on this program I was already doing pretty well but I got to a point where I was stuck. Joining groups and masterminds, finding that there weren’t that many people there inspiring me and I couldn’t find a mentor.

I found people who were so out of my reach, it felt like they had this huge global business that was so far away from where I was. Or they knew more than me. So I was really looking for someone to take my business to the next level. And because I like action quick, and I like to move forward with my clients I was looking for somebody to do that for me because I think as much as we like to be experts in our zone every coach needs a coach; or every person that’s in business needs that support team and that’s what I was looking for.

Vanessa: Helen, you’ve got a book already called Get Clients Fast; and you do a lot of speaking. So you’ve been in the game for a while, tell us about some of the things that you’ve done in the program and some of your accomplishments; because you’re doing awesome!

Helen: For me it’s been about having you as a role model, my peers, my colleagues that are my friends, and the Soul Sisters that are in the mastermind. What it’s done for me is kick my butt and get me into action, it’s been stretching me to get things done. It sounds so simple when you say “I just put up a webinar”, I’ve done them in the past but what I hadn’t done is systematically gone through every step to measure it, really dial in where we go with that, really think about who it’s for; which is all the stuff I tell my clients to do in their work.

But actually having someone hold you accountable and champion you on. It sounds like a small thing, it has been vital to moving my coaching business forward and bringing in new leads.

Also things like, I had existing clients and I wasn’t quite sure where I was gonna go next with people who were graduating, coming to the end of their program with me. And they needed to know what’s next, and what I found from you and your team has been “let’s just make a decision on that, try it, let’s get feedback”.

For me it’s been really about taking dramatic action on a few key things. And now we’re looking at how to maximize that.

So yeah, just in terms of the practical things we’ve done. And in terms of results I’ve been bumbling around at the 6 figure making $8k – $10k a month for the last few years, and it’s like I want actually nail this and break that half a million mark. In the last 13 days we’ve done $21k, and that’s pounds so I don’t even know what that is in dollars.

For me it hasn’t been about all these new strategies, it has been pure focus and encouragement from you. But also there’s little nuggets, and I think for people perhaps have been in business for while and might a bit jaded about all the internet marketing stuff; it’s about someone holding you accountable holding your hand.

It’s having that brilliant sounding board and we are getting results. It’s been massive. Now we’ve got that, which is a combination of brand new sales funnel, none of that would have been in place before and new sales from existing clients that we tweaked the offer on.

So for me knowing we have that funnel dialed in improving it week by week has been great. Because if I can do $20k in less than 2 weeks then I can do that every month. It’s easy to replicate, I have a system I now know how to start replicating that. So it’s been a huge leap in my business.

Vanessa: Helen’s on fire. There’s nothing new out there, it’s getting it into action; it’s implementing it. Going from a good idea to a decision and implementation; that’s what’s gonna bring more results.

So hats off!

And yes, systems are what let you sleep at night. Because of the system in place, the funnel, you know that next week and the week after that we can keep getting better at this. Hats off to you, a rock star.

The Bikini business mastermind is for more advanced marketers, and you’ve been in business for years. You’re doing workshops, you’re out there in the speaking circuit, you have a book, you have experience. But this has really helped you take it to the next level.

What would you say about the team. Our Facebook ads expert Azim, Annie the mindset mentor; how has it been working with our team?

Helen: It’s been a great role model for me because one of the biggest steps I’ve made is to grow my own team in the last couple of months and that has been massive shift to give me more time.

If you can imagine, most of us can burn through a lot of money on things like Facebook ads, I know enough to be dangerous but I’m not an expert so to have that expert help every single week if you want it, and throughout the week if you have short, quick questions, is priceless.

Before I worked with you I was looking at just hiring a Facebook consultant and we’re talking about $2,500k for a month for someone who’s untested, and you have no idea if they can help you.

For me to have that included is priceless. Also for someone who understands your business, if you have a coaching business, if you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, if you’re a transformational leader, anything like that, somebody who gets the language and processes you’ll be using; that is priceless.

You want someone who’s been there and done that if you’re looking to do YouTube, Facebook ads, creating funnels in your website.

The rest of the team, there’s always somebody who can help you; so it feels like I have a mindset mentor who I can call if I need. You get the strategy, butt kicking, and the love but with the mindset mentors you get people who will care about you.

I will say you don’t have to be a seasoned entrepreneur to come into this, I think it’s perfect if you come through the 10k program this should be your next step. Because it does follow through. I had already kind of done this stuff with my own business that you guys did in the 10k. If you come from there, this is a great next step if you seriously want to grow it.

You then just get so much support and accountability.

Vanessa: Yeah, I agree. What you talked about is that momentum, planning and follow through. The other thing that you mentioned is people take a lot of courses out there, they go out there for Facebook, sales funnel, write a book, sales advice, mindset. We structured our program to be all-in-one. I think what we’re really good at is “here’s what we’re working on in the marketplace, here’s what we’ve tested, here’s what’s working right now and then giving you guys a 1-2-3 to get it implemented in the business”.

It can be noisy out there, there’s so much out there; it’s easy to get overwhelmed and get off track. We try to focus on systems that we’re using that work, and apply them to your coaching business, niche, and help you get results with them.

We have amazing people. Azim is a phenomenal, rock star, genius Facebook ninja. Most people, it’s expensive to get really high quality team together, so here you get to work with my team. We spent $500k on Facebook ads since we started. It’s a lot of money, we made a lot of mistakes, we learned a lot. So you get to work with our ads ninja so you’re not burning money.

Annie is our head mindset mentor. When you’re in a funk because of the pressure of being an entrepreneur, you get overwhelmed. And sometimes one little nugget can help you feel refreshed and get back into it; look at things in a different perspective.

I think we have a lot of fun. We get to work with each other. We were just on the live Q&A this morning, just before this call, seeing everyone celebrating. The small things is like moving this piece of the puzzle 5 degrees to the left, click, and it works.

So Helen you’ve been a rock star. Leading this pack and everyone’s like “oh my god I’m gonna get my butt in gear because Helen just made $20k!”. This is a lot of work, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of work involved.

But the payoff is you get your results when you do the work.

Helen: Yeah and I think for me is having that role model of someone who is. You know you’ve done so well in your coaching business, it’s very much in line with the way you work and orientated. You’re also very spiritual, you kick butt and got a big heart as well.

So for me it’s like “wow look what you could do, look what’s possible”.

I love the idea of phoning your team. You can test things out, you can try things out, and you’ve got someone and not doing it all on your own. Also I think the community, bringing together, it’s a very small group. It’s not like you’re in one of these big programs where you don’t know anyone and nobody gets a chance to comment and get support; everyone has a chance to talk and connect and there’s some great relationships being built up; it truly is a mastermind. Where other programs just pitch that, and you just go through an online course with a few calls. So for me, I think that’s been the difference; the community and that huge range of support that we get from you.

Vanessa: There’s not a ton of people in there. It’s a small group of people, 13 or 14. So you get a lot of 1 on 1 time with the mentors, with me.

I love showing it works, we talk about all kinds of things: time management, productivity, mindset, headlines, all the cool stuff we’re testing we want to share it with you.

And we have a lot of fun. I love the women that are in there. Like Helen said, if you want to get into action, and get into the right action, it is a good kick in the butt with a hug.

You need that, even I need that, it’s why I have mentors and coaches. If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. I think masterminds are a fun way to stay with like minded people.

And Helen, you’re rocking it. Thank you again for taking the time to be here and share with others, and thank you for showing up and implementing the recipe. The results are all yours. And the growth that you’re having is phenomenal, outrageous and it’s all yours.


Helen: It’s awesome. It inspires me. I think it’s very easy to stay stuck because you’re doing ok, it’s not that bad. But it’s about what’s really possible, and I think finding those possibilities without exhausting yourself; we work hard we play hard but thinking ahead.

It’s very inspiring, I think it’s a great program; it’s exactly where I need to be right now. I think for anyone, whether you’re coming out of the 10k, or someone who’s doing ok on your own; I think it can definitely work for both.

Vanessa: Yes, and thank you for sharing that. Really, what is the next level? Coaches need coaches. If you’re not stretching and growing then what are you doing?

So again, Helen Vandenberghe from www.getclientsfast.net. What’s the name of your Facebook group?

Helen: Client attraction now.

Vanessa: Awesome.

Thank you again for sharing your results. Again, Helen’s a rock star. She’s implementing, moving forward and now you’re growing your team; amazing!

This is the truth. I love this quote from Tony Robbins, “people think they’re not gonna have problems”. But when you’re growing your business, like Helen’s doing, you’re going to have problems. You’re gonna solve one problem and create another one, solve it; and that’s called growth.

You can do it by yourself or you can do it with a team of people that’s a lot of fun, get some guidance, and get results in record time; which is what you’ve done here.

Thank you so much for sharing.

If you guys are watching and are wondering how you can find out more about this, go to www.bikinibusinesscoach.com to find out more about our year long mastermind.

Again, thank you Helen and thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys soon!

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