16k So far And Heading For a 6 Figure FIRST Year!


A new exciting testimonial and review on Vanessa Simpkins and Take Your Power Back Now from 21 year old Vanessa Simpson! Hear about her amazing success earning 16k so far and heading for a 6 figure first year because of the program and listen to the important advice she has for you!

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Vanessa Simpkins: Hey everyone, welcome to this case study video. Joining me is the amazing Vanessa Simpson. Very close to my name, Vanessa Simpkins. This is Vanessa Simpson. She is the founder of 5th Dimension Therapy, she’s a soul purpose intuitive and reiki master. Her website is called www.5thdimensiontherapy.com. She is a bad ass, she is young and joined our 8 week boot camp the 10k in 30 day mastermind and then continued and joined our year long program the Bikini Business Coach and is joining us today.

Welcome Vanessa!

Vanessa Simpson: Hello, yeah! So grateful, honored and privileged to be here.

Vanessa Simpkins: That was kind of wild that there’s a Vanessa Simpson joining our program. Like there’s one letter that’s off, very similar.

You’re really young. How young are you?

Vanessa Simpson: I just turned 21 on April 6th.

Vanessa Simpkins: Just turned 21. So here’s somebody who decided to invest in a mentoring, sales, marketing program instead of going to college. Is that right?

Vanessa Simpson: That is absolutely right, yeah.

Vanessa Simpkins: Tell us a little about yourself. Tell us about your business. What was it like before you joined any of our programs?

Vanessa Simpson: A big part of my purpose, which is why I’m a soul purpose intuitive, is that when I graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It just seemed like I wasn’t able to fit in this box that society was telling me was the only way to be successful and I wasn’t really interested in going to a 4 year university. I did go to a 2 year while I was in high school that Washington has for psychology. Really into the mind and how the mind works, and I got into health and fitness.

So I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and it was really hard. When I graduated the pressure is on me. All my friends are going off to college and I’m just left like I don’t know what I want to do and I’m just working. I’m getting up, going to work, going to the gym, coming home, waking up and doing it again.

It’s like I’m 18 years old and I’m already starting this repetitive pattern and I was like this is what people do, this is what 95% of people do, is just live in this pattern that is so limited and they’re living in this box that society puts you in. It’s just very limited potential and I just didn’t feel like I was meant to be in that box.

Then I started doing a lot of inner work. I got really into energy work and turning inward, researching about the chakras and our energy body, and how our trauma and what we go through in childhood affects our life.

So you can be 45 and still have a mindset of a 10 year old because of the trauma that you went through when you were 10.

Just learning about the psychology of all that, and then energetic aspect as well. And really got into spirituality. It’s funny how many times with my friends I was always that bigger thinker.

So fast forward after doing this inner work and healing I hermitted myself, I didn’t really hang out with a lot of people and I went into this spiral of very severe depression and suicide that I was just like “God’s spirit, whoever is running this show, I need to know soon why I’m here and what my purpose is or I’m not going to participate. I’m just going to be a vegetable and not care and just not participate in society because I was just looking around at everyone and it just seemed so pointless. Like do we really not have a purpose other than to come here to work our asses off and retire, and pay our bills and die; it that it.”

And then I started receiving, I had this big third eye awakening and I was seeing these signs. I would think something and someone would come in my store, when I was working at GNC, and would be talking about what I was thinking about. And I’m like all this stuff is freaking me out, all these synchronizations later I learned that there was actually a term for these signs. That I was in alignment, and I was asking questions, and someone was talking to me in my head and giving me answers it was my voice. But it was giving me answers that you were meant to be a healer, you were meant to push humanity forward and you’re fit to work in the 5th dimension.

So I did some research on the 5th dimension and meditated more. And oh my god this is a thing. And then all of the sudden like “pop” 5th dimension therapy, and like I still don’t know what I’m going to do with this.

I ended up going to massage therapy school, I was guided to go to massage therapy school. Which was only to further my purpose in energy healing. One of the instructors there was a reiki master so I learned from her. Then I was focused on finding myself, meeting more spiritual mentors, even just telling me that I’m meant to be spiritual mentor for you. And I’m like “oh my gosh, this is what I’ve been asking for”.

My purpose, I was receiving answers as I was asking these questions and fairly quickly, all these signs were coming to me.

Vanessa Simpkins: And I think this is a common experience for people who start asking “what is my purpose? show me.”

So how did you come across it. Did you come across an ad about our program? Did you watch a webinar? Was it on Facebook? Your business, did you have clients before you joined the program?

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah. So I started doing spiritual coaching and then I was doing the energy healing work. The clients that I had they were amazing, getting amazing results and I was like “I feel I could do this and make a program out of it and do really well but I just didn’t know how to do that. And I didn’t want to go to college and wait 4 years to make that happen”.

Then I was like ok I’m ready to have a business coach, like it was just easy for me to ask like I need a business coach. Someone that can really help me put this into play.

Then I came across your ad. It didn’t show up. I’d seen the bikini business coach but it was Vanessa Simpkins and I was like “whoa!”. I’ve been guiding my life around this whole listening to the signs and that was just like it. There was like 5 shifts to making a 6 figure coaching business, and I’m like that’s what I’m asking for.

I watched your webinar, it was 10:37 at night and 37 was another sign because my dad’s spirit number is 37. So I’m like “alright, there’s the other sign”. And as I’m watching your video I was getting these tingles, these shivers, like this is exactly what I’m supposed to do.

Vanessa Simpkins: There’s a lot of our clients who say that. When they land with our breakthrough coaches, when they sign up for strategy call, a lot of women say “I knew this was exactly, I knew this was the mentor for me, I knew this was what I’ve been praying for”.

Vanessa Simpson: Exactly. Yeah and I made $9k last year. And after I finished the 10k in 30 day I landed one client for a pay in full of $3k. And then when I signed up for the year long program I’m like “I can’t end this, this is my college right here. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for”. And you’re an older version and inspiration for me. An older version of me that inspires me to be better and be that bad ass.

As soon as I joined the year long program I signed another client for $3,500 and now I’m at $16k this year and it’s April. So I’m definitely projected to make 6 figures this year no doubt. I’ve already hired my first business manager and I never thought that I would have a team. And I could not have done it if I did not join this program. I would’ve been 30 still trying to figure this out, if I went to college. They don’t teach you how to be successful or about your beliefs and how all that’s related. Doing that inner work and how important it really is to do that.

Vanessa Simpkins: So there’s some really huge wins and celebrations here. The first one is I think you’re one of our youngest clients, 21 years old. Instead of investing $50k – $100k into a college education you decided to take that money and bet on yourself. You invested into our programs, the 10k, the 8 week boot camp. You made your first sale for $3k and you kept going. You decided “hey this feels really good, wow!” and you break that glass ceiling “oh my gosh it’s possible let me see how I can do it again”.

We show you incrementally how you can raise your rates from there, build the confidence. Confidence is like a ladder, you take one step and then you take the next step. You don’t like jump to the top of the ladder. Step by step.

I loved your post, I couple of weeks or a month ago before we were in Hawaii you said “I made $9k and last year I made $9k”. You’ve already made more than you made last year, first quarter is really done here. It’s April, so far you’ve made $16k and you are heading for a 6 figure first year.

Guarantee when you go to school and you get some kind of a degree they don’t teach you sales, they don’t teach you marketing, they don’t teach you the mindset; they teach you a lot of big picture things. So I really want to applaud you for leaning in, and you’ve got results now that I wish I would’ve done what you did at 21 years old.

Vanessa Simpson: I heard that so much. I would be a billionaire if I started when you started. Yeah, absolutely.

Vanessa Simpkins: What was one of the biggest breakthroughs that you made in either of the programs? Recently, you said, you hired your first business manager so now you’re building a team which is amazing. What are some of the top 3 big shifts that you made?

Vanessa Simpson: Really, defining my purpose. My program is called Heal Transform Awaken Into Your Abundant Soul Purpose, it just came to me. I was like I don’t really know what this means but I got clarity through the doing. So I realized that your purpose is really embedded within you. There’s this wisdom within your soul that knows exactly what it needs to do. And when you tap into it and you listen to the mentors you’re supposed to be working with, the programs and the books.

Vanessa Simpkins: Because it was not easy for you to invest in these programs.

Vanessa Simpson: No. It was the scariest thing, absolutely. Because I didn’t want to make mistakes.

Vanessa Simpkins: You listened to your guidance and you did it anyways. And because of that you got clarity, on specifically what you were going to market and sell, talk about and position it.

To me those where the big breakthroughs. Number one is listening to your calling, your purpose, that voice. Listening to it and acting on it instead of fear.

We have a lot of people that sign up for our strategy session and some of them don’t show up. A lot of people let fear take them out of the game before they even know the rules, before they even know what the game is.

So you didn’t let fear stop you. You leaned in, you listened, you took action, you got clarity through the doing. We talk about this a lot, confidence comes from the doing, clarity comes from getting off the bleachers and get in the game. It’s not about thinking about it, it’s about doing it.

What else, what was another big breakthrough?

Vanessa Simpson: Finding what I’m really good at. I didn’t know that I wanted to be a public speaker, now I want to do retreats. I’m going to do retreats. I’m already collaborating with a company on doing a live event here in Washington. That will happen within the next year.

Now when I have an idea I have the tools and support to do that. It’s not just an idea anymore, it’s like ok this is the idea how are we going to put into a business format to actually make this profitable and lucrative for my life.

Vanessa Simpkins: And I think anybody here listening can tell she’s an amazing speaker. For sure a natural talent of yours. So that’s amazing. So now you realize you want to be a speaker, you want do to retreats, it’s not a pipe dream anymore, you know you can back it up with systems, strategies, roll it out the plan, and bang; the profit comes. How amazing!

So what did you think about this 30 day video challenge because a lot of people are freaked out about getting on a video. Was it hard for you, was it easy?

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah because of the public speaker within me. I did the speech in front of my elementary, middle and high school. I ran for ASP so I had to read a speech in front of the whole school. So it was very easy for me to just make a video really quick.

But the biggest thing, because I do have a client that she is a building a program and I tell her that live videos are just so amazing and it’s how I’ve gotten a lot of my clients; she’s so scared. It’s not about you, it’s about your clients. And who you’re serving and who’s gonna hear you. No matter if they’re listening to you or Russell Brunson or whoever these big marketing, sales, business gurus; it’s really about showing up for your clients.

You have to make content to make yourself visible for them to get the feel for who you are. And I’ve gotten so many messages, and this is what motivates me, that Vanessa that video you made today it really struck me. I want to let you know that what you said today it felt like you were speaking to me and I just want to say thank you.

And that just melts my heart.

Vanessa Simpkins: Impactful. How amazing is technology? You can get your word out there, you don’t need a fancy team, you don’t need a big website, you don’t even need to be a big guru. Technology allows everybody the opportunity to be impactful, and social media worked for free.

We give you inside our programs strategies, the offering, the 30 day video challenge. So that was easy for you?

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah.

Vanessa Simpkins: I can tell that. I’m stoked about technology as well, still learning a few things here, I’m always learning.

What about our team. You had an opportunity to be in both the 10k and the year long program, it’s not just me in there; there’s an entire team. There’s mindset mentors, there’s Facebook strategists, there’s sales help. What do you have to say about support, accountability, the team?

Vanessa Simpson: Oh yeah. It definitely feels like, especially after the live event that we had in San Diego. Actually getting to meet everyone in person, I’m so grateful that you did that. Especially for the year long mastermind girls. So then when we went to Kuai we actually knew each other; not just over the phone.

So actually meeting the team, it feels like you’re really supported. Like a family feeling, like they actually care about you; your success and your goals. Especially Courtney, like “if I don’t know the answer I’ll find someone that does”. So much value, so much value. It’s incredible.

Vanessa Simpkins: So one of the things that I picked up on, if you listen here to the words Vanessa didn’t say, she came to our live event. She came to Hawaii, she kept showing up. We give our clients a lot of opportunities to show up. And a lot of opportunities to be supported, and our team is like a big happy family.

Entrepreneurs are like lone wolves, we’re like a 3% slice of the population. We’re a different breed, and oftentimes connecting with your spouse, your coworkers, your kids, your neighbors, they don’t get it. And they’ll talk you out of it, they’ll to make sure you don’t take too many risks. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks, so it’s really important to have a support. And our team is very knowledgeable, super awesome, very willing to make sure you get the answers that you need; because clarity is power. Kind of be like a community, like this is where you come to get fueled up, recharge, reset, on track, get answers so you have clarity.

What about the women that you met in the program?

Vanessa Simpson: Yeah, exactly. Especially after Kuai, the connection is incredible. One woman in particular that I met in the 10k in 30 day program, she is one of my best friends now; Sky. I remember posting something, she reached out to me like “hey I think you’re awesome!”. That alone, and I’ve said it over and over again to her and my mom, that relationship was worth the investment.

The relationships that you make when you hear someone doing such a good job, you can reach out to them and like “how do you do that? what do you make videos about?”. It is the most valuable and important thing that people want, it’s the connection and support. It’s not even the confidence, if you have the connection and the support you can do anything; you really can.

Vanessa Simpkins: Agreed. I’ve also made some best friends in masterminds. Those relationships will last a lifetime; longer than the mastermind last. You can reach out and say “what are you doing?”, “did you know this about this?”, “what do you think about that?”. It’s definitely the gold.

I’m so stoked for you Vanessa, hats off!

Now all the results are yours. You’re learning the systems, you learned the mindset, you’re putting into practice. As you can tell she’s bad ass, balls to the wall, 21 years old, investing, leaning in, taking action and showing up, going to events, and coming to Hawaii; taking advantage of everything that our programs offer.

What would you say to women who are watching this video, kind of poking around the edges, chewing on this idea of joining, that might be afraid. What would you say to anybody considering doing either the 10k or year long program?

Vanessa Simpson: Something really funny that my mom and dad taught me is that you cannot take money with you. You can’t take anything, you can’t take the car, the house, anything when you leave this place. But what you can is all the love, support and growth of you just mentally, emotionally, spiritually. You take that with you forever.

The support and the love and the growth. I mean the freaking growth. I was just a firecracker. My fiancee was like “dang”. I’ve done other programs and it was not this intense. When I say intense, I mean the growth that I have experienced in all areas of my life. Financially, physically just more energy because I’m making enough to buy healthy food for myself, to support myself. And mentally just breaking through and reprogramming my mind.

The support, emotionally, that support. At the end of the day it’s just money. You can get it anywhere, you really can find it anywhere. There’s an abundance of it. So really work on that abundance mindset that it always comes back around. There’s always another paycheck, if not there’s always jobs that you can go get a paycheck. It’s everywhere.

You will not find an experience like this anywhere else, you won’t. Just the team that Vanessa has built, and the support, and the programs, and the systems that are proven to work by 100’s of women; there’s nothing like it.

So really take that and chew on it, know that there’s an abundance of money out there. And if that’s your number one block, are you scared of success? Because let me tell you, it feels really good.

Vanessa Simpkins: We were talking about that this morning on our live Q&A. We talked about some people have a fear of failure, and thank you for sharing all that, people need encouragement. They need hope, they need to know that this is a real deal. That it’s not just a bunch of ho-ha that only women that have been in the game for 20 years can make it work. You are like in the very beginning phases and knocking it out the park.

I hope that you’ve seen that it’s not about having the big, fancy website, or the big email list, it’s about having the willingness. It’s about having that willingness to trust, listen, tune in and act on it; not just think about it.

You talked about this “hey are you afraid of success?”. We have beliefs in place that can negative beliefs on both ends, fear of failure or fear of success. Is it safe to have this much money? Is it safe to be this visible?

What happens a lot of times is our clients think “oh my god my husband is going to leave me if I make more money than him”, we’ve heard this a lot. A lot of these beliefs, “the government’s gonna get me”, “my family is gonna come after me”. Those beliefs have to be cleaned out, otherwise you’ll continue to sabotage the expansion, fulfillment and the deep impact.

What you’re doing at age 21 is astounding!

I want to end this with. I’m reading this book called Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, he wrote the 4 hour workweek. He says that “reality is largely negotiable. If you test the boundaries and experiment with the impossible you’ll quickly discover that most limitations are fragile collection of socially reinforced rules that you can break at anytime”.

If you’re watching this case study, this interview, and you love the idea of living your purpose, creating a +10k income per month. If you’re ready to experience that, not just think about it, then apply for a strategy session, apply to connect with a member of my team here. The link is www.takeyourpowerbacknow.com/10kready.

And we’ll get on the phone with you and really listen and see where you’re at. What’s holding you back? Is it a mindset, a belief system, a lack of clarity, overwhelming technology, not knowing how to start, did a bunch of other programs and didn’t work and maybe you’re doubting that.

Reality is largely negotiable. Remember that.

A lot of people have a hard time believing that it’s possible for them. Find out, apply today. Who knows, in the next couple of months you could be outdoing your income from last year; how awesome would that be.

And having more freedom and traveling. I think it’s really awesome.

I’m always amazed that I get to be in this journey with all of you lovers and rock stars. And that you trust me and my team, I take it very seriously, I don’t take it lightly. I’m thrilled for you Vanessa, congratulations. It’s really awesome.

Vanessa Simpson: Yes, thank you. It is truly an honor and such a blessing, I’m so grateful that this intelligent, benevolent universe has brought us together because I would not be where I am without you. So I’m so grateful that you are that mentor for me.

Vanessa Simpkins: Right on.

The amazing Vanessa Simpson, founder of 5th Dimension Therapy. She’s a soul purpose intuitive, as you can tell highly skilled. Healer, reiki master, speaker, her website is www.5thdimensiontherapy.com.

Thank you again Vanessa for joining, thank you for tuning in. Apply today if you want to get similar results, and we’ll see you guys on the inside. Bye everyone!


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