12 New Clients the 1st Month! This program is transformational!

Posted by Vanessa Simpkins

on January 2, 2020


 “This program is transformational! Absolutely incredible results. I can’t say enough, you absolutely have to do it!” Jessi shares her results in the 10K in 30 Day Mastermind

Read the transcript below:

Hello my name is Jesse from www.RockstarJesse.com. I wanted to take a few minutes and give a shout out and share my results about Vanessa Simpkins’ 10k in 30 day program, it completely transformed my business and I’ll explain to you why.

I came from a history of being a probation officer for ten years, I worked with people in the midst of the deepest, darkest obstacles possible and successfully helped those clients in there those probationers on my caseload have extraordinary lives. I knew I wanted to do this for my whole life but I knew also that I didn’t want it to just be limited to people who’d made bad decisions in the criminal justice system. So in 2008 I became certified as a life coach and I have been struggling since that time to balance my life and my business and how to leverage everything. Since that time I have been waiting for Vanessa’s program and it has been transformational for me.

I launched my 30 day video series at the very beginning of May and has picked up in 30 quick days maybe 40 all together but 12 new clients; absolutely incredible results. Not only that, but it’s structured in a way where I can maintain and deliver the highest quality of service with those 12 clients instead of struggling the way that I did before. I cannot say enough about this program, you absolutely have to do it if you’re ready to take the plunge and just go for her guidance, her energy, her feedback, her wisdom, her experience, it is just packaged perfectly.

I needed a system to get me where I needed to be and now I am done for me not only going to hit exactly where I want to be but I have the tools necessary to just it catapulted me exactly even further than I would have assumed. I would have been happy with two clients and instead I have this entire rolodex of resources to draw from.

I want to invite you to work with her, you will be so glad that you did. And Vanessa, thank you so much for everything you have done for me I am wholeheartedly appreciative and look forward to continuing this incredible relationship that we’re forming, thank you. Best of luck out there guys, bye.



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